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Pick ourselves up

Posted on 241304.24 @ 02:50 by Captain Landon Neyes

Hey all,

It has been a little slow lately, guys. I know there aren't very many of us at the moment, but that's no reason we can'y have some good quality logs coming out.

Some of you have sent in some LOAs and excuses for this week, and that's ok. Going forward I want anyone who isn't on LOA to post at least one log this week. I'm going to be doing the weekly sim reports starting now, and that will continue to keep up accountability in the future. I see a lot of red right now.
The cutoff is Saturday at 11:59pm PST.

Is anyone needs help with a log, I'm more than willing to give them an earful as the XO ;) Also you should all feel free to open up joint logs with other departments. Just let me know and I'll come down and get something started.

We're a good crew, guys. Let's prove it.

- Landon


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Category: General News