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JL | Lt Shran, Lt Dai'xun, Magistrate Perkings | "To What End" Pt 1.

Posted on 241709.11 @ 18:42 by Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun & Lieutenant Anaxar Shran

Mission: Ballynamony

The boom of the Magistrate's voice from outside the cell startled Si'a awake, her fingers curling into the fabric of Anaxar's shirt at his chest. She gasped as the door flew open and a peacock of a man came storming in. She could see him from over Anaxar's shoulder, standing as wide as he was tall with a cane in his hand and a scowl on his face and he was coming straight for her and Anaxar.

"Come on! Get up!" Balthasar bellowed, racking the cane against the bottom of the bunk. The noise echoed sharply in the cold cell, reverberating off the walls. He could see the female's eyes, watching him with an element of surprise and fear. Good. She should fear him. They should all fear him. They'd come to his town on his island and someday it would he his whole world. "I SAID GET UP!" he bellowed. He'd wait for no one.

The noise started Anaxar into wakefulness. He sat up with a jerk, and a bolt of pain exploded in his head, made him almost black out again. The sudden movement made him nauseous as well, so in a reflex he bent over and vomited. Not that there was much to vomit, only some water he'd drank earlier. It came out in one gulf, a wet splat which landed on the floor.

"Disgusting creature." The Magistrate sneered, staring at the stain of bile and water that splashed against the stone floor and his shoes. His very expensive and perfectly shined shoes. "What is your name?!"

"Leave him alone!" Si'a shouted, gathering herself up. She was tiny, in pain, but somehow she'd become the mouse that roared. Sitting up felt like the devil had come to stab her under the ribs, everything exploded into white hot agony from the force of her yell combined with the movement. None of it mattered now that they were faced with this loud, obnoxious poof of purple and gold with his hooked nose and wrinkled mouth. "Leave him alone. Please." Si'a repeated, this time so much softer. This time with 'please' and her hands found Anaxar once more, rubbing along his back.

Balthasar's eyebrow quirked as he studied the female, her face now readily available for his perusal. Delicate and highly refined, but blue haired with eyes that were impossibly large. She wasn't what he'd thought she would be. He'd grant the situation that, but it didn't stop him from slamming the bottom of his cane up under her jaw and using it to tilt her head up. "What is your name, girl?"

The blow left her reeling, smarting as she saw stars and her vision blurred and blacked out temporarily. She could feel a thin trickle of blood starting to seep from her chin where the cane had split the skin with the force of the blow and her head snapped back against the wall behind her. Yeah. Stars. They twinkled in her vision, dancing in odd patterns. She could taste iron in her mouth, washing over her tongue. Pain. She must have bitten it when her jaw snapped shut. What had Starfleet taught her in the academy about situations like this? Identify yourself, but not your mission. Identifying herself was going to mean violating the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive was already violated. Oh Gods. She wanted to throw up or climb the wall to get away. "Si'a." She gasped, nearly choking on he own name, "My name is Si'a Dai'xun. I'll tell you anything you want to know, just don't hurt him." That worked. It was wrong, it was against protocol, but it would work.

Balthasar smiled, forcing the cane tip deeper against her pretty, porcelain skin. "Come here. He's quite large, I need assurance he isn't going to attack me while we do this little dance." He said, happy to know he had her attention. The cane slid and smeared a degree of dirt against her throat as it worked to the side, using pressure to guide her away from the antennae'd one and to the floor. She was slow in her progression, reluctant. A heavy smack against the muscle of her neck as it met her shoulder elicited a yelp and further movement until she stood, shivering in nothing but a shirt that barely covered her femininity. "There, that's a good girl." He admired the shape of her, the length of her legs and the breadth of her hips. "Such a pity." he tutted as she hugged herself, moving to stand between him and Anaxar. "No no. Drop the hands, girl. I won't have you pulling anything today. I want his name. He's to tell me his name." The cane came up again, waiting to let fly against flesh if need be.

"No…" Anaxar moaned when he was at last able to lift his head again. He felt Si'a moving, standing up – she was too weak to stand. And those sounds were obvious. Someone was hitting her, each moan tugged his heart strings. No, no, no. Twice he had tried to protect Si'a and twice he failed, and he had sworn there would not be a third one – and here there was this, this, whoever it was, hitting her.

