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Commander Tristan Neyes

Name Tristan Irelle Neyes PhD.

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 150
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tristan is a smaller, lithe man with the charm only youth could afford him. His cropped hair is always neatly disheveled, and despite regulation, he has a fine stubble shadowing his jaw line most days. Because of his relatively shorter stature, he tends to stand very upright, sitting with excellent posture as well. While he is not ashamed or embarrassed about his height, he chooses to mitigate the negative aspects of it.


Spouse None
Children Zed, Son (Age 6)
Brother(s) Landon Eirlon Neyes
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally kind, but sharp. Gentle but direct, he sees every opportunity to converse with someone as a learning experience. Tristan is very much the man you'd expect to find when suddenly reentering the world after 8 years. His words are chosen carefully, and his personal information is closely guarded. Not that anyone he met would feel like he was keeping secrets.

Tristan is the younger brother of Landon Neyes, formerly Landon Eirlon Irelle. Upon his death in 2414, Tristan was called to take the Neyes symbiont in his place. The specifics of this choice are still being uncovered.

Tristan narrowly escaped the assassination that claimed the lives of his parents in 2406, and was saved by a Trill special ops agent who then took him into hiding. During the eight years of his disappearance, Tristan has gained a varied set of skills.

Strengths & Weaknesses Tristan is a very controlled young man, having been in Landon's shadow for most of his life, he found comfort in being behind someone protective and strong. As a result he is assertive only if his efforts are covered and safe, otherwise, he finds a way to accomplish his goals under the radar. He is excellent at reading others and has a keen sense of self in regards to conversational interactions.

Tristan is an accomplished marksman, and skilled in defensive martial combat. Along with the knowledge of Neyes, Tristan is capable in Vulcan, Trill and Human forms of self-defense.

Personal History Tristan began his life as his brother's younger sibling. Landon was the shining star in the family. Creator of their wealth and fortune with his shuttle business on the Ferengi paradise world of Cesparia, as well as a chosen candidate for joining. Tristan assisted with many of the more workflow-oriented tasks associated with the now-family business. He grew to enjoy math and culture, finding time to talk to his employees and their clients, and also found it easy enough to excel in the right conversation. Thus his interest in people blossomed.

Eventually, Tristan became the Executive of Employee and Public Relations for the shuttle business, which at its peak in 2406, was occupying nearly all his time. When his family's shuttle was destroyed months later, Tristan was fortunate enough to have been rescued from boarding at the last minute by a Trill special operations agent.

Everyone, including Landon, assumed Tristan had perished on board with his parents.

The details are still hidden away with Tristan's sudden resurfacing, and in the wake of the civil war between Starfleet and the Federation, it seems he has appeared from nowhere. He has joined Starfleet with their blessing, been given a rank, and has acquired degrees in Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology, Neuropsychology, Xeno Behavioral Ethics and Humanoid Development since last he was seen publicly.

When Landon had been presumed dead after the incident on Notura, the cloned symbiont Neyes was implanted into Tristan. It was later discovered the Landon that had perished was a clone created by Tr'bak to replace him on the Vindicator. This created a situation where two Neyes symbionts existed, one in each brother.
An encounter with Q, the omnipotent life form, removed the cloned symbiont from Tristan as if it had never existed.
Service Record Classified [Protective Services Officer Clearance]