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S-Plot JL | Sseibb Tr'Bak, Rochelle Ivanova (MU) | "That Certain Female"

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Mission: Ebbtide

The trip to Tr’Bak’s quarters was the hardest she’d ever had to make. Not because of guilt or apprehension, but because she knew what came next. A walk of shame meant nothing to a woman who had none to give. All of it had gone, and more, during her time in a galaxy far far away – Tr’Bak had done what he could to return it… Tr’Esun had tried to teach it to her. That part of their tutelage had been a complete and utter failure – about as successful and beautiful as a Versace on the floor. Regardless, Tr’Esun was about to die. Rochelle told herself that it was bound to happen sooner or later, the hatred and heat building between the two men would never have allowed their story to end in any other manner. Tr’Bak’s pride and power wouldn’t tolerate insubordination any more than Tr’Esun was willing to continue to wait in the wings for another scrappy hand out from the hand of his master.

Where Rochelle fit in to this entire dog and pony show, she wasn’t exactly certain any longer. But she did know that the bough was about to break and things were about to escalate quicker than she had ever imagined before.

“Sorry I’m late for dinner.” She offered the Romulan Senator as she passed through his door. His wife, notably, was absent.

“That’s quite alright, my dear.” Tr’Bak responded, finding his feet and standing from his seat at the set dinner table. A gracious hand extended, gesturing to the chair beside him, “Please, have a seat.” No sooner did he speak than did one of his attendants pull out the chair he’d offered her, waiting for her to approach and when she did, they were just as quick to aid her in finding comfort. Another one was just as lightning fast to fill her glass of wine. A fine merlot, simple but fragrant. “Can I get you anything special? Anything at all?” He practically crooned.

“No, this is fine.” She offered him a winning smile, her napkin finding its way in to her lap as she crossed her legs at the ankle and tucked them ever so elegantly under her chair. Her time of sloppy seated meals was long gone and over, she’d been finished with the finest etiquette a lady could possibly muster and she owed all of it to the man seated in front of her and the one back down in the medical labs. Each had added something special to the recipe that would ultimately culminate in the finished product she represented.

Vrith nodded and waived his attendants off to fetch their meal. While famished, he’d never fall into the poor form of dining before his guest could arrive, “How was your day? I didn’t see very much of you.” The small talk began and he carefully lifted his wine glass to his lips, pulling from it the aromatic burgundy confection held within. Savoring it, he observed the glass, rolling it in his wrist as he studied the way the liquid moved within the basin. It was a thicker wine. Thick like blood.

It was then Rochelle knew she was more or less had. He knew. He had to know. The way those emerald eyes watched the undulations of his wine was more than enough of a tell – a display of his distaste and pent up anger. She couldn’t be sure who it would be directed at, whether it would be Tr’Esun or herself… Or maybe even both. “I had an encounter,” She began, running the tip of an index finger around the rim of her own glass, “Tr’Esun gave me a necklace that once belonged to his mother.” She added, pushing her hair aside to display the ruby encrusted choker for his appraisal. Now came the waiting game, the testing of the waters to see just how much he knew.

Taking another sip of his wine, Tr’Bak yawned with boredom, “Well my dear. This is most unfortunate.” His eyebrows lifted as he spoke, “The good doctor is quite the masterful surgeon and has always been a dear friend of mine.” The Romulan smiled, finally allowing his eyes to settle upon her, reading her. A mere second or so later, he reached for her, curling one of his elegant fingers under her chin and stroked her jaw with his thumb, “You know what you have to do.”

“Over a necklace?” She asked, daring to question him. He’d always said that he enjoyed her fire – but this time she wondered if such a question would push him over the edge… Or was she truly Teflon when it came to his ire? His touch burned her, sending shivers along her spine and straight to her soul. There was power there, power masked by the tenderness he displayed as he admonished her ever so softly.

“No, not over a necklace… Not over simple trinkets.” Tr’Bak shook his head, speaking quietly as if trying to soothe a frightened child, “The dear doctor was given simple instructions and he chose not to follow them.”

“May I ask what those were?” Rochelle tilted her head slightly, her own eyebrows raising in question.

“Hmm…” His head shook as he thought about his answer, “It’s a fair enough question, and you do have a right to know.” Tr’Bak continued, the thumb against her jaw stilling as he spoke, “Every being on board this ship knows, that you are, well… For lack of a better term… Off limits.” He smiled, “And the good doctor failed to heed my warning.”

Blinking, Rochelle’s eyes fought to stay locked with his instead of averting to a simpler target. It was harsh to know that she had a part to play in all of this, then again… She hadn’t asked for Tr’Esun’s affections… Then again… She’d sealed his fate with her actions a mere hour or so ago. “Should I be feeling guilt for my part in this?” She asked, reaching to run her fingers along the exposed skin of his wrist.

Tr’Bak chuckled lightly, “No, of course not. You had no idea. My aim was to test the will power of our dear friend.” The chuckling stopped as he lifted his wine glass with his free hand, “And he failed.” He added before taking another sip.

Silence pervaded for the interim as his attendants brought forth their dinner, served on the finest China stoneware one could find. It was uniquely Terran, she observed, ancient and beautiful the way cobalt blue flowers and circular designs spread out over each dish. Rochelle hadn’t seen this one before, but it impressed her none the less. Tr’Bak’s resources and love of all things Earth was both fascinating and alarming – someday she’d learn the reason and come to understand what it was that drove him to collect such things. Today, however, was not that time. “Was I simply bait?” She asked when, at long last, the attendants left them to their food.

“Bait? No.” The Romulan’s head shook as he selected the correct fork for the dish, “Not bait… More of a test strip.” He said, spearing a piece of sautéed squash.

“I see…” Rochelle nodded gently, gathering up a fork and her knife to cut a piece of chicken. At least she thought it was chicken until she put it in her mouth and nearly melted. Whatever it was, it was heaven.

“Quail. I had it specifically brought to me from the region where your doppelganger has a home. From her property, actually.” Tr’Bak brightened as he watched her pleasure bloom over the contours of her face, “Don’t fret, my dear, everything is as it should be. Eat. Enjoy. Business can wait until later.”

“Delicious. I wouldn’t waste this for anything.” It was then and there that she decided that he decided that she did know exactly what needed to be done – and soon. The time was coming for Rochelle to make her move, and so far she’d accomplished exactly what she knew she could… And should. Quail was one thing, a lesson. Tr’Bak knew no master, no shame, no boundaries… And she loved it.

To Be Continued...

erie'Ssiebb V'rith Tr'Bak
Commander, 3rd Tal'Shiar Task Force
Commanding Officer, Anima Venator
Romulan Star Empire


Rochelle Ivanova
Mirror Universe


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