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LtJg Ra'lin Sha'mer | Mindwalking

Posted on 241709.07 @ 07:34 by Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony
Timeline: SD 241709.07

Once the doctor was gone, Ra'lin drew the blanket over her and snuggled down into the bed, a boxed-in straw mattress covered with several blankets.

The boots sucked.

She rose again, pulled the left one off with little effort, then spent five minutes pulling and cursing before the right one came off. Then she sank back again, closed her eyes and let her mind drift away, out and out. Here, close by, were the people she knew: the CO and XO, Archer, the doctor and Michael. She didn't linger here but moved ahead, in the direction where she knew the others ought to be. Not far from here, they were, not far at all.

A cluster of minds, of people. Ra'lin recognised some of right away. The twin minds of Captain Landon stood out clearly. Ra'lin nodded to herself: Rochelle would be pleased to know she had found him. She counted: everybody was there which should be. But.

It was clear, even from here, that none of the downed crew had escaped the crash unharmed. It was a miracle that they had survived at all. Landon seemed… well, he was injured like the rest of them, and the bond tussen symbiont and host seemed to fluctate from time to time. But there seemed to be no growing instability, and the symbiont was unharmed as far as she could deduce. Maybe a night in sickbay, maybe two, but he'd be fine. Hopefully.

Claire, nearby. Shades of red every time she moved, something hurt, but no really diminished mind tone, it burned fierce with determination. And the third crewmember, weaker, it seemed, but…? Something to look into, later, something to show the doctor.

The other two were in another location. Another building, another part of a building? Unclear. Several other people between the two groups, all local, all with the mindtones which she associated with this place already, a certain harshness, cold and businesslike, hard to describe in mere words… and quite unlike the mind of Craig. An oddity, there, but again, that was something to explore some other time. Focus on the other two minds instead, those you are most concerned about.

And with reason, for those two minds belonged to the people on the shuttle she knew best, for whatever that was worth. And she was right to worry about those. Two minds, easily recogniseable, but one so weak it was barely present, the other stronger but only by comparison. Ra'lin gasped softly and frowned, increased her focus.

Weak, yes, Si'a's presence, but it had been weaker still, it seemed to have gained a bit more strength, and there was hope in that. Her mind, gentle and with unexpected depths, was close to the other one she'd sensed, Anaxar's presence. His injuries were hardest to discern, for the bright red marks were criss-crossed with darker ones from older scars. But yes… Ra'lin was not a doctor, but she would guess that he would pull through, though it wouldn't be pretty for awhile. Si'a, though, was critical.

But there was something else, something which made her frown. There was… something… a blurring of minds. Proximity alone could not explain that. There was a sheen on either mind which reminded Ra'lin of the other. For Anaxar, the sharp steel shields, turned inward, appeared softer now, less stifling. And around her mind there was this extra layer, protectively enclosing her, shouting almost to the world "Touch her at your own peril!" And entwined in both, a very clear image of… ribbons? tied in an elaborate knot.

They… they had… Ra'lin breathed a soft "Oh wow… You guys… " She didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Above all, she wanted to shout to the others: Hurry! You have to save them! Now! Before it is too late, before this beautiful union dies before it is properly born. They fit so well together, even in their present condition. Ra'lin smiled softly, remembering that one encounter with them both, the blur of feelings emanating from each of them, each yearning for the other, deep inside. And now, somehow, between the pain and desperation, they had connected. Were connected.

Maybe it was this which gave Si'a that extra strength. Her own will to live, with the idea to have someone to live for? Or wsa Anaxar somehow strengthening her, dragging her through with sheer willpower? Or a combination of both?

"Stars above," she whispered, "let those two be fine…"

LtJg Ra'lin Sha'mer
Yeoman and resident telepath
USS Vindicator


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