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Make A House A Home

Posted on 07/07/2013 @ 9:33am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Baciami

Being new on board, Mackenzie noted how different it was to prior ships. The medical professionals seemed very professional. She was intrigued, however as to the relationship between the marines and the medical staff. She had witnessed her senior verbally spar with them but wasn't close enough to hear why. Clearly the person who was injured was some sort of prisoner.

Mackenzie had learned never to ask too many questions, only to do her job. She was also very unsure as to whether she should be worried from the warning Doctor Rofer had given or if she should merely shrug it off as an on-board joke. Doctor Rofer seemed nice, but lacked in... a je ne sais quoi. It was therefore difficult to distinguish between what she meant as a joke or her being serious.

Time would certainly tell as to what was rumour, what was a joke and what was truth. The mystery was enticing though, so maybe Doctor Cannon would never wish to understand it fully unless it became a dangerous situation in the long run. For now she would watch, wait and do her job. Mackenzie was here to work and do some learning in the process. She was going to be professional during her work hours and only seek a social bond with her new crew mates out of hours. It was also good to make sure that regardless of the issues between departments, she would make this ship her home for now, until such a time as she was called to move on.


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