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A Parcel Package (Stardate 241211.01)

Posted on 11/19/2012 @ 9:08pm by
Edited on 11/21/2012 @ 12:05pm

==/\== Quarters of Doctor Ke'al (Starfleet Academy, Earth) ==/\==

Ke'al sat at his desk reading a thesis on the treatment of acute inflammation of the Gorn cloaca, written by a graduate student taking the xenobiology course he had been asked to audit. The content was fascinating and Ke'al smirked, wondering privately to himself if the student had been able to talk a Gorn into sharing its personal problems for the purpose of the paper. Ke'al had just finished with the section on the proper application of an ointment made from the expressed anal glands of a targ, when the door chimed.

An Ensign, looking bored and underworked, stood outside the threshold holding a package. “Are you Doctor Keil? This just came down from personnel for Doctor Keil.”

Ke'al had been stationed at the Academy for the past six years and in all that time his name had been pronounced correctly only once and that was by his Officer Protocol instructor freshman year. Commander H’ressrr was also Catian and Ke'al knew that was the only reason he’d gotten it right. “Yes, I’m

Doctor Ke'al. Thank you Ensign.” Ke'al said as he accepted the package.

“Yes Sir.” The Ensign said as he slinked off toward the lift down the hall.

Ke'al closed the door and made his way back over to his desk, opening the package as he went. In an age when information traveled across the quadrant in seconds it was nice to have someone take the time to send a PADD via a courier. Ke'al entered his authorization code and the PADD displayed a greeting from Lieutenant Commander Powell, at Starfleet Medical, a man Ke'al had come to know during his tenure at the Academy. The PADD displayed the video message as Ke'al listened with only half interest as he was again reading about the treatment for Gorn cloaca inflammation. The words, “reassigned”, and, “orders to follow” brought his attention back to the PADD.

The PADD went on and it had Ke'al's complete attention now. "You are to be assigned to the USS Vindicator NCC 78213-E. She is currently en route to meet up with the USS Vindicator D where there will be quick change of command and then the old ship will head back in for refitting and rechristening as the USS Pendragon. You will be further briefed on this posting when you arrive at your destination.

Your shuttle leaves tonight for Earth Space Dock where you will travel aboard the USS Poncho Villa which should rendezvous with the new Vindicator a few hours before the change of command so take your time to get to know your Med-Deck. From what I understand all of deck three is dedicated to medical personnel, treatment, laboratories, triage and rehabilitation suites. It will almost be like commanding your own hospital ship, Ke'al.

Starfleet Command asked for you specifically. I don't know what you did to earn their admiration, but this posting will be an eye opener for you. I have heard that you'll be traveling along the fringe of Federation space."

With that the PADD went blank and then showed the official orders for Ke'al's transfer. Ke'al looked around quickly making an inventory of what he would take and then started packing, the fur on his back rippled with excitement.


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