Te'shara R'heil

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Te`shara relaxing on Baas
on 241407.07 @ 17:46
=/\= Planet Baas=/\= ---------------------- Te`shara was on the planet still doing her duties,as usual, she thought she would go into one of the buildings to… View Log
Te'shara in her quarters
on 241312.13 @ 23:44
=/\= Crew Quarters=/\= ------------------------- Te'shara was in her quarters, relaxing, and drinking some juice from her home world, she had it put in the replicators… View Log
getting Back to Security from Vacation
on 241311.11 @ 19:17
=/\= Crew Quarters=/\= --------------------------- Te'shara had just got back from her Vacation on Cait, boy did she really need the Vacation, got to see her… View Log
going home to Cait
on 241310.11 @ 17:36
Te`shara just got off duty and headed to her quarters, there was a message , from home she read on her padd, it was her… View Log
Te'shara off duty in quarters
on 241308.25 @ 19:31
Te'shara just got off duty, she was quite tired after a day in security, she walked into her quarters, and walked to the replicater and… View Log
Te'shara relaxing in her quarters
on 241307.16 @ 00:21
Te'shara was in her quarters relaxing and lying in bed , thinking bout john, after talking to the counselor ,she thought he was right on… View Log
Te`shara writes home
on 241211.11 @ 06:59
Te`shara, was in her quarters, relaxing in her quarters with caitian juice to drink, she thought she'd send a letter home, tell thrm bout her… View Log