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Next chapter, again

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=/\= Personal Log, SD 241506.06 Aboard USS Bandit (NCC-93081) =/\=
=/\= Next Chapter, again =/\=

Chatham had been recalled to active Star Fleet service. A lot of history & time had passed. Chatham

had been with the famed Texas Rangers to be near family during their time of need. As those needs had

passed, it seemed time to answer the call of Star Fleet again. This time he would ensure the engines

were in tip top shape & avoid nebula.

Bandit was in autopilot mode as Chatham studied the layout, schematics, & mechanical history of this

current incarnation of the "Vindi".

"Bandit, display deck one." Chatham commanded.

"Please state deck one of what platform." Responded Bandit.

"Unless otherwise specified, for the duration of this report I am referring to USS Vindicator (NCC-78213

-E). Current universe. Please display & show textual listing of item on decks requested. Now, display

deck one." Corrected Fuller

The computer chirped and obeyed. "Deck one with visual layout & textual list of item currently displayed

on P.A.D.D. and Operations screen." Bandit obeyed

"Acknowledged, Bandit." Responded Engineer Fuller

"Alright looking at this deck it's obviously the Command Deck. Bandit, recommendation that Transporter

Room 1 be only accessable via command deck & remote access any where else be limited to command

personnel." Fuller commented.

"Notes made." Bandit chimed in acknowledgement.

Chatham continued to review the decks and make recommendations. "Deck two, Need to ensure

Officer's lounge is away from Staterooms of Flag Suite/CO's Room and Senior Officers and Labs.

Maybe ensure library is between them and near labs. Inspect Emergency shutdown rooms and their

connections and relays to the other systems. Pass recommendation to Security about access to Upper

Axial Point Defense Pulse Phasers authorized personnel."

As Fuller made his recommendations they were recorded by Bandit accordingly

Deck 3 is the Medical deck. Ensure medcial deck and as much as possible holo emitters on every deck

of the ship. If available in this reality that there be a mobile emitter. Ensure all entrances, and the entire

deck, have level 10 medical quarantine grade force fields with independent generators to be used when

main power is offline. Ensure all entrances are physically locked & have a bubbled force fielded area

with EMH meeting personnel as they enter to conduct sick call & perform triage. Recommand sick bay

have independent computer core for EMH & have connectivity to all holo emitters of the ship. Grant

medical emergency only access to main computer. Standard security recommendation for Port and

Starboard Upper Axial Phaser controls. As escape pods are on this deck & outboard medical will be

inboard & as inaccessable as possible except through main entrance.

Deck 4 houses the Dynamic Holographic Diplomatic Staterooms. As they are holographic and may

contain environments hostile to most federation life, first responder to medical emergencies in this area

is the EMH. These Staterooms, as they are one deck away from medical deck there should be direct

access to this deck from medical personnel via a direct hatch & jefferies tube. This deck obviously will

be recommended to security to be locked out of normal crew access. All flight capabilities will be close

together and recommended to be aft for easy launch & access.

Though jefferies tube are not shown or mentioned it is recommended there be at least six entry/exit

accesses to all decks. Two forward, two amidships, & two aft.

Chatham rubbed his eyes as he notice he had not slept in a while. "Bandit, encode personnel log for

further review by command of USS Vindicator."

"Log encoded" Reported Bandit.

Chief Engineering Officer, Prospective
USS Vindicator (NCC-78213-E)



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