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JL | Com Ivanova, Lt Ch'Valenvok | "Roll With The Changes"

Posted on 241709.04 @ 22:02 by Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D. & Commodore Rochelle Ivanova

Mission: Ballynamony

The shuttle ride hadn't been long at all, minutes really, but it had been taxing. The banter had continued, discussion about fire arms passing between the men. Ra'lin had joined in for a time before realizing just how quiet Rochelle had become, withdrawn into her own little world as the planet's features became more and more apparent. Once into the cloud cover, she'd even hitched a breath at the realization that it was snowing down below. It was calmer. Gentler than Notura - no great up sweep of mountains, no alps, no hidden mines filled with angry, crazed victims of greed to kidnap her... No Romulans to steal Landon away when he'd inevitably come for her. The irony wasn't at all lost on her that the tables had shifted and it would be she playing the role of rescuer this time in this frozen hell. Some time, just before landing, she'd raised a hand to trace the mark of bonding behind her ear. How often had she lamented its existence in the past? Too often. Now it was her link to him, the proof that he was still alive and waiting to come home.

By the time they set down, Rochelle was exhausted. Emotionally and physically depleted. While the others carried on in relative high spirits and hopes, she'd separated from them and only truly returned to see Archer off on his quest to obtain horses. A task he had volunteered for and seemed entirely way too giddy to run off and complete. Turning him loose on this world was not unlike turning a child loose in a candy shop and telling them they could pick whatever suited their fancy. He walked off whistling a tune she couldn't recognize and she simply leaned against the hull of the shuttle, appreciative of the cold air rushing past her face. "As soon as Archer is back with the horses we leave for town." The sound of foot steps crunching through the snow provoked her into speaking, "As soon as we get to town we start looking for answers and finding a way in." It sounded right because it was right. As tired as she was, she wouldn't rest until she got them back.

Opening his long coat and fanning out the lapels, Kaleb sighed. The weather, while being cold by most humanoids standards was still warm for the Andorian. Coupled with the layers of clothing made from less breathable fabrics in close cut fashions, he felt in danger of overheating. There was something oppressive hanging in the air like a thick miasma wanting to displace the oxygen from his lungs and crush him under its weight. As he stepped around the shuttle he located the source. Commodore Ivanova was emitting an out flux of emotions so contrary to each other, Kaleb almost buckled from the assault.

Just after the Vindicator had entered the Nebula the ship had been pulled into a chronometric disturbance giving the crew a rough ride and causing ship wide injuries. It was during this incident that Kaleb had treated the Ship's new Yeoman, a member of curious species possessing telepathy. In her injured state she had pulled him into her consciousness and awakened a latent sense of telepathy and empathy in the Doctor. Kaleb had been struggling with the massive amount of sensory information he had been privy to ever since. Commodore Ivanova was lighting him up and what he was feeling from her was so intense he wanted to curl up and die. She of course had no idea what she was doing to him because Kaleb didn't even know how to explain, control, or channel what he had.

"Commodore," Kaleb managed as he approached, "I need to have a word with you." His eyes seemed moist as if he might burst into tears at any moment. "Ra'lin and I shared something in Sickbay after the accident. I was treating her and made contact with her skin and now something has changed. I can feel your emotions and sometimes your thoughts. Not just yours but yours are among the strongest." Kaleb cringed as he felt her emotional response to his statement.

"And you choose now to tell me this?" At first she didn't want to look at him or give his statement power of any kind. She wanted to ignore him and the implications hidden behind the gossamer veil of his words. When she finally looked at him it was with eyes both wary and weary. Ra'lin had been an experience, the likes of which she never wanted to expose herself to again. It took every thing she had not to walk away and find somewhere to steal away to and hide. "Stop listening." Rochelle said, though he she knew in her heart he couldn't control it. Her thoughts had never been meant for him, not a single one. They were her own, her secrets, her fears, her hopes and aspirations. For the moment they ran wild with that anxious desire to escape the situation that had left her feeling caged and violated. Her gloved fingers curled against her bodice, the anxiety of it all leaving her feeling as if she'd been sucker punched for the second time in just a few days. So long... She'd gone so long without even giving telepathy so much as a passing thought. It wasn't that she didn't like or trust Kaleb, in fact she liked him just fine... It was what he represented now that left her uneasy in his presence and glad she was covered nearly head to toe in one fabric or another. He couldn't touch her, couldn't come any closer than he already had to everything she held silent and hidden.

