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Got This

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"She's dying."

"That's a bit dramatic." Nara laughed looking at Kevin.

"You don't live with her." Kevin snapped.

"I raised her. She's strong." Nara glared at him.

Saul sighed, "Yes. This is helping." He leaned forward, "Yes, she's strong. But she's stubborn and I'm getting tired of covering her ass."

Nara flared her nostrils at Saul, "She'll likely be taken off duty. That is the last thing she needs."

"What she NEEDS, is to deal with this. She's ignoring it and it's haunting her every moment." Kevin stood.

"Where are you going?" Saul looked at him, glancing at Nara standing.

"Her grandma is safe. It's time we get the ship to help with this." Kevin was about to walk out of the open door.

"There's a war." Saul sat back and Kevin stopped. Saul stood and looked out the window, "Which means, it'll likely fall under the radar."

Nara looked at him, "Are you endorsing this idea?"

Saul shrugged, "I'll try to work this out." Saul then stepped out as Kevin paced the room with Nara watching.

"Stop! Go check on Saia." Nara then stepped out.

Kevin ran his hands through his hair and stepped out as well.


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