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Ballynamony - JL | Lt Anaxar Shran & Lt Si'a Dai'xun | "This Sleep Of Death..." Part 2

Posted on 241709.09 @ 15:29 by Lieutenant Anaxar Shran & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun

Mission: Ballynamony
Timeline: SD 241709.09

Sleep was a wonderful rejuvenating thing, especially when there was warmth. The bunk was small, the Andorian rather large, but Si'a was tiny enough to share with him without cramping either of their styles. Curled up and pressed against him she'd found the peace necessary to find rest. From her resting space she could feel the rise and fall of Anaxar's chest, hear the beating of his heart. It was a comfort. It was safe. When he began to stir, his arms tightening around her, fingers twitching and digging against her flesh she'd responded by curling closer. When he screamed, however, she panicked awake only to find herself stuck fast against him in the tightest embrace she'd ever been held in. "Anaxar?!" She yelped, her struggle to free herself ebbing as the situation dawned. Reaching to cup his cheek, she found it hot, not feverish, but hot. Flushed? Is that what they called it? His heart was racing, each hammer beat like thunder in her ears and that screaming. It chilled her blood.

The yelp was slow to penetrate, but the meaning of the movement within his arms, the touch on his cheek broke through. She was still here, warm, breathing, but how could that be when he still felt the cold weight on his chest? He struggled to make sense of the situation. Which was real, which was the dream? Anaxar touched her, she moved, he could feel her heart beating, slow but strong…

He lifted his head, trying to penetrate the darkness, touched her again, trying to convince himself that she was really, truly, alive. The curve of her cheek, the soft strands of hair. "Tell me I'm not dreaming…"

But even if this was no dream, then how close to reality had the dream actually been? Had it been his subconsciousness, perhaps, telling him that the situation was more dire than it seemed?

"You're awake. I'm awake. I think the planet is awake." Si'a's little head bobbled gently in affirmation of her words. The panic over, fear subsiding, she slipped a leg between his knees in an attempt to get a bit more comfortable, her hip rocking to help position her in his arms to a point where she wouldn't flop over if he were to let go of her. "Talk to me?" This was new territory. All of it. Never had she consoled someone who'd woken from a nightmare. Then again, she'd never spent her nights in someone else's arms either. Her hand rested on his heaving chest, gently rubbing circles against the flimsy fabric of his shirt.

He held her tight, but not too tight, felt how she moved against him, alive, *alive!* "I dreamed…" He couldn't say it. Saying it aloud would make it real. "I dreamed." Had it been a dream? A warning? A premonition?

Please, Infinite have mercy, I thought my old nightmares were bad but now I'll gladly have them. Let this one just stay a dream and nothing more. Just a dream. Please. "I don't want to dream like that ever again."

The lazy circles continued, happy that beneath them the rate of respiration was starting to slow to a more normal level. The screams were gone, dissipated into the night, but etched into her memory forever. Never again. He wasn't allowed to do that ever again. Not that she'd likely be around to hear it if he did. Truth of the matter was that once they were rescued by the Vindicator, they'd go back to the existence they lead prior to the crash. She'd tap dance around him, he'd continue to be his elegant broody self, and science would happen. Nights spent huddled for warmth wouldn't be a necessity anymore, "When I was little my parents would tell me that speaking about your dreams would make them go away. I spoke about my nightmares all the time. None of them came true. Maybe there's weight there." She murmured against his shoulder. While she didn't love circumstance, Si'a allowed herself the chance to quietly enjoy his presence. If she could help him, she would. Always.

Anaxar shrugged, ever so slightly. "Usually, mine are about a past which already happened. But this one, if this one can be avoided-" It must be avoided. It *must*. He sat up again, scanning the room they were in, searching for someone. For Claire For Craig. For anyone who could tell him. Who could tell him just how close to reality this dream was.

He couldn't find her, or him, or anyone. They were alone, but they were together. This, this was real, he could feel her and this was real. Anaxar slumped back, rested his head against her chest, surrepticiously listening for her heartbeat, her breathing.

A whisper in the dark, little more than a vibration against her skin. "Don't you dare die on me..."

He moved, she flopped anyway and rolled onto her back to look up at him as he searched the cell. Dawn was coming, the hazy light of it starting to seep into the dank doldrums of the old stone jail. It would snow again, the color of the light promised it, but it wouldn't make a difference to them in there. What it did do, though, was illuminate him enough for his features to come completely to life. He was worried. Afraid even. The why didn't come until he returned to her, his head tucked away on her chest. It was her turn to hold him, wrapping her arms around him as best she could. "I'm here."

Lieutenant Anaxar Shran
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
Stellar Cartographer


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