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Missions under Landon Neyes.

Group Post Count: 600

Included Missions

In the Dark

Post Count: 394

On a dark and icy world, the crew of the Vindicator seeks to befriend the inhabitants, and to obtain a material needed by Starfleet. They quickly find more than snow and mountains in their search, however. Is this treasure worth the price?

Secret Meetings

Post Count: 179

The Vindicator suddenly turns around shortly after arriving back at Earth and heads into deep space on some unspecified mission.

Memorias Rotundum

Post Count: 27

As the Vindicator arrives home to find Earth's government shattered, along with the once-idyllic peace the system held, her crew must finds themselves in a time where a new-found hatred of Cardassians and Tholians stretches beyond simple xeno-phobia. Paris has been destroyed, and with it, the upper echelon of the Federation Government

At Stardock, another ship is parked preparing for a mission to the Cardassian stronghold of Carida. The USS Crazy Horse, commanded by an old friend of Neyes, Robert Lansine, is aligned with their direction. Bound by friendship and fight alike, the two ships will delve into the mysteries of Carida.

God save them.