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Te'shara relaxing in her quarters

Posted on 07/16/2013 @ 12:21am by Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Te'shara was in her quarters relaxing and lying in bed , thinking bout john, after talking to the counselor ,she thought he was right on the money, and needs tro talk to john again, even though hes a fellow security officer. She really likes him too, but hes just not ready for a relationship, and that Te'shara needs to take it slower, which she would do.

She laid on her bed thinking on what to say to john and how to put what she would like to say. She laid in bed till she fell asleep, she slept through
out the night, till the next morning, she got up, the next morning before her shift, she laid in bed, still thinking bout john, and how she will face him today in security.

She was out of sorts, as if she did not want to put her uniform on, she just wanted to be lazy ands lie in her bed,cause she had too much on her mind, it was all john on her mind, even though her family, thought she should date another caitian , but since john is not caitian, she did nt care dating a human, but she knew she had to get ready for, her security duty, but felt lazy Abou5t it. So she went to take a sonic shower, and get ready for
her job as a security officer. It was hoped to be a pleasant day for her even though she would have john on her mind she needed to get security work done first and stay on top of things.

Te'shara was ready for security work and ready to start her day, and keep her mind on security details , and john too.

Lt Te'shara R'heil
Assist Security
USS- Vindicator


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