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JDL | "Meeting Adjourned" | aCP, aXO, CCO | Cmdr Neyes, LtCmdr Williams, MCapt King

Posted on 241305.21 @ 01:25 by Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza

Mission: Secret Meetings
Timeline: Just before arrival at the meeting point

=/\= President's Section =/\=

Neyes had had enough. There were only two reasons the Captain would have kept him in the dark this long. One, he was part of some super-classified project which he felt too important to notify Neyes. Or Two, he was being held against his will. Neither of which sat well with Landon, and he was tired of waiting to see what was about to jump out of the shadows. The last few days had been a tense series of 'what-if' scenarios rolling about in his mind.

As a result, he'd sequestered his anger and frustration into a mobile action. He'd been forced to provide all the leadership support the Captain would normally provide. Now, with Mr. Williams and King next to him, they approached the doors of the sealed area. One way or another this was going to come to light.

Landon and the two officers met with two armed presidential guards, whom were blocking the entrance. It was the standard brigade of guards who kept themselves directly between the approaching party and the door. Nothing too fancy, they did carry weapons however. A fact Neyes was very much aware of. They gave Neyes a quick glance recognizing him as the first officer, then quickly went back to their near-frozen stance.

"Move aside, gentlemen." Landon ordered, not actually expecting much of a response from them to that regard.

One of them spoke up, a coarseness to his voice. No nonsense. "No can-do, sir. This area is off limits to everyone below a level 10 security clearance." The gruff man said.

Ellis was ready for a good fight it had been awhile since he has used his CQB skills outside of training. And to tussle with the presidential guard well that had to be a dream of everyone he thought as a smirk crossed his face as he could imagine his wife's face when she found out what happened.

Williams Simply stood there quietly. It was not his place at the moment to jump in, however he adjusted his posture so that he was ready for what ever happened next.

Neyes stared the speaking man of the two. "You will step aside. Now." The less than subtle tones of his pent-up rage were boiling to the surface. The thought of storming the room by force felt just barely beyond what he was willing to do at this point.

"No. Sir." The man spoke each word pointedly, coming to a sarcastic rest on the last.

Landon sighed. Moving to a command console along the corridor wall, he quickly abandoned the effort with the two guards. A few choice commands entered into the panel, he spoke outwardly, "Computer. Engage site to site transport Neyes alpha-beta. Energize."

A moment later the three men were staring down a small set of officers, sitting around a table. The Captain and the president among them.

Ellis's hand quickly went to his phaser pistol he didn't draw it but it was ready to come out. And at the same time he was impressed with the XOs ballsy move and the fact that it actually worked.

"Commander." Dar said, almost annoyed.

Landon's gaze shot to the Captain, "Sir." Behind the words was the unspoken truth of his dissatisfaction and concern. "What is going on." The question was pointed, and shot right at Dar. The other men in the room seemed to make a move to act on the intrusion, but Neyes snapped his fingers, barely controlling the urge to bare his teeth at the men.

"King! If they move again, put them down." Neyes hissed, "Williams. Lock down the computer access to this part of the ship. Pull the circuits if you have to."

"With pleasure." Ellis said drawing his weapon but keeping it lowered with his finger on the trigger knowing that if he actually fired his weapon it would lead to a major black spot on his record or even a court marshal hell the transport would most likely lead to that so why the hell not go out with a bang he thought.

"Computer, this is Acting Executive Officer Lt. Commander Williams. Lockout computer access to this section. Authorization Williams Alpha 5