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[PLOT] U-One, U-Two | "Clandestine Undine"

Posted on Mon May 29th, 2023 @ 2:42pm by Captain Eirlys Irelle

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Mission: Genesis
Location: SS Fitzgerald

To define peace one must know peace. So many authors and scholars had ultimately defined peace as being the absence of any other presence - solitude. Without another to antagonize there can be no war, no hardship… Only… Peace.

The many races and species that inhabited the Milky Way (and many more galaxies beyond), knew not how to find peace. Many warred within themselves and when pushed by outside sources, turned and warred on those that had vexed them, did what they could to drive them off and/or eradicate them… And then once more went about their mission of spilling the blood of their own people. It didn’t matter what technology they possessed or what accomplishments they stuck on their resumes, they couldn’t figure out how to coexist and that lack of coexistence is what made them the scourge of the known universe. Toxic to the core. Unclean. They knew not how to operate in peace and that was what made them uncivilized and unworthy of the space they occupied.

And that was why they had to go. All of them. Every . Single. Last . One.

The blood that was spilled to ensure this was nothing more than a necessary evil. An insurance policy that made sure that this time they would be successful in their attempts to put a stranglehold on the Federation and the impure creatures that polluted their space - and that of their neighbors and beyond. Once they were gone, snuffed out like candle flame, there would be peace and then the Undine, as a people, could breathe easy knowing they had successfully rid the universe of the scourge of pests that threatened to upend their peace.

At nearly ten feet tall when fully erect, One’s body remained relatively hunched over as to avoid scraping its head on the bulkhead ceiling as it lumbered through the corridors of the vessel its kind had overtaken. There was no guilt to be felt, no sorrow, as One made its way past a row of bodies, carefully avoiding stepping on, or in, the remains with any of its three ‘feet’. The dead hadn’t put up the fight that the “Starfleet” ones usually did - but it made no difference - they were the means to an end.

One’s tiny, silvery eyes met with Two’s as it came to a halt. The two creatures were beyond using verbal speech to communicate. That ability had been lost along with most other primitive functions - they were above such things. No longer did they possess the means with which to even utter sound - vocal chords had long ago disappeared as the Undine evolved into something far greater than mere animals. Their superior brains had developed the capacity for telepathy on a grand scale.

Take a form. Have the rest take a form. Then dispose of the evidence. Cannot leave a trace. When this is done, we begin phase two and we must be ready

One’s brain quickly switched to Federation Standard - a language that had been carefully committed to memory within their faction from the first time they had encountered the Starfleet types… And reinforced the second.

They would not fail on this third attempt.

To Be Continued...

Undine 1
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