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Lieutenant Shi'iara Stivi

Name Shi'iara Stivi

Position Special Operations

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andivoron
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 190
Hair Color Copper Red
Eye Color Black
Physical Description As an Andivoron, an alien species relatively new to the Federation, Shi'iara stands 6'6" tall. Her form is lithe and deceptively muscular.

Her head is capped with bony spaded ridges on either side of her head, as well as pairs of smaller bony protrusions directly underneath the spades and another set on her cheeks. Each of these protrusions sweeps from the side or center of her face, toward the back of her head.

While her skin is a cerulean blue, it is mottled with red scales on her throat up to her chin and just under her lower lip, the bridge of her nose, and along her outer neck. The spades also graduate into this deep red. Shi'iara's hair is just past her shoulders in tight spirals.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vanii' Stivi
Mother Ney''al Iro-Stivi
Brother(s) Rantoo''aar Shivi (Deceased) - Killed during an Andivoron Civil War border dispute
Sister(s) Qe'ssh Stivi
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shi'iara is a passionate individual, but her training makes her appear as a stoic. Trained to be calm under pressure and unmoved with the changing tides of fortune she exudes extreme confidence.

That doesn't mean, however, that she's unable to relax and let loose with those she considers friends.

As a Special Operations Officer, she was trained in the ways of clandestine ground combat, as well as Fighter-craft operations. Shi'iara is an expert in the operation of both the Gryphon and Stormcrow class runabouts, as well as other shuttlecraft operation. Since it is sometimes necessary to establish a safe-landing zone, Shi'iara has also been trained in air traffic control operations to allow for the safe conduct of close-air-support missions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Shi'iara has acute senses. As such, her perceptiveness and reaction times are increased over most humanoids.

During combat she has shown the aggressiveness and tenacity of a Denebian Slime Devil. Thus far, she has not gone beyond what is acceptable. Her training has helped keep her from going over the edge and into what could be called a blood-frenzy.

Covert - Despite her large size, Shi'iara is built for stealth. Her lithe form allows her to move nearly silently. And with her increased senses, she's able to exploit weaknesses in enemies from the shadows.

The Andivorons are a cold-blooded species. While extreme cold is not lethal, it will cause their bodies to go into a hibernation during prolonged periods of exposure.
Ambitions Shi'iara desires to become the Commander of a Starship Airgroup. She is passionate about teaching others the art of skillful piloting, especially in life-threatening situations. It's no secret that serving on board one of the few Carriers the Federation employs would be a great distinction. But in order to get there, Shi'iara has to prove herself capable.

Beyond becoming a CAG, becoming the Captain of a Carrier would be a distant goal.
Hobbies & Interests Flying fighters is Shi'iara's passion. As a SpecOps officer, though, she sometimes needs to put boots on the ground. Therefore, she has studied numerous engagements and skirmishes across the various races of the Federation. She will never miss an opportunity to sharpen her combat prowess.

Personal History
Service Record Starfleet Academy Graduation - 241706.15

Attached to Starfleet Intelligence Office of Special Operations - Expeditionary Division ( 241707.01 - 242109.29)
- 241907.15 - Promoted to Lt. JG
- Was not attached permanently to a Starship during this time
- Missions were carried out on an as needed basis
- Orders were brief, upon execution, returned to Starfleet HQ in San Francisco.
- Awarded Starfleet Distinguished service medal for quelling an unjust power-grab and resolving
a hostage situation with minimal loss of life
- 242109.29 - Promoted to Lieutenant

Assigned - USS Intrepid - Special Operations / Special Operations Pilot - 242110.01