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JL CSciO Lt. Anaxar Shran & Victoriana Karlin | "More talking"

Posted on 241709.06 @ 14:38 by Lieutenant Michael Hawk & Lieutenant Anaxar Shran

Mission: Ballynamony

The door opened abruptly, with a bang, slammed against the semi-conscious Andorian and bounced back. The sudden pain and a loud curse roused Anaxar and he lifted his head, tried to activate his implants and, of course, failed.

He was still in the cell, Si'a still hadn't returned, and he still couldn't see. Of those three facts, the only one which truly mattered was the second.

The door opened again, slower but with considerable more force, the steel-enforced wood left a long scrape on Anaxar's side and leg. He barely noticed, that minor ache got drowned out by other pains which had been around a lot longer, and didn't tolerate any newcomers.

Even to Anaxar's befuddled mind, it was clear that this was not a person who came here to bring Si'a back. And he was right, for one person grabbed him roughly by his upper arm, hauled him up and growled: "Move!"

He moved, alright, as he was thrown into the corridor and slammed hard against the opposite wall. The man laughed. Another voice cut in: "You're supposed to make sure he can still answer!" and the laughter was abruptly cut off.

The first voice, again: "Fine. Then you help me carry him."

Anaxar was dragged through the building and then dropped to another floor like a sack of potatoes.

Vic was waiting in her office. She'd sent two of her most reliable men to go fetch the blue guy. Meanwhile, she was working hard to turn bad ass again. On one hand, she felt bad for stepping out of the other cell before she'd learned more information. On the other hand, she could probably learn more here and now, from the blue one.

"Set him down there," she motioned to the chair once they both entered, carrying the alien between them. They'd dropped him at the entrance, but she didn't want him on the floor. She wanted him where she could keep an eye on him. A close eye.

Muttering, the two men grabbed Anaxar again and planted him in the appointed chair. He let them, he was too mierable to care. Was Si'a dead? In that case, let them get it over with and kill him as well. That would only be a mercy at this point.

Vic looked at the alien - man - in front of her. She really didn't know what to make of it - him. "Who are you? You've got to finally tell me who you are," she started, not sounding half as bad assed as she had hoped.

Finally? The words penetrated slowly. "Nobody ever bothered to ask," he said. Through the pain, the words came out slurred. He coughed, tried again, slower now. "My name is Anaxar Shran."

Anaxar Shran? What kind of name was that? Well, alien, obviously. Didn't they bother to ask? Probably not. They were all too busy being afraid of the little (big?) blue aliens. "Where are you coming from?" Vic asked next, hoping beyond hope that he would keep talking, that she'd find some of the answers she was looking for.

Was this a test? He had told… that doctor… Craig, he'd told him. Had to be a test. "The stars…" he sighed. His mouth was so dry that he could barely talk. "We're… explorers. Scientists. We…" (where *had* that planet come from??) "we crashed."

He couldn't know that Vic and Craig hadn't exactly been talking. He couldn't know that this wasn't a test. But something inside her had cracked when she'd seen that girl suffer. Perhaps that's why she had left them on their own to begin with. That girl was so fragile. She looked almost human. What if they were telling the truth? What if they were explorers? What is they were scientists? What if... she sighed softly. Rounding her desk, she grabbed a bottle of water and a glass. After she'd poured some of it in, she headed back to the strange creature and held it out in front of him. "It's water," she added words to her gesture.

Sounds. He recognised the sound of fluids, the woman walking away from him, pouring something into a glass, walking back. Standing in front of him. He tried to use his antennae to determine where exactly it was, but to pick up something as small as a glass, an extended arm, was not possible under even the best of circumstances. As it was, he could barely discern where she was standing.

He reached out, searching for the glass. His hand brushed against her arm and now he had a fix at least, he could follow it back, found the glass and drank gratefully. "Thank you," he whispered at last.

Vic found that she felt better this way. Anger and hatred were so energy consuming. A single act of kindness was so much easier. "Who's the girl with you? From what I've witnessed, you care a lot about her," she continued after she'd put the glass down again.

*Is*, not *was*! "Si'a…" he sighed. "A collegue… a friend…" He tried to sit straighter, but slid back. The chair was too straight and too hard and he was too weak and too soft. "How is she?" Is she even alive?

It was easier on Vic to pretend she didn't notice his discomfort. It's not because she'd turned soft, that she was about to cuddle him either. "She's in a right state," she spoke truthfully. "There's not much our doctor can do for her. But if you've indeed come from the stars, perhaps there's help to be found in the stars that we can't give you."

"I hope so," Anaxar whispered. But he wasn't about to tell her more. Even in his present state he knew this was an interrogation. Not the worst possible one, in terms of pain or other horrors. In this case, her kindness towards him was perhaps more effective. But no need to give her extra information about who, or why, or what.

If there even was help out there. For all they knew, the shuttle had gone one way and the Vindi had pulled back in time. No. Best to believe they were on their own. "One of us… doctor. Ask her." Please. "Give her… things back." That was what they wanted Si'a for in the first place, Craig had said.

Vic was enough of a woman to sense there was more going on. But it was alright. She wasn't about to exploit it, for now. "Your doctor has received her bag. When I left them to come talk to you, she was starting treatment," she spoke honestly. Perhaps honesty would get them somewhere. She could only hope and try. "Would you care for some food?" she asked, and in an afterthought, she added. "What do you even eat?"

Anaxar nodded his thanks. "Human compatible." He wasn't hungry, not at all, at least not now. He was just so tired. He wanted to just lie down and rest. "Treated who?" he asked. "Si'a?" She needed it, she needed it so badly.

"Yes, Si'a," Vic sighed again. This was turning into a very frustrating day. And she could do little if anything to change that. "I'll have you brought back to your cell so you can sleep," she spoke after she' considered her options.

His next attempt at thanking her came out as a disjointed mumble. The most important information from this interrogation had come from her to him. Si'a was still alive, Claire had her equipment, she was treating her. Nothing else mattered.

He was barely aware that she called the guards back in, that they picked him up, dragged him back, dropped him and closed the door behind him. He was left in more or less the same position as before they entered. It didn't matter. It was fine.

Now if only she'd be fine…


Lieutenant Anaxar Shran
Chief Science Officer


Lieutenant Victoriana Karlin (APB Indi)
Garrison Commander


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