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JL | Lt MacLeod, Lt Dai'xun, LtJg Dunross, Lt Karlin | "It's In The Bag"

Posted on 241709.06 @ 14:22 by Lieutenant Craig MacLeod & Lieutenant Michael Hawk & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun & Lieutenant JG Claire Dunross M.D.

Mission: Ballynamony

Time was almost up. If Vic knew the doctor a bit, he'd be on his way to the designated cell with Si'a now. She hadn't given him much of a choice. And in her opinion, it was still the best way to gather information. She'd taken a detour past her office to pick up the bag that had started this entire situation. Stealing a curious glance inside, she hadn't seen many interesting things in it, but then again she wasn't a doctor. With the bag slung over her shoulder, she headed to the prison cell where the humans were being held.

"You!" she said, pointing at Claire. "Come with me."

Claire looked up, her eyes were burning from lack of sleep, water, food and from the pain throughout her body. Her eyes narrowed at the soldier woman who had marched them to this location. Claire’s head pounded and she slowly stood up from the bunk she had been sitting on. A wave of nausea took over her and she put a hand on the cool, stone wall to steady herself. Her green eyes landed on the bag and knew that MacLeod must have been able to accomplish something.

Looking at her two cell mates, Claire decided that nothing was worth a fight. She didn’t have any idea what condition Si’a was in now, but there was a lump of dread sitting in her stomach as her head stopped spinning. Her left arm still ached and it was swollen, pushing against the rough threads of the linen shirt she was wearing. Claire nodded and followed, “I hope you’re taking me to Si’a. That woman needs help, MacLeod and I can try at least to save her.”

Vic didn't say anything at all. Instead, she lead the way to the isolation cell where she told the doc to meet her. As the pair of them stepped inside, she only had to wait a moment until the doc arrived.

"Now dae ye mind telling me what ye have in store for the lass? She cannae speak, cannae hold her own head up." Skipping the formalities as he passed into the holding room, he nodded to the limp little blue haired female in his arms. Still as death, cold as ice, if it wasn't for the occasional twitch of her finger or the fact her eyes had opened again he'd have thought her to have expired during their walk.

Though Claire was struggling through her own pain and muddled mind, the current condition of Si’a woke her up a bit. The Stenellian looked close to death and Claire thought the only way to save her would be back on the Vindicator, but there was no telling if the ship had any idea where they were right now.

“Charny dubs!” Claire cursed and shook her head, “Let's get er down on the table. Can we get more light in here?” She rolled up her sleeves, ignoring the stiffness and ache in her arm, and not looking at the red and purple contusion there. She glanced around, not sure how they could warm the cell up without giving them all carbon monoxide poisoning, there didn’t seem a way to vent the smoke.

Claire Dunross was in full on doctor mode again, but the pulse of her pounding head felt like it could make her eyes pop from their sockets. She turned her angered attention back to Vic and said in a tone that said she would not be messed with, “Give me that bag.”

Vic had made sure to keep a careful distance from everything that was going on. She wasn't inclined to add light or heat to the cell, not as long as they didn't give her anything in return. Instead of just handing the bag over, she held it out, but out of Claire's reach. "First things first. Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I did as ye asked, Lieutenant, now give her the bag! Cannae ye see that the lass is dying or dae ye not care?!" Craig's voice boomed. He may not have been military, instead privately contracted in as a physician, but it gave him rise to demand a certain amount of respect for his patients. It was clear as day that Si'a was indeed dying. The look on Claire's face said it all, and Craig did as he was asked, carefully laying the slight woman on the table. "Ye willnae learn a damn thing if she dies." He muttered bitterly, snatching blankets from a side chair to hand in Claire's direction.

Alone without the 'safety' of her crew, Si'a had feared the worst until she saw Claire and heard her voice. It was all she could do to unfurl her fingers in an attempt to reach her fellow scientist and friend. Were they friends? Close enough... Didn't matter that their time together had been limited. They'd survived a crash together, been held captive together. Friends. The doctor, the male one, seemed nice enough. However, he was a poor substitute for familiarity and the warmth that familiarity bred. Even with the shouting and the worry, Si'a found herself homing in on Claire and using her presence as a safety shield as best she possibly could when all she wanted to do was have them all united, returned to the Vindicator, and be allowed to sleep.

Claire felt the cold fingers and wrapped her hand around Si’a’s, squeezing gently to let her know she was there, hoping to give some comfort. Her glare stayed on Vic, but she addressed Craig, not reaching for the bag, the need from Si’a more urgent than scabbling with her captures, “Have you got that elixir? Let’s start with that while this bawbag considers giving me the bag.”

Dunross turned to Si’a and smoothed her teal hair down against her forehead, holding her hand against her chest, hoping to give her some warmth. “Hey, you hang in there and we’re going to get you fixed up, but I need you to believe that we will.”

"K.. Kay." Si'a's feeble response rose in a shaking whisper. She had to give Claire something to let her know she was still there in that mass of shivering flesh. She was alive. For now. The touch against her forehead was warm and comforting, beckoning that she rest and believe that all would be be ok. Would it? Had Craig taken her from Anaxar because he'd died? Because she was ready to expire? Because of something more sinister? And what was a bawbag? So many questions, not enough energy. Then there was the case of the woman. Her eyes rolled in their sockets to be able to focus on the woman that held Claire's bag. She was what she was. A soldier of some sort, doing a job (even if Si'a would have preferred her be something else, something less of an irritant.)

