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Te'shara off duty in quarters

Posted on 08/25/2013 @ 7:31pm by Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Te'shara just got off duty, she was quite tired after a day in security, she walked into her quarters, and walked to the replicater and asked for 1% milk,
from earth, so as soon as she got her milk, she put it on her table and relaxed with a padd to see what duties she had to do for tomorrow, she was
completely drained, her day.
All Te'shara wanted to do is fall asleep on her bed and zonk out, but she had to finish her milk, and as she did she got ready for bed, and curled up in her bed, and tried to fall asleep. She was moving around in her bed finding different sleeping suggestions, she was just having the hardest time to fall asleep it wasnt even funny.

She was so angry she got up to go to the replicator and ordered warm milk, to see if that will satisfy her, and get her to sleep.she did not know why
she could'nt, she paced, back and forth, and sat down and wrote in her padd a letter to Cait, and see how the family was , and the SS Kaittan gang was doing since she missed both familys so much, she told them about her mis hap with john and wanted to straighten it out with him, she cares about him alot, but i guess he wasnt ready for love yet himself, so she wants to see him, again and take care of this so bad, it wasnt even funny.

She was a motional wreck, over how pushy she felt over saying i love you to john ,when he wasnt ready for that yet. Te'shara cried over her letter to her family, as she was finishing the letter.
After she was done, she recoreded the letter to the ships computer after she whiped her eyes, and sent off her letter to Cait to her home land.

Te'shara was kind of home sick after awhile, and maybe one day she will take some time off, and go back to Cait for Vacation. but now she drank her warm milk, and tried to fall asleep again.

Lt Te'shara R'heil
Assist Security


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