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Lieutenant Commander Dex D'Gracefull

Name Dex EL D'Gracefull

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Solarian [Solarian Guild ]
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 2.3m
Weight 320kg
Hair Color grey
Eye Color azure
Physical Description 2.12 meters tall , 1 meter wide, looks great while blocking doorways.
high density dones due to being raised on a 2.1 gravity world.
medic alert allergic to most stimulants, post withdrawal from hot chocolate. quirks: cant pass a large body of water with out analyzing and jumping in.


Spouse none
Children none
Brother(s) Hex'EL D'gracefull, Lex'EL D'gracefull
Sister(s) Treall'IS D'gracefull,
Other Family Pet Vole named "Charlie" equivalent intelligence of a 4 year old, The Vole shares his friend's Dex'EL's addiction to hot coco, alough Dex'EL denies that it is an addiction.

Personality & Traits

General Overview enlarged sense of curiosity and justice
Strengths & Weaknesses 4 times normal human strength, this is overcome by being horribly clumsy weighing in at over 200 kg, has a nasty habit of stepping on other peoples toes... literally.
Ambitions rid the universe of tribbles. there just too darn cute and distracting.
Hobbies & Interests amature radio, electronics holo design, 4th demision and no it is not time he is always muttering. He has not met a body of water he has not dove into.

Personal History a Solarian
being 2.12 meters tall (6 feet 11 and a half inches) and having a nice big
chest and hollow legs (according to his mother )weighed in at 192 kilo-grams
(425 lbs) and was not a easy being to toss around, Growing up on a desert planet that
had a hot arid surface with no above ground water, but it was a far cry from
Tau Cygna V where in 2274 a deep space colony ship called the SS Artemis
crash landed (it's destination Septimis Minor, )on the planet's surface
discovering hyperonic-radiation(lethal to most humans), heavy gasses and
metal vapors combined with an atmosphere consisting of Oxygen and Argon. It
wiped out two thirds of the crew before some of the survivors looked for and
found cave system. The survivors made it to a home and hoped for rescue… The
second generation and later was surprised to find that they were more
tolerant of the radiation because there body had began to adapt to the
deadly radiation by having a faster metabolism. Having a hardy Scottish
highlander base stock didn’t hurt either. After twenty years, 10 years into
the 2rd generation, the younger generation was sturdy enough to start to
claim the surface and found they preferred living on the surface it to the
caves and having a diet of radiation resistant plant life and similar animal
life had a few effects on the colonists. Some had better vision, others had
a stronger physique, and others had the ability to do amazing things with
tools. but With a faster metabolism and a faster life cycle, the youth were
having children and considered old by the time they were 15 and ancient by
the time they were 30. few lived to be 50 ( 25 years federation standard due
to a closer orbit to the Tau Cygna star, TC solar calendar had 16 hours in a
day and 179 days in a solar year ) By the time the great life form know as DATA made it to the surface in a ship called The shuttle Onizuka, which Data
which was named in tribute to one of the Space Shuttle "Challenger"
astronauts and warned of Sheliak claim on the planet in 2366, the population
had reached 15,253 people, which, however, DATA claimed had to be evacuated.

After a brief military confrontation in which the colonists lost due to
DATA adapting a phaser using his own circuitry to be able to fire in such an
environment as was on there planet, DATA had the colony packing up to move.
In the Treaty of Armens, "unwanted life forms inhabiting H class worlds may
be removed at the discretion of the Sheliak Corporate." When the fleet of
ships that moved everyone off planet arrived 4 days later, everything that
could be scavenged was moved, and numerous local fauna and plant life were
taken along. The federation experts chose Solaria Three( with a 36 hour day
and 455 day year, to try and mellow the stubborn colonists out a bit, it
mostly worked) as there new home due to it’s similar solar cycle and desert
like surface. So we (dislocated people) had a new home and thanks to the
foresight of the transplantee, to who managed to convince the Federation
experts that we needed a lot more than the rudimentary technology and that
our growth and psychology was already interfered with by the great “DATA”
and by threatening to declare succession to the Romulus empire, they were
given the base technology to pull the required heavy metals out of the
ground and beginning building their new homeworld up. After 5 generations
most of the bitterness was lost due mostly to the friendly ships stopping by
with lots of equipment to assist them in their rebuilding efforts. And by
the time of Dex’ ELs birth, the youth were friendly and eager to explore out
there. And due to due several abilities to withstand extreme conditions
that made them vital for exploration. Increased numbers of the younger
generation found the qualities of Solarian life style in the Starfleet made
starfleet the place of all places to be.

When after several decades experiments of the home guard fleet with trans
warp drive, finding warp speed a little slow for them, Solaria
confederation, which was at the time 3 star systems consisting of 9 planets
and 14 moons, was admitted to the UCIP, allowing for the not so young anymore, Dex’el to join Starfleet.

Dex’el was searching historical records for his academy report
when he stumbled across one of the logs of the enterprise mission reports.
Curious he read about transporters rendered inoperable and phasers useless
because hyperonic-radiation randomizes phaser fire.

Lt. Cmdr. Data: Sir, if I am unsuccessful, how violent is the Sheliac
response likely to be?
Commander William T. Riker: The treaty is the only thing that stopped them
from eradicating the colony the moment they discovered it.
Lt. Cmdr. Data: ...Ah.
Commander William T. Riker: "Ah" is right, Data.
Service Record Engineering Officer, USS Vindicator
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Vindicator
Executive Officer, USS Vindicator