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Commander Luka Kane

Name Luka Jibral Kane

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 68

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 176 lbs
Hair Color Black (Greying)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Luka has the look of someone who used to be formidable and imposing, but whose edge has been worn away by age. He still keeps in shape, though not nearly to the same extent as in his youth, his hair is greying, and he often carries himself with an air of weariness.


Father Luka Jibral (dec.)
Mother Luka Xivelle (dec.)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Luka has reached a stage in his life where his reserves of patience are low and rationed. He is tolerant, but only up to a point: anyone who wastes his time, effort, or energy receives no sympathy or leeway. He is quiet rather than aggressive, stern rather than hostile, saving outbursts of anger and discipline as a tactical weapon and strategic deterrent.

Outside of his duties, Luka is tired. His current phase of service with Starfleet is the repayment of a favour, and Luka both loves and hates it in equal measure. The focus and purpose that a Starfleet career provides is something his life has been sorely missing of late, but the responsibility and obligation - and worse, the administrative responsibilities - are a tedious aspect that he could do without.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Luka is a veteran of Starfleet and the Bajoran Militia, as well as having fought with the Bajoran Resistance during his youth. He has experience with a variety of tactics, strategies, and combat styles, and is particularly adept at improvisation and adaptability. He is a skilled pilot, a proficient marksman, and is trained in a number of hand-to-hand techniques.

Weaknesses: Luka lacks the benefit of formal Academy training, which leaves holes in his knowledge, particularly with some of the more scientific and technical aspects of Starfleet service. His past has also left him feeling as if he doesn't quite belong, which leaves him a little slow to trust and open up to new colleagues, though it is a failing he is conscious of and works at.
Ambitions To retire, and stick to it. Third time's the charm?
Hobbies & Interests During his last stretch of retirement, Luka needed something to keep him occupied. After some experimenting, he settled on woodwork, and has become a modestly skilled carpenter.

Personal History Luka was born on Jeraddo, the fifth moon of Bajor, during the Occupation. He lost both of his parents thanks to their involvement with the Resistance, and as a teenager followed in their footsteps, demonstrating a natural flair for piloting the sub-impulse fighters employed by the Resistance to attack convoys.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal, Luka joined the Bajoran Militia, and served aboard Deep Space Nine for several years. When the Dominion War forced the Federation to withdraw from the station in 2373, Luka elected to accompany Starfleet rather than remain behind, training to pilot Federation fighters at Starbase 375, and participating in a number of battles in that capacity, including the Battle of Cardassia.

When Bajor joined the Federation, Luka returned to his homeworld, taking command of a Bajoran Interceptor as part of the Militia's defense fleet. Luka's experience working with Starfleet earmarked him for joint operations, however, and beginning in 2379, Luka was "loaned" to Starfleet Tactical, and awarded Provisional officer status. Over the next several years, Luka served as a consultant and flight instructor aboard Starfleet carriers and Starbases, but by 2385 he had grown tired of his transitory career, and requested a new assignment with the Bajoran Militia back home. Unfortunately for Luka, so much time had elapsed that there was little room for a Major who had spent so many years out of the loop. Unable to return home, and unwilling to stay with Starfleet on a provisional basis, Luka elected to retire.

His retirement lasted until 2392, when the discovery that a parasitic species had infected the Federation leadership sparked an internal conflict that left a power vaccuum in the upper levels of Starfleet. Luka was approached by Captain Jacen Parami, and joined the crew of the USS Orion with a battlefield commission as a Lieutenant Commander. Luka remained with Starfleet and the Orion for several years, participating in the Second Dominion War, the Federation-Romulan War, and various other conflicts. He retired again in 2404, shortly before the Cardassian Union was granted membership to the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets.

Luka was recently reactivated - somewhat involuntarily - by the newly promoted Vice Admiral Parami, to serve as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Vindicator.
Service Record 2369 - 2376: Deep Space Nine - Bajoran Security (Lieutenant)
2376 - 2379: Bajoran Militia - Interceptor Captain (Captain)
2379 - 2385: Starfleet Tactical - Consultant & Flight Instructor (Provisional)
2385 - 2392: Retired
2392 - 2397: USS Orion - Chief Tactical Officer (Lt. Commander)
2397 - 2404: USS Orion - Executive Officer (Commander)
2404 - 2419: Retired

241902.27: Assigned to USS Vindicator as Chief Security/Tactical Officer