"I donnae have it. I have to make it." Craig replied, running his hand through his hair. This time the ribbon tying it back gave way, freeing it from the way he'd worried it. "The oils have to be fresh, ye see, or else they willnae work at'all." He glowered, considering snatching the bag from Victorianna. "I did what ye asked, now ye'll be doing your part." The dark emerald of his eyes locked with the smaller woman's in quiet demand that his patience not be pressed or his good faith tried, "Lest ye wish me to go to the magistrate? Let him know how ye choose to handle those who clearly arenae from the other side..." He continued, but turned instead to Si'a as she was more important than a squabble. Slowly moving to gather up her shirt and allowing the blankets to fall in preservation of her modesty. The bruising was instantly apparent, dark and angry as the blood began to set into the layers of her flesh and skin, "It's not spreading as much as it was, Claire. Ye can thank whatever for that."

There was an internal debate going on inside of Vic. She put up little resistance as Craig snatched the bag from her and handed it to Claire. If she had really wanted, he never would have stood a chance. She wasn't a monster though, even if most people in present company would think different. All she wanted to do, was safe her people. Keep her people safe from their enemies. But perhaps these people weren't the enemy? Steeling her resolve though, she figured she might as well start the interrogation of the others. Without another word, she turned on her heels and left the three of them alone.

Claire listened to Craig talk about the elixir, glad he snatched the bag. She started to go through it, pulling out the tricorder, turning a bit to shield him from seeing much of it, but at this point not really caring much. “I know how essential oils work, just thought you might have some mixed up, it would only help a bit though.”

She squeezed Si’a hand and smiled, “He’s right, you’re looking a bit better Si’a, but I know you don’t feel great right now. I’m going to get you some water, you need to drink it all.” Claire pulled out a dermal regenerator, pushing its limits, but it wasn’t going to hurt. The tricorder that she had partially shielded from McLeod had shown her where the bleed was and it clotting on it’s own. Claire gently palpated the area, feeling the tightness of her abdomen, but it was less than the last time she felt Si’a. Claire concentrated the regenerator at the liver, just under the skin and abdominal layer, scanning with the tricorder to see if she was making a difference. “Alright, we’re getting somewhere here.” She smiled, finally feeling like there was a difference happening. Claire turned to Craig, “We just need to keep her warm and hydrated and I think she’ll be alright.” Already the contusions were changing color.

"Crivvens..." He whistled, watching the device as it worked with large eyes, "How?" Asking seemed wrong and right all at the same time, like he'd come to witness true magic beyond the rites he'd grown up with. These were medical marvels, things that he was profoundly glad that Victoriana wasn't able to see for fear of her taking them away and denying their use on Si'a and the others. "It's winter... I have to mix them up and hope it'll keep her from reopening the bleed... How? How does it work?" Craig had to repeat out of surprise and fascination. With some luck Si'a would survive this after all.

Claire shook her head, “We have some different techniques than you, that is all.” She tried to explain away the regenerators and tricorder she used. Claire kept working until she could see no difference being made, “Hopefully you’ll start feeling better soon Si’a.”

She turned the regenerator to her own arm, hoping to regenerate some of the badly bruised tissue. Her eyes turned back to Craig, knowing these people had questions and they were doing their best to avoid them. “Wish I could tell you more, but it’s not magic.”

Looking between the two 'travelers', Craig felt both lost and found. There was something here, something better than magic... Something scientific, and he wanted to touch and feel and explore every bit of it for himself, "No, it's not and yes, you can. I won't tell naeone. Ifn I did I'd be hung fer heresy naeway." Above begging? Not at all. Covering Si'a back up completely, his attention was turned almost fully to Claire, "Maybe not now, but soon? I willnae push ye fer information now, but just know... I haveta know about this just fer my own curiosity."

Claire nodded at that knowing that he was serious and intensely curious. He was right too about nobody believing him and that they would probably hang him for his crazy story. She had already been impressed with him and the knowledge he had, but that prime directive kept coming up. "I hope that I can share some of this with you. I know you'd understand it and it wouldn't be something you'd tell others." She smiled, "Either way, I'm very grateful for what you've done for Si'a, well for all of us I guess. You're a good man Doc."

"I only wish I could dae more fer the lot of ye." The doctor's voice was small in comparison to his earlier display of boisterousness, the compliment having left him feeling hollow and void. If he could, he'd have set them free and cast them back off to where it was they came from, "I... I know ye arenae from here. From this world." He explained softly, reaching to gather Si'a back into his arms as gently as he could. She was still so cold and frail, so much so that Craig feared she'd shatter in his arms as he lifted her and rolled her head carefully towards his chest. He'd given Anaxar his word. He'd keep it as best he could, "I dunnae fear ye for it like most would and it pains me to have to sent ye back to yer cell and bring her back to hers. Anaxar... He'll protect her, Claire, or he'll die trying. I'll dae what I can to keep it from happening and I'll dae what I can to get ye lot back together as a group." He offered a small smile, sad as it was. Beyond all that, there was so little he had power over and it scorched him to be so helpless. "I'll touch base with ye soon." Taking a step towards the door, he wasn't surprised to see soldiers coming around the corner to escort Claire back to her cell. A pained look over his shoulder would say it all; wishing her luck, praying she wouldn't try and fight them, and an open promise to continue fighting for them even though, in many ways, it was a losing battle.


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