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[S-Plot] JDL | Aendeh Dar'an Tr'Esun & Rochelle Ivanova (Mirror) | "Broken"

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Mission: Ebbtide

The room seemed immediately empty when she stepped out the door. His home away from home was little more than a shell now as, he thought, was he. In the throws of passion, he had felt alive in ways he couldn't explain and now the weight of consequence sat so heavily upon him he struggled to breathe. Dar'an Tr'Esun, the last of his family, serving the Empire with distinction for more than forty standard years, sighed heavily as he placed the pads of his fingers on the bio-lock drawer of his desk. A chirp alerted him that his finger prints and DNA scan had been confirmed and with a hiss, the drawer slid open. Inside were two objects. The first was an ornate wooden box with inlays of an ivory like material and trimmed in gold leaf. Contained within that box were thirteen sheets of small, ancient, parchment, a fountain pen, and an ink well. Tr'Esun took out a sheet of the parchment, filled the pen and began to write in his elegant, flowing, Romulan script.

Dearest Rochelle,
My time has come to an end. The months I have spent with you, coaxing you physically and mentally into the radiant woman you have always been, accounts for the pinnacle of my career and life. You are not my creation, but my heart. So it pains me, all the more, to know you will be the one he sends to end my life. It will be you because he will demand loyalty beyond oath or service. I can not force that act upon you, for that wound, unless I flatter myself, will not heal. Such a wound would put you and your mission at risk, and that I can not abide. Please know that you have made this unhappy Romulan blissful.

I feel you should know that in giving you the necklace I presented you with two gifts. The original necklace, and a future. The stone nearest the clasp is no stone but a small capsule. This capsule holds the unrealized legacy of our union of souls. A gift of life you may choose to give. Our child.

Love Always,

Drained emotionally, Tr'Esun put the pen and ink well back in the ornate box and set it back in the open drawer. The second object glistened with the flash of polished steel in the light of his lab. Ignoring it for a moment longer, Tr'Esun folded the letter and wrote Rochelle across the blank side in standard. He leaned down and picked the small golden statue of the emblem of the Empire from the floor where it had been knocked during the throws of passion. He placed it on the corner of his desk and atop the neatly folded letter and turned his attention back to the drawer.

There, cold and menacing, was the dagger he had kept for more years than most humans lived. The blade his father had used to end his life. Tr'Esun often wished he had not waited so long. Waited until every last shred of dignity had been leached from his family name. Waited until every last bit of wealth was squandered. But in the end, he believed he was sparing his family further shame and that lesson had been well learned by his son. Dar'an Tr'Esun pulled the dagger from the drawer running the razor sharp edge across his thumb to ensure the blade had not grown dull. The thin line of bright green blood left in the blade's wake heartened Tr'Esun. He smiled knowing that in his final act he would beat Tr'Bak at his own game and spare the woman he loved the atrocity demanded by her master. Taking a slow, deep breath, he pointed the blade at his heart and fell forward on to the desk driving it home. Death came quickly the edges of his vision dimming to pinpricks of light and then there was darkness, peace, and rest.

It would be an hour or so later when Rochelle came to do her master's bidding. She wasn't entirely sure how she was going to go about ending Tr'Esun's life, she simply knew that she was going to have to and his office ranged wide and far with a list of goodies that would make achieving that end relatively quick work. The steel of her resolve had been set as she rounded that final corner, plucked her code into the pad at the side of his door, and let herself in... Only to half halt at the sight before her and fling herself the rest of the way to his side. "Dar'an?!" Her voice was higher pitched than she could ever recall, panic laced within it's shrill notes as she grabbed his shoulders and drew her body back. "Dar'an!" She screamed the moment she noticed the dagger, green with blood, jutting from his chest. She didn't need to check his pulse to know that he was dead, his eyes had long since lost their light, but she did it anyway - and crumbled when there was nothing to be found. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she openly wept into the death chilled flesh of his neck.

Tr'Bak treated her like a prize, a mindless prize that he kept on his arm and gloated over keeping around. It was rare that he touched her, and never more than a pat or patronizing caress. Whether he was biding his time or stringing her along, she couldn't tell and at the time couldn't have cared less. Tr'Esun had always been warm, inviting, even when he grilled her or found himself frustrated. There was never that chill or 'holier than thou' response that Tr'Bak wore like a second skin. If she asked herself, yes... She'd loved Dar'an Tr'Esun. To what end? That she couldn't answer. Rochelle wasn't one that immersed herself into romance or allowed herself to become overly attached to anyone or anything - but he'd managed to find a place securely in her heart. The loss of him threatened to break it.

Swallowing hard, she released him and went to wipe away her tears when she realized her hands were covered in his blood. Staring at the way it began to dry across the soft cream of her skin, Rochelle came to several points of realization; whether she'd been the one to plunge the blade into his chest or not, she'd been the one to kill him. Tr'Bak's order had been fulfilled long before he'd actually issued it and whether she'd lay with Tr'Esun or not, the man had been slated to die one way or another. Those were all convenient truths, ones that she knew she'd shoulder and live with. Sniffling, she glanced around the room - his work and essence clinging to every last detail - and then the desk where mere hours before they'd shared one another with one another. Rochelle's brow furrowed as she noticed something new, something different - her own name scrawled in Tr'Esun's elegant hand across a piece of parchment. She reached for it , leaving bloodied finger prints as she opened and settled against the desk's edge to read it.

Her hands shook, one unconsciously reaching to find the last 'stone' that was mentioned, and covering it with her fingers. "When?" she asked the man out loud, her eyes shooting over to him, "When did you?" Of course what she meant was 'at what point did you make that decision?', but she'd never know that answer or what had compelled him to join their lives like that. All she knew that was that he'd chosen to entrust her with a gift most precious indeed; his immortality, and she was committed to protecting it... And creating an environment safe and sound enough for her to bring it to fruition. A world where Vrith Tr'bak couldn't bring about its demise the way he had Tr'Esun. But it didn't quell her anger as it rose from the depths of her core - or the urge she felt to see justice done one way or another...

And she knew exactly how it needed to be done.

Destroying the letter was first on the agenda, and easy enough. Shredded and soaked, the ink became a motionless blur, bled completely together on paper that became mush and clotted together. It was only after she was certain those tracks were covered that she turned back to Tr'Esun's lifeless body, his neck and collar of his shirt still damp with her tears. It would be the last time she saw him, but words failed her. Instead she reached to carefully close his eyelids and bring her lips to his in one soft, final farewell before pulling the dagger from his chest.

An eye for an eye.


Aendeh Dar'an Tr'Esun
Surgeon, 3rd Tal'Shiar Task Force
Chief Medical Officer, Anima Venator
Romulan Star Empire

Rochelle Ivanova (MU)
Romulan Star Empire


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