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JL Idea and request

Posted on 241403.07 @ 02:25 by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

Hey just wondering if anyone wants to play a vindi kid npc to celebrate the birth of Jennifer Gregor one of the kids on the vindi if so Let me know and I'll get a starter started so we can have fun trying to recapture the innocents we had as children by pretending to be children. hey you never know it could work *grins*

~ Kai/Lynda


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Category: Out of Character


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by Ensign Sina deLaar on 241403.07 @ 07:56

Hi Lynda,

sorry, I'm not any good imagining what it would be like to be a child on a starship.

But my NPC Reiki Greyhead is still aboard the ship. The children could run into him or he could be involved in organizing rooms or things that they need for school, play or birthday parties.

Also, as soon as Head Nurse Ensign deLaar is back on the ship, she can treat them for minor insuries or teach them how to stay healthy in space.

In any case I'm looking forward to find out what will happen!