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JL | Lt Shran, Lt Dai'xun, Magistrate Perkings | "To What End" Pt 2

Posted on 241709.11 @ 18:42 by Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun & Lieutenant Anaxar Shran

Mission: Ballynamony

The Magistrate was out of it, for now, and it would probably take some time before someone came checking in. Judging by the man's temper, he didn't like to be disturbed during his 'interrogations'. That would buy them some time.

First things first. Anaxar lifted Si'a, ignoring both the fresh stab of pain at the effort and the impulse to hug her tight. "You shouldn't be standing, love, shouldn't be…" he murmured, making his way back to the bunk. He was terrified, underneath the weakness and the pain. Terrified that this would be the final drop in her already weakened state, that this was the final push that would make his nightmare come to life. Terrified that the man would wake up already. Terrified that he wouldn't wake up at all.

A gasp left Si'a's throat at the sight of Anaxar coming to her admittedly clumsy rescue, her tiny body side stepping to avoid being hit by either one of them. It didn't take long, it was wordless, but horrifying all the same because she knew there would be hell to pay when the peacock woke up. She was studying him, and their situation, when Anaxar gathered her up into his arms, "You shouldn't have done that." She replied against his neck, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he cradled her against his warmth, "I need my shirt, you shouldn't have done that, he's going to kill you and I can't let him kill you. I really need my shirt, but you shouldn't have done that. Anaxar..." Hyperventilation was a bitch. She was panting her words, her breath coming in quick, heavy wheezes and the occasional choke and heavy swallow when her throat became too dry.

"Easy, easy," Anaxar whispered. He placed her back on the bunk, found the blanket and wrapped her in it. "Going to look for your shirt now. He was going to hurt you. Has hurt you. Hang on…" He made his way back to where she had been standing, fumbled around until he found her shirt. It seemed to be intact, for the most part. Back to the bunk, and he helped her to dress. This was the second time and he was getting better at it. "Now just rest, just rest," he said softly. A shimmering of a plan began to form.

From the bunk he half stumbled, half walked to the door (well, at least it beat crawling), his fingers tracing the wall until he reached it. He began to bang on the door, shouted as loud as possible – which wasn't all that loud: "Help! The Magistrate has fainted! Help!!"

Rest? Never. She couldn't rest. Not when he was up and about and a fat blob of a peacock lay on the floor a few feet away. Si'a's eyes followed him as he left her again and her fingers curled into the fabric of her shirt, holding it to her tightly as the shouting began. Her eyebrows raised high and her eyes widened with realization of exactly what it was that he was doing. The plan was brilliant. It was sound. It would work! ... Except for the part where the peacock would wake up and instantly want them all dead. The sound of foot steps echoed in her sensitive ears, someone had heard and they were sending the cavalry. "They're coming." She said, as if she didn't know that the Andorian's hearing was even better than her own, and slipped from the bunk once again. This time checking the peacock's pulse, her nose wrinkling in strong distaste for the scent of his soap or cologne or whatever it was he wore. He stunk worse than the cell. "He's alive." If only he wasn't, but that would make it so much worse for them in the long run. This was bad enough.

"I know he is," Anaxar said softly, and turned his head towards her even though he couldn't see her either way. "Please stay in bed, you're much too weak to move. Please…" There was no more time to help her back, for the footsteps had reached the door, and now the sounds came of locks turned and beams lifted. Anaxar stepped aside in order to avoid more door-to-Andorian collisions and kept up his anxious whisper/shouts. "-no idea what happened, just fainted dead, hope he's alright-" Broken, disjointed fragments of sentences, panicky, terrified, breathless.

Scooting off and away, Si'a rested up against the bunk just as the group of soldiers converged around the peacock, "He was there minute and the next just... Just gone!" She yelped, anxiety fueling her great performance as she lent Anaxar's story some credence. Someday she'd remember this time and be profoundly amused by his hidden talent for acting, but today wasn't that day. The soldiers didn't acknowledge her, or Anaxar, beyond the muttering of what may have been a thank you as they gathered the portly fellow up and carried him from the cell, slamming the door behind them so hard that the little Stenellis winced and closed her eyes. No doubt they'd be carrying him to Craig. No doubt he'd wake up and return to assault them more. No doubt they'd soon be dead. Anaxar wasn't allowed to die. Her eyes reopened and studied the window, the metal bars dug deep into the stone. There was no hope of escape there, especially not for a blind man and she couldn't reach no matter what. There was no escape. No escape at all.

"Anaxar," His name left her weakly, her body wilting to the cold floor, "I'm sorry. I can't find us a way out." Her head tilted back against the straw-filled mattress of the bunk and her eyes closed once more. "I'm also sorry for the day with the spiders," she shivered at the memory, "for bringing them on the ship and for kicking you." but not for beginning to fall in love with you, she thought. It was funny how time worked. She could still remember the lines of his scars in contrast to the impossible softness of his skin. That day had been a trauma, but a beacon of salvation and light all the same. That light continued to burn even when everything else was threatening to dim and snuff out, hope of rescue included.

"I'm sorry, too," Anaxar whispered. He made his way back to the bunk, a lot slower this time. He was trembling all over with delayed shock and pain. But once more he managed to lift her, and he settled on the bunk and held her close. There would be repercussions, but they would've come regardless of what had happened with the magistrate. Just as long as he could protect her from the worst of it… as long as he could keep her as safe as possible… "I just wish we'd have more time…" But every second with you is precious, while it lasts.

He leaned his head against the stone wall, wrapped the blankets around Si'a and held her, sharing warmth and love.


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