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Posted on 10/17/2013 @ 11:44am by Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell

Kevin was slumped on the couch, head resting on the back with his eyes closed. He heard her walk in, but didn't stir. He listened to her soft, slow steps toward the replicator, to the console in the corner and then her sighs, yawns, and little sounds of disapproval at whatever she was looking at on the screen.

After awhile it grew quiet. Saia had worn herself with her anquish and he himself wasn't doing much better. When she wasn't with him, he was worried about her. When she was with him, he worried about her. He was off duty, but decided to rest a bit before eating some dinner. He wasn't sleeping well, but he was sleeping.

Which is more than he could say for her. He barely saw her and when he did, she was desperately trying to keep busy and the bed was never used unless he was in there. After a moment, he heard a soft snoring. Sighing a sigh of relief, he opened his eyes and watched her a moment and decided the crick in her neck was a better risk than waking her from the first time she'd slept in what he figured days.

He closed his own eyes and before long, the room was filled with only fitful snores.

Saia was glad Kevin was asleep when she came in. She didn't want to deal with his silent lectures about getting help. She went to work on the console.

"It's time, little one."

She pouted and sighed in exasperation. "Can I at least finish these calculations?"

"You know our schedule."

"It'll take five minutes." She didn't budge. In moments, she let out a choked gasp as a hand gripped her neck.

Hot, moist air swamped her ear as he whispered, "You forget whose in control, little one. I was hoping to get right to the fun, but you need a reminder."

The five minutes she claimed that would have taken her was used to bruise every inch of her body that would be covered by her uniform, which in the process was removed from her. She as left crying into the carpet, trembling. He hadn't touched her for a few moments, so she tried to crawl away, as pointless as she knew it was.

She knew deep down why he had stopped touching her. He was getting ready. Her position gave him perfect opportunity as he grabbed her during her exhausted attempts at escape. Feeling the horrid invasion, she let out a cry.

She bolted up from the console gasping and sweating and trembling. She looked around, Kevin on the couch and sighed in relief as she went back to the computer screen.

[I wish I could tell you that if you fight me, I'd kill him, but... Oops... I already did.]

Her eyes went wide staring at the screen. She heard the laugh. The sadistic cruel laugh that knew he had her. She turned and he was there beside her. He grabbed her neck and pulled her up to standing. "Silly child. As if I could ever leave you alone. You're my favorite toy."

Her naked body was pushed against the console and another reason to let out a cry.

"SAIA!" Kevin was wakened by the sound of whimperings from the console. He had cursed and went to wake her. Perhaps he should have let her sleep, but the need to rescue her, even from her dreams, was a prevalent instinct.

She reacted finally by falling out of the chair and crawling frantically away, finally curling into a corner as if she was to become part of it. Kevin shook his head, "Ok, Saia... enough of this..."

Kevin called to keep Saul and Naranda. Saul's so-called wife had left. With the war and needing to deal with other things other than waiting around for a stubborn Saia to get help. It was time to let the cat out of the bag.


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