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JL | Lt Shran, Lt Dai'Xun, Doctor MacLeod | "Tha Mi A 'Toirt Mo Bheatha Dhut" pt 2

Posted on 241709.06 @ 16:01 by Lieutenant Craig MacLeod & Lieutenant Anaxar Shran & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun

Mission: Ballynamony

Did she know? Something in her voice told Anaxar she did. He wanted to rest, to lie down, hold her, he wanted for time to freeze. Time, the betrayer.

But if there was only a little left, then it should not be squandered. Maybe, if – when – she passed, not all light would be gone then, maybe one ember would remain behind to warm him in the darkness to come. But-

"First, you must drink this, though," Anaxar whispered, opening his fist to show Si'a the tiny bottle. "Please. You must." Maybe there was still a chance. Maybe. A faint hope was better than nothing at all.

"Ok." She nodded, taking it from him. Was there anything she wouldn't do if he asked? It was a leap of faith and trust in both of them to put anything into her body, but at this point she knew she had little choice or energy to argue. Opening the top the aroma hit her, causing her to wince at the strong floral ambrosia. It was strong and bitter to the nose and even more so to the tongue when she put it to her lips and tipped it back. Coughing and sputtering, she managed to choke it down with a hefty shiver and quickly set the offending bottle back in Anaxar's hand. "Horrible." Si'a's head shook. It was inescapable as it coated her mouth and tongue. But it was warming, something in it lighting her senses. Pepper? She'd have to ask later. Someday. Right now she was more interested in catching her breath and the task to come.

Anaxar had supported Si'a as she opened and drank the potion, and once she'd finished it and handed the empty bottle back to him, he gently let her lean back again. He couldn't see her, but he could imagine how she looked, lying there – too pale, no doubt, her radiance fading, but her inner beauty, the one for which no eyes were needed, was shining stronger still.

"Doctor?" he whispered. "Craig?" He had no idea what the man was planning, exactly, what the ceremony would entail, but he was ready. Here, in the dark, with Si'a close and near, he was ready for whatever was to come.

"Aye, lad. I'm here." Retrieving the bottle, he set it back in his pocket and set about gathering up the lengths of ribbon. Only the softest would do, so afraid he was to injure their skin. "I need ye to sit up best ye can, lean against the wall ifn ye be needing to." Craig was nervous as he untangled the strings and paused in his actions long enough to help them up, being sure to bundle Si'a against Anaxar, but freeing his right and her left hands which he rested beside one another and draped two lengths of ribbon over them.

"Today I bind ye together, Anaxar and Si'a, so that yer paths may forever be one. I do so in cords as they arenae permanent but perishable as a reminder that all things of material eventualae return to the world, unlike the bond and the connection that is love which is eternal." He began, managing to still his hands as he began to tie the first ribbon in a classic infinity knot, a figure of symbolism in the Celtic belief for eternity. It had no beginning, no end.

"I bless ye both so that ye may know nothing but happiness from this day forward. May the road rise to meet ye, may the wind be always at yer backs. May warm rays of sun fall upon yer home..." Craig continued, moving on to ribbon number two. It would be tied intertwining with the first, lacing within in it to form unity. They were them, the ribbons were, meant to be together for the long haul and never apart. He could only hope it would be so.

Nothing but happiness from this day forward… Anaxar swallowed heavily. If one person was only granted one wish during his or her lifetime, as the legends held, he knew now more than ever what his wish would be. Not a few hours with her, nor a few days. He wanted Si'a to have her time in the sun, and he wanted to be there to see it, to witness it, be it near or afar. He felt the cords around his wrist, even though they were not actually there, even though he only heard the light rustling of ribbons being woven in front of them. He felt them, light and and heavy at the same time, heavy with meaning, with the weight of the words and the thoughts behind it. Words from other ancient ceremonies came to life, echoed in his mind with a new meaning. Nothing but light and love, for you, my dear, for you, and a mate to light your darker days…

"May the hand of a friend always be near. May green be the grass ye walk on, may blue be the skies above ye, may pure be the joys that surround ye, and may true be the hearts that love ye in this world and the next." With the last ribbon tied, he placed his hands over theirs and gentle squeezed and manipulated until the ribbons slid to their wrists and their fingers intertwined, "As ye are now bound together by these cords, so too, shall yer lives be bound as one. May you be forever be one, sharing in all things, in love and loyalty for all time to come. Ye now belong to naught but one another."

