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Band Aids

Posted on 11/23/2013 @ 3:48pm by Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell

Saia moved about the lab putting together kits to take down to the planet. She was humming, and it was clear that she was in an extremely light mood compared to, well since some of them have ever known her since joining the crew recently. Others have almost forgotten her former self before she spiraled into the dark meloncholy she had become known for.

There were whispers that she didn't bother to pay attention to as she looked forward to stepping foot on a planet and breathing fresh hair and leaving any essence of her nightmares on the ship behind. One made a comment about alerting security because she might be an imposter or possessed by some alien being. She let out a laugh, "If true, I am leaving the ship soon enough! No worries!"

As she went about her work, Saul walked in and watched her a moment and listened to the whispers before moving to the center console where she was double checking the inventory of her kit. He could tell she noticed him, but she was continuing to concentrate. After checking the last item on the list, she looked up with a smile.

"Nice to see that smile." He smiled back, but there was a bit of concern mixed with it. He didn't expect this to fix anything, but it would provide her with some vacation.

She nodded, "Change of scenery is what people need sometimes." She moved to another kit to check on that one, "What can I do for you?"

He handed her a PADD, "Just delivering some data for your scientists to evaluate." Saia furrowed a brow and took it, "Data that our sensors didn't pick up?"

He just winked at her and walked out. She rose a brow and just assumed it was legitimately Federation work and handed it over, "Get started on this and I'll look over it when we return."

Later, as Saul stretched between the chair and the table, Nara sat back, "I'm glad she's feeling better."

Saul, stepped out from behind the table and gathered the dinner plates, "It's just a bandaid."

Nara nodded, "But still, it's something." She played with the hem of the tablecloth as Saul moved back to her and touched her shoulder. She looked up, smiling at him. She didn't know how long he'd be around for, but he was here now, and she had her band aid as well. She stood and they embraced into a kiss that ended with them naked on his bed wrapped in each others' arms.

Meanwhile, Kevin sat in the messhall, watching the couples and their public displays of affection. He was just about to leave in a huff when Ensign Taylor walked in alone. The grapevine announced she had broken up with her lover since the last round of transfers. She had had girlfriends and boyfriends. His mind wondered to the fact that since her last was a girl, perhaps it was time for her to try a man again. As his eyes wandered over her body, Saia popped into his mind. He rubbed his face, cursed his weakness, and left to sit in his quarters to re-evaluate, again, his situation with Saia.


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