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JL | Com Ivanova, LtJG Sha'mer, Doctor MacLeod | "Circles In The Snow" Pt 2.

Posted on 241709.11 @ 18:27 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Lieutenant Craig MacLeod & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer
Edited on on 241709.11 @ 18:31

Mission: Ballynamony

"Has he?" Rochelle considered him from her new vantage. He wasn't plain at all, the green of his eyes becoming the first feature of his face she noticed. Like emeralds, or grass... Only one other being in the universe had eyes like those and it was all she could do to cast those doubts away. Eye color had nothing to do with a person's integrity or personality. He wasn't Tr'Bak. Tr'Bak would never be so clumsy or nervous about anything. "No. It wouldn't be forward at all." She nodded, granting the permission Ra'lin needed to swing wide that door, "I've been curious about the stories. Didn't think the beings were real, if I'm being honest." After all of this, she was going to deserve an Oscar.

You and me both, Ra'lin mentally answered that unspoken comment. "Doctor, please, would you do us a favor?" she said aloud. "Lady, please allow me to introduce doctor Craig MacLeod." She smiled, politely, quite unlike her usual grin. There, now she could fade back like the lowly stable boy she was pretending to be and let these two do most of the work.

Oh no, Ra'lin taking more than two steps away was a tragedy as far as Rochelle was considered. In this world and this society, image was everything. She was married, both fictionally and in reality, and there was no doubt left in her mind that the poor son of a bitch was pining for something she couldn't and wouldn't give him. He, on the other hand, was going to give her exactly what it was she wanted; information. "Thank you." She looked over her shoulder, pointedly telling Ra'lin without words that she wasn't allowed to just abandon her. They were in this thing together, working to get the crew back in one piece and as quickly as possible. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Doctor Macleod. So tell me... What do these beings look like? Are they as gruesome as the rumors with green skin and fangs?" Landon, she thought, certainly didn't have fangs. If he did, then they came out only when he was pushed beyond conventional limits.

She turned to him with eyes of snow and fire, winter captured in two perfect irises. He was lost, hopeless like a ship out at sea being tossed by wave after wave. "Och no, lady." Craig almost blushed, "Not green. Blue, the one of them is, but not green." He smiled with a light chuckle, "One has blue-green hair, but no, she isnae green. The rest are more like yerself and your livery hand..." A pause, brief as he considered the memory of the spotted man, restless in his cell, "Aside from one. He has spots, wouldnae ye know? I thought they might have been tattoos, but no. Spots and not a one of them is cruel or nasty. I might could be able to arrange for ye to see them yerself, ifn I may be so bold to make such an overture, lady, I mean ye no disrespect." It was time to bite his tongue, his youthful exuberance and stirrings of lust having carried him too far off the deep end. If she was God fearing, it could spell trouble if he went any further. If she was the Major's wife, as horrid as that might have been, then he may have been in a patch of luck. Just not the luck that he'd have liked to have been.

Landon. Her heart elated at news of her husband. He was still alive and alive meant hope of a safe retrieval. So long as they lived, still drew breath, she had a chance of bringing them home. Everything else could be solved once back aboard the Vindicator. They just had to get there. "I'd very much like to see them." She managed a smile, holding back the part where she was ready to leap from her horse and throttle him until he was blue for not taking her to them right away, "Would you be put out if my husband and our physician accompanied? I think it would be a thrill." Asking permission for a Major to go through a garrison... How naive. Her eyes nearly rolled at her own words, but it played into the innocence she needed to convey just long enough to hatch a better plan.

"Of course," Craig nodded, the word husband lancing his heart almost immediately. She was indeed the Major's wife and how lucky a man he was to have something so dulcet on his arm. It likely had been a marriage of convenience, arranged and planned long before they were out of nappies. Loveless, he automatically decided. It was easier that way than truly believing she was happy and content, however deeply lacking in morals his thoughts were. "Bring them around any time." He awarded her with a winning smile, reaching to touch her horse's neck, "Such a beautiful animal you have, lady. I see your stock is well tended for, a lucky animal indeed." Christ alive it was wrong, so wrong, but still he persisted when he knew enough was enough, "I'll be leavin you taw go on your way Mrs. Gates and lookin' forward to showing you the beings."

"I look forward to seeing them, perhaps as early as this afternoon?" Rochelle asked, doing everything in her power to ignore the man's impetuous and forward nature. It would have been entirely way too easy to reach out and slap him with the loop of her reins or nail him with the toe of her boot, but neither would have been lady-like or well received. She needed him to get them into that garrison. He was their in. For the sake of the crew she could endure a few awkward ancient pick up lines and puppy eyes. Ra'lin had to be dying inside. One look in her direction and it would be Rochelle's own undoing, she was certain.

Ra'lin stood there, just close enough to make the encounter seem casual and polite, a lady deigning to speak to a commoner, but one with more knowledge and information than most, and did a very good imitation of a statue. Neither seen nor heard. The barrage of spillage around her gave her a headache. Good. Good distractions. Just say 'yes, of course, lady,' and let us continue on our way, Ra'lin thought tiredly.

"Yes, of course." Craig replied with a nod and a smile, removing his hand from the gray mare's neck, "I'll not be troubling ye further, Mrs. Gates. Just ask fer me when ye and yer party arrive at the garrison." It was hard to look at her, but he forced himself to for the sake of propriety. A woman like her was something unique, they didn't come around every day, and here she'd been dropped in some god forsaken harbor town in the middle of a war. Maybe it was good she was married to the Major, he'd have the ability to keep her safe. Ray, on the other hand, he set his gaze on with a sense of confusion. He could have sworn the boy had said something, but his mistress hadn't reacted at all. The booze and a lack of sleep from the night before, he decided, were starting to wear him thin.

"Good day." Rochelle dismissed him, nudging her horse forward and further down the street - Ra'lin patiently following along. It was going to be a long day... A long... long day.


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ra'lin Sha'mer
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Craig MacLeod


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