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JL LtJg Baciami & LtJg Brown | Back to work

Posted on 241709.07 @ 13:49 by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Baciami & Lieutenant Michael Hawk

Mission: Ballynamony

It had felt like she had missed all the excitement, but here she was, walking to work for the first time in a week or so. Her uniform felt uncomfortably loose, and she still felt a little green around the gills, but she didn't care. It was time to return to work, and from the sounds of it, she was needed. Atleast, Adrianna hoped she was.

"Chief!" somebody called out the moment she entered the Security offices.

The offices were nice and large for a starship, just like everything else on this ship. There was a separate office for the Chief, the Deputy and the Master at Arms. Besides that, there was a nice big brig area, which - luckily - was empty more often than not. The central area was filled with consoles and stations to monitor ship wide safety. An entire shift of officers and noncoms were manning them at all times. In the blink of an eye, a complement of two times twenty Security officers could be transported anywhere on the ship. Not too many ships had a complement like that. They were rotating on an extra shift from the rest of the ship so they could have enough people on standby. It was quite nice to any Security officer at heart.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Mercedes 'Mercenary' Brown had a padd in hand and rushed to the Chief's side. She hadn't seen her up and about since the ship had spun out of control. In the absence of her Chief, Mercenary had been - for all intent and purposes - in command of Security for the past few days. "It's good to see you up and about again," she had the good sense to start with at least a bit of small talk before diving into the serious stuff.

"Do not lie to me, Brown," the chief teased in her usual dead pan like fashion, "where are we at. I've been reading what reports I can but there is only so much that can be put in the written form." The chief headed for her office and could help but smile in relief that her collection was still in one piece. The woman then proceeded to the priority: coffee. Oh how she had missed her coffee. Well... she could try.

"I've got our people stationed at every deck for now. Most possible entries and exits are covered. Turbolifts are secure. We've been coordinating with Flight Operations to keep the Shuttlebays as tightly locked as possible. As long as our sensors keep popping up false positives, we're chasing ghosts. I only have so many people to send ghostbusting," Mercenary quickly summed up the gist of everything. She didn't need reports to be aware of her situation. She'd been on duty for days, basically. She'd slept a few hours in her office, but otherwise, she'd been here. At work. Sending people everywhere and anywhere to make sure there were no intruders that the sensors missed.

"How about the less obvious places?" Adrianna asked. She recalled memories of getting into some trouble with her father for messing around with her brothers. Playing hide and seek was only so much fun until someone got injured for stowing away in an ill placed gap in the engineering.

Mercenary shook her head. "There's only so many people we can spare. I've got six patrols out at all times though. They're patrolling all key areas on the ship. Besides that, I'm trying to coordinate with Engineering to give our sensors priority. Apparently they've got issues with the engines though, so we've been bumped down on the priority list," she replied smoothly.

The security chief thought for a moment, "when we get out of this, we need to double check everywhere that wasn't so obvious. I do not want stowaways when we are light years away from a near by drop off planet." The italian sipped her coffee before feeling her stomach turning a little. She proceeded to tip her coffee into the waste and got rid of her cup. She sat down and rested her head on the tips of her fingers, massaging her temple gently.

"I'll worry about that when we indeed get out of this," Mercenary shrugged. She was tired and cranky. It was okay that her Chief asked her these questions, but they made her feel even more weary. "Right now, I'm trying to keep this ship as secure as possible with the means we have. Are you sure you're alright, Lieutenant?" she asked next, softening somewhat.

"I will survive," Adrianna waved her hand in dismissal, "You have done a good job Lieutenant. Go and get some rest or you will end up looking like me." Adrianna looked up and cocked her head to the side a little.

Mercenary wasn't too sure about that statement. The Chief didn't look too good to her, and she wondered if she'd grasped everything she'd reported. No shame in that. She'd been off duty for a while, and a lot had happened in that time. "I will have some rest shortly, sir. First I want to make sure the patrols all rotate smoothly."

Adrianna let 'sir' pass. She got it on occasion, she thought it was just a standard thing in language for those in power. " You have been an asset and I shall be sure to read up more in my own time. Thank you. Dismissed."

"As you wish," Mercenary sighed and turned around to head back to her office. Now, after this last statement, she was certain that Adrianna had no business being back on duty again yet. There was no time. And assets shouldn't be dismissed. She'd just have to keep an eye on their patrols from the sanctuary of her own quarters.


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