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Lieutenant Anaxar Shran

Name Anaxar Niran th' Shran

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 2.15m
Weight 86kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color NA
Physical Description Tall and skinny, bit sickly looking. Most striking is the visual implant, a strip which looks a bit like an old-fashioned hairband grafted in his head, covering the place where his eyes used to be. Scar tissue extends above and below it.

(Character picture shows Anaxar Shran as a student. There are no pictures available from after the accident)


Spouse None
Children None
Father More'Athar Shran
Mother Athaya Shran
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) J'Adira Shran
Other Family Great-great-(great?)-grandson of Thy'lek and Jhamel Shran

Personality & Traits

General Overview See future logs
Strengths & Weaknesses Despite the rich cultural environment in which Anaxar grew up, Andorian traditions are hard to shake. This means that his injuries have done more than physically damaging him: in a way, it has also shattered his self-image. The deeply buried, never expressed idea that physical defects make a person not useful, a burden upon society, gives him the feeling that he is an outcast.

Living amongst his distant relatives, the Aenar, for about six weeks just before returning to Starfleet has helped him in some ways to come to terms with his handicap, but deep down inside, the illogical feeling persists.
Ambitions Very limited at the moment. Find a new equilibrium and follow a new career path in Starfleet. His basic ambition is limited to survival, which is something he has to take day by day.
Hobbies & Interests He has (very, very recently) taken up blindfighting. At this moment, there are very little hobbies or games which interest him. The possible exception is tharan'kha, a game the Aenar have taught him.

Personal History Anaxar comes from a family with a long history, rich with traditions. For generations, several members of his family served in the Imperial Guard. When that became part of Starfleet, several others build their careers there. Shran's father did, and he spent several years on a long range exploration vessel as a child.

He has always loved the stars. As a young child, he used to sneak out of his house on Andoria and head out for the surface, where he would lie down in the snow fields and look up at the stars. He always seemed rather sensitive as a child, easily worn out by the throng of people around him, and preferred solitude to crowds.

When he returned home to Andoria, he followed family traditions by attending the Andorian Military Academy for three years. Upon graduating, he went straight on to Starfleet Academy.
Service Record SD 240510-240801: Attended Andorian Military Academy, graduated with honours
SD 240118-241406: Attended Starfleet Academy
SD 241407: Ens. Anaxar Shran is assigned to USS Halimar, a Miranda-class, as tactical officer
SD 241509.02: Promoted to LtJg
SD 241602.18: Promoted to Lt., assigned as CTac to USS Paulin, a Defiant-class
SD 241605.01: USS Paulin critically damaged during a border skirmish with a group of Romulan vessels, injured
SD 241717.13: Discharged from Medical, assigned as CSciO to USS Vindicator