The ties that bound them were delicate and strong, holding them within silk. Had either of them chosen to they could have broken away, but neither did. Instead of running, choosing not to saddle him with that burden, Si'a felt her fingers squeeze his. What of her family back home, their plans for her should she return? They meant nothing now. Those plans could be cast to the four winds, scattered like dust, it wouldn't have mattered. She'd lead her life in love and loyalty to him, whether he knew it or not, and that would be that. Si'a knew, if she survived, she wouldn't need more than that. It was simple things. This time when she looked at Anaxar, trying to read him, it was with a sense of sudden shyness.

Anaxar touched the ribbons and their interlaced fingers with his free hand, with a sense of wonder. The scars, the lines of pain, they were all still there, but his face was transformed all the same. His hand caressed her fingers, her wrist, her arm, and moved up to touch her face, the curve of her lips, her cheek, her brow. He was seeing her the only way he could, with the most delicate of touches. He tilted his head slightly and for one moment it seemed he really looked at her, saw her in her entirety, all of her, outside and in. "I love you," he whispered, and the words turned even his pain-broken voice into a song. "For now into eternity, in life and beyond death, all of me belongs to all of you. I give you my life, my love, my heart." He moved closer, as in a dream, and now there were no fingertips which touched Si'a's lips, but his own, shyly, feather-light.

Through the dim, hazy dark she watched and felt as he explored their new fate. Each touch was slow, purposeful, memorizing and mesmerizing. So soft, so light and slight, she'd have almost sworn it wasn't really there at all. It was the way she'd have touched fragile crystal, something precious and irreplaceable. By the time his fingers graced her lips, Si'a swore her heart was going to burst with the way it thrummed in her chest and when he spoke, she could have sworn that she was going to die right then and there. She couldn't have responded to him, even if there had been time. Things like love and light, they didn't happen like this... They didn't happen like... Oh but his lips. They said everything his words had, everything she was so hesitant to believe. Everything she didn't dare hope would remain if they were rescued, but would dream of none the less. Returning his kiss was once of the hardest, yet easiest, things she'd ever done. His would be her first, and Gods above how she prayed it wouldn't be the last. The fingers of her free hand found their way to his chest, feeling his heart beat beneath them as she chose to steal a second kiss. "Always." She nodded, near breathless when their lips parted. Oh if only he knew. If only he knew the way she glowed, each spot of her skin shining ever bright, starlike, with the momentary joy he'd given her.

"Always," he repeated. Always. It was a promise, it was a vow. Anaxar gave her the time to regain her breadth. Then he kissed her again, with more confidence, this time, and more passion. But still it was a delicate touch to account for her delicate state.

He would be hers for always, regardless of whether she lived or died. She had kissed him awake with one touch, one caress, and everything stemmed from that.

"You must rest now, my love," he whispered. "Rest and heal. I will guard over you. Sleep now, dearest... Sleep..." Yes. He would guard her. And let the stars have mercy on anyone who would dare to take her from his side. Twice he had to endure this. There would not come a third.

It was a dream. It had to be a dream. It was her brain's way of compensating for a nasty head injury after the crash. They were all safe on the Vindicator, picked up quickly from the wreckage, and any minute she was going to wake up on a biobed with a thousand nurses humming and buzzing around her. A dream. With her eyes closed she felt Anaxar's lips leave hers and could feel as much as hear his voice as he beckoned her to sleep. Sleep meant she'd likely wake up from this. Parts of it she'd love to leave, others she wished would stay forever. Something about lions, and tigers, and bears... Scarecrows and tinmen... Yeah... Stifling a yawn she curled against his chest, warm and safe.

With Si'a's head resting against his chest, Anaxar turned his face towards the doctor and mouthed his thanks.

Craig, lad, tak tent o time ere time taks tent of thee. He could hear his father's strong voice in the back of his head, warning him that life was short, too short, and should be lived to the fullest. What he'd done was a thing of purity, even if it stole back from time's cruel hand just a bit, and the very least he could do. Giving them something, even a pin prick of hope and happiness, in a world so dark and bleak would always stick out in Craig's memory as one of his finer moments. Didn't matter that there was no legality or that it could last for as little as a minute, all that mattered was that they'd found some degree of comfort in knowing they weren't alone.

"Ye must be fair puggled. I'm going to leave ye be to rest now and be back in the morning. Hopefully they'll let Claire and the laddie with the spots be with ye." He paused in his retreat, looking back over at the pair, "Meal a naidheachd. Tha mi a 'guidhe gach rud as fheàrr leat." The Gaelic words poured from him, wishing them the best, congratulating them, and then he took his leave. It was a thing of mixed emotions. Happiness that they were together, sadness that their so called wedding night would be anything but.

Trudging back through the snow towards home he was plagued by those thoughts, his hands stuffed in his pockets as he kicked clods of ice away with the toes of his boots. They deserved so much more... They deserved to go home.


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