One chance. Stars above, there was only one chance, and this time, it would just have to work. This man, as far as he could tell, was not nearly as large or as strong as Craig had been. Oh, Si'a, you are wondrous, you are brave. Be brave just a little while longer… "I'll tell you… my name…" he croaked, raising his head. Look at me. No threat. Naked, blind, weak… Not a threat. He reached out, fumbling more than usual, deliberately. His hand found Si'a's shoulder, touched it. "Just… leave her alone." He pushed himself off from the bunk, so that he stood next to her, hunched over and swaying on his feet. One chance.

He felt the swing of the cane before it hit, tried to dodge it but failed. It his his head, landed against the useless implants with a resounding crack. Another lightning bolt of pain, but at least this time he expected it. Through the ringing in his head, he heard the man actually giggle, a high-pitched, childlike sound. "Oh, no, my boy, you have to get up way more early than that to put one over me. No, I want the pretty girl to tell me your name. Just her. Not you."

But now at least he had him, Anaxar knew exactly where the man stood. He squeezed Si'a's shoulder gently, willing her to stop taking any risks on his behalf, while she was already so weak. He just needed…

One chance.

"Anaxar!" Si'a yelped, trying to leap for the cane as it swung another time, but not being able to reach it. She was grounded by her own weakness and the damn thing was above her head and out of reach of her finger tips before she could make a difference. It sounded heavily against Anaxar's jaw and Si'a felt her heart break, "His name is Anaxar Shran! Stop! I'm co... Co... Cooperating, that's the word, I'm Cooperating! Please stop!" She wasn't above begging, not when her pulse was racing and she was ready to double over from the pain in her mid-section and ribs and head and... The damned list could have gone on and on. She didn't want it to. Backing up against Anaxar, she was desperate for him to get out of the way of fire, not another blow. He couldn't take another blow.

"Anaxar." Balthasar repeated, eyeing the one with antennae with contempt. Out of all of them he was the least human looking. His blue skin and white hair and odd headgear and antennae all set the bar for the Magistrate's high blood pressure and instant hatred. "And who do you work for?" He asked, motioning with his fingers for her to come forward and away from the heathen.

Si'a moved as beckoned, slowly taking steps only when she was certain her legs would still hold her up, "Starfleet. We work with Starfleet. We crashed on your planet and we're sorry for introducing." Intruding. Damn it. She winced at the mistake as soon as she realized what it was, "Coming. We're sorry for coming here unannounced." She didn't stop until he held up a hand for her to do so.

In that time, Balthasar reached out to grip her tiny chin in his thumb and index finger. It was a crude hold, but it kept her firmly rooted and gave him a chance to manipulate the movements of her head. This way and that, he turned it and studied her with great interest. "You crashed on this planet..." He hummed more than spoke. Her lip was healing from a split, the damage and trauma said she wasn't lying. Something catastrophic had happened. He didn't care. "Why?"

"Because we explore space." She replied, trying to look over her shoulder to catch sight of Anaxar. Her head was jerked back towards the peacock-man.

"Is that true, Anaxar?" The Magistrate asked, not bothering to look at the heathen. He was far more interested in the undoing of the female's shirt. "Are all of these injuries caused by a crash from space?" He asked, tugging the fabric from her body and she could do nothing but move her arms to allow it. Cooperate. She had to cooperate.

The nakedness made her shiver worse, but the bruises and healing wounds were on full display for him to see and verify. The cane stroked along her side, following the worst of the contusions along her rib cage and the underside of her breast until it reached her shoulder and arm.

And there it was, that one chance, when the man had his full attention on Si'a, she had stepped out of the way and he had a clear line of approach. From the sound of the man's voice, Anaxar knew the man never faced his way at all. He heard the fabric of her shirt tug and tear. "True," he grated, his voice weak and defeated. He took one shuffling step into the man's direction, seemed to trip, fell forward. The Magistrate, alerted too late, began to turn, and 2.15 meter of Andorian fell against him. Thumb and forefinger located the nerve pinch point and did their job, this time with the full strength of desperation behind it. He sagged down, unconscious, and Anaxar held him and lowered him softly to the ground.

Now what?

To Be Continued...

Lieutenant Anaxar Shran
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
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