Kaleb felt the confusing swirl of emotion bounce from anger to fear to rage and disgust all within seconds. His stomach lurched and his knees went weak. "Now...yes before it causes us problems down here." Kaleb leaned back against the cold metal of the shuttle's hull and slid down to the snow at her feet. "I can't turn it off or stop listening. I never had this problem before. Ra'lin changed the nature of my ability. I can feel or er... hear or sense a great duality tearing you apart. It's like your mind is existing in two realities at once and neither one is very pleasant. If you can't talk to me about it please talk with Commander Neyes er... the Major." Kaleb chided himself a little for using their real names. He didn't want to slip up in mixed company and had decided using their aliases at all times while planet side was a must on his part at least. "I know it's not fair to you to have to control your emotions for the sake of my sanity. I just don't know how else to combat this issue at, or in, this time." Kaleb knew what he was asking for was impossible for her just as what she had asked of him was equally impossible for the Andorian doctor. "For the success of the mission." Kaleb added.

"I'm certain he already knows my feelings on the current situation." She all but snapped in reply, unwilling to yield or shy when she felt so cornered and isolated all at once. Watching him as he sunk, her head shook and she raised a hand to pinch the bridge of her nose, trying to stave off the stress headache she could feel beginning to boil behind her eyes, "I brought you down here to do a job and make sure the downed crew would be stable during transport back to Vindicator. Please tell me I didn't make a mistake because if you can't control it, or Ray can't figure out how to control it, then we're in for a very rough ride and you'll need to head back to the ship." The hand at her nose rose to brush windswept hair from her face. Her words were harsh, she knew it well, but he'd given her little choice given the nature of the conversation at hand. It wasn't entirely his fault, she reminded herself, he hadn't asked for this awakening any more than she had and it was steadily teaching and reminding her that ignoring it wasn't going to make it go away. It was festering like any other untended wound.

Swallowing the knot in her throat, Rochelle sighed and shook her head in resolve to be softer, kinder to him. Being cold wouldn't solve a damned thing, not when the issue was deeper rooted and "I don't know what else you want me to say. You already know where my head is and that I'm concerned for the crew and you know that I can't help but think about when we lost Landon on Notura. Beyond that there's nothing else you need to worry about because you should also know that my attention is focused on this mission and getting us the hell out of dodge before that star explodes."

Kaleb had always been honest and straight shooting with everyone he had come in contact with. What he said was what he meant and there was very little if any coloration or ambiguity to his words. Humans were proving to be different. They said one thing while thinking another constantly. Often not in conflict but completely off topic with the words they were expressing. Kaleb was beginning to understand this was what was throwing him off balance as the Commodore finished her berating of his ability. He knew she wasn't upset or angry at him personally as it appeared by her comments. She was struggling with several thoughts at once all playing on her mental state and coloring her words with anger, depression, aggravation, desperation, worry, concern, and love. Feeling all of those emotions in excited bursts had been what was throwing Kaleb for a mental loop. His Andorian brain was just not used to cycling through emotion that quickly.

"I know...I just needed you to know." Kaleb pulled himself back up, brushed himself off, and looked off into the distance for Archer. "You should go back inside the shuttle until Archer gets back. I'll stay out here and keep an eye out for him. The last thing you need is pneumonia." Kaleb held his fur lined gloved hand out to lend support to his Captain.

Rochelle was quiet for a pause, considering him, his words, what it is he might be feeling and how such a sudden barrage could effect him. There was concern there, worry that he may have bitten off more than he could chew, but there was also that knowledge that he was more than capable in his field. "I understand." She finally replied with a nod, "I'll go... I won't break out here, but I'll go." It would be a small sacrifice, but an offering of 'peace' all the same. So too would be the fact she allowed her own gloved hand to be engulfed by his as she drew up her heavy skirts just enough to free up movement and let him guide her back to the relative safety and warmth of the Liberty's cabin.

The hits just kept on coming... But it was time for something better, something easier... It was time to gather back her crew, her family, and get back to normalcy.


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok
Chief Medical Officer


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