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Grey Number 98

Posted on 11/07/2013 @ 11:47am by Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell

"You can't go!" Kevin watched Saia move around the quarters as she looked for something she wouldn't tell him about.

"I have to. Required." She began to strip the bed. "Who knows, maybe some non-recycled air is what I need."

Kevin leaned against the wall shaking his head, "You're too unstable."

Saia popped up from the head of the bed with a pencil in her hand. "HAH! Grey Number 98. Replicators just can't get the shade right and art stores are depressingly rare off planet."

"Saia..." Kevin tried to pull her attention back to the topic. At least she wasn't having a panic attack, but still. "You can't go."

Saia paused and looked at him, "Excuse me? I know you're frustrated with my brokenness, but don't you dare try to control me. That's what broke me!" She stormed out of the bedroom into the living room to put the pencil into a case and arranged it by her other art supplies. She wanted things nice and orderly.

She tended to try to draw in random places, but in such a half, fitful sleep, she never remembered where she had left her pencils. The drawings sometimes remained, sometimes on the replicator tray as she forgot to speak the command and sometimes no trace, but a recycled item would show up on the replicator log.

Kevin sighed. "You know it's not the same."

Saia had calmed down to ice cold. "Doesn't matter. Different motives, same intent." She looked at him, "You are not my superior. Nara and Saul may have seniority, but neither are they. The only people allowed to tell me I cannot go on this away mission are the ones ordering me to go. So deal with it."

Kevin just stood there numb and tired, "Alright, Saia." He stepped closer to her, "I know it's supposed to be peaceful, but you never know and I don't want the last moment to be like this. Let me hold you for awhile."

Saia smiled and they snuggled together on the couch.


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