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JL | Magistrate Perkings, Lieutenant Karlin | "No primping allowed"

Posted on 241709.10 @ 11:41 by Lieutenant Michael Hawk & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun

Mission: Ballynamony

Roused from sleep, Balthasar Perkings was uneager to greet the cold morning. So much talk of aliens. So much talk of crashes. Space ships. Demons. Prisoners held within the garrison walls. He was dressed quickly by his staff, right down to be adorned with his favorite white powdered wig and mole painted on just above his lip for good measure. It was quite the site, a man as big as he was dressed in festive color. A Magistrate was allowed his day in the sun, even in winter, was he not? It was all the rage in France. The peace of primping wouldn't last long, though. He was needed down at the garrison and it would be the garrison's halls that he'd walk with his handsome cane clanking against the stone and his massive nose hiked high in the air. "Lieutenant Karlin, I hear you have a surprise for me!" Balthasar exclaimed as he stepped within the woman's meager office, "I should have been informed yesterday, but I do like surprises. Surprise me!" He chuckled boisterously with both hands resting on the cane in front of him.

Vic hadn't been in her office long yet when she heard the call of the Magistrate entering the garrison building. She made no effort to hide the groan she felt as only the walls were present to keep her company. So far. She wished it would stay that way all day. No such luck though. With a sigh, she straightened and stretched her arms over her head. No rest for the wicked. She plastered a smile on her face, and strode out of her office to meet the Magistrate. "Not really a surprise, sir," she spoke wearily.

"Where's your sense of humor?" Balthasar grinned and raised the cane to gesture at the woman. "This is either a blessing or a curse, I'm here to decide which it is." He said, motioning that she should be walking and leading him in the direction of the so called surprise, "As always I will value your input, but know that the decisions are mine, Lieutenant Karlin. Poquott must be kept safe if we're to win the war. Losing the harbor to the enemy is not a risk we can take."

"Yessir," Vic nodded reluctantly and headed towards the main brig area. She had figured he'd show up eventually, but hadn't expected him to be here now already. Of course, if he thought he would be spoiled, be subject to a nice 'surprise', well, it made sense he was here already. Didn't make it suck any less. She had no intention of letting him call the shots. He'd line them up in front of a firing squadron if it meant having the 'surprise' of blue blood squirting around. "Winning the war. Yes, sir."

"Well, get on with it. I haven't all day and this is important." He whined in his high accent, brushing the white curls of his wig from his shoulder as they walked, "The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can all go back to normal. I'm sure you'd like that, wouldn't you Lieutenant?"

Vic didn't exactly know what to understand under 'normal', so she decided to ignore this jab. She really hated this guy, and there was nothing she could do about it. Slowing down as much as she could, she realised that there was really little she could do to keep him away from the prisoners. So, finally, she rounded the corner and pointed at the first cell where three of the Human-like prisoners were being held. "Not much to see, I'm afraid."

Scoffing, Balthasar walked past Vic to stand in front of the cell, studying the man and two women held within. "Strapping, isn't he?" He said of the spotted man, studying him with eyes filled with scrutiny. "The legs on him. Be a wonder that he didn't escape being captured." He added, the cane gesturing to him with a flash of his eyes. The brunette woman fell under his eyes next and the weak looking blonde beside her, "Pity, them. All of them. Where are the other ones? The blue ones?"

Feeling like she was a keeper at the zoo, Vic grumbled - carefully to herself this time - once again and motioned for Balthasar to follow her. She'd checked up on Anaxer and Si'a that morning. All in all, not much had changed. There wouldn't be much to see. Except the blue accent of course. She hoped it would be enough to satisfy his curiosity.

Standing there he noted the blue male and the barest hint of turquoise hair just beyond him. Antennaes caught his attention the most, and they turned his stomach. "Heathens." He hissed, turning to Vic, "No better than the bloody red savages around here. What have you heard? What have they told you?"

Vic made sure to tread carefully in answering that question. It was the kind of answer that, if wrong, could put a lot of people in a lot of trouble. She wanted to avoid that, if possible. "Not all that much, really. This pair here," she motioned to Anaxar and Si'a, "They're badly wounded. They're not saying much at all. And the other group isn't much better."

Balthasar's nose wrinkled in disgust as Vic spoke, "You've gone soft." He exasperated with a roll of his eyes and a heavy sigh, "We're in the middle of a bloody war and you've gone bloody soft in the bloody head!" He seethed, gripping his cane tighter, the vein in his temple throbbing and swelling. "I'll talk to them myself. All of them!"

There wasn't much she could do about it. There really wasn't all that much. "Of course," she nodded, then thought back to the day before. "You should talk to Craig about inoculations and antibiotics to be protected from their contagious agents."

"Worry about yourself, Lieutenant, I have a personal physician that is the finest in all of the colonies. You can keep MacLeod under your thumb and away from my health." Balthasar snorted sharply, eyeballing her with supreme irritation. "Move along. I'll handle it from here."

"Yessir," Vic sighed. On one hand, she was glad she'd been dismissed. The sooner she could get away from him, the better. On the other hand, it meant that she had no more ways of keeping the aliens safe from him.


Magistrate Perkings (apb Bandit)
Lieutenant Vic Karlin (apb Indi)


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