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Word Counts on Logs

Posted on 241409.10 @ 23:15 by Commander Amelia Waterhouse
Edited on 241409.17 @ 23:13

Hey everyone!

Thanks to mooeypoo, we now have a word/character count function in our write mission post pages. We're the guinea pigs for this, so please let us know if you encounter any problems with it. You'll see it right below the mission content field.

Hopefully this will help you guys decide if/when to split logs into smaller parts. Remember we recommend splitting logs so that they're in the ballpark of 2000-3000 words* per log. This isn't a hard limit, just a guideline to help keep logs at easily readable length.

Happy simming!


*When originally released, this message said characters here, but I did intend for it to say words. Sorry for the confusion.


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Category: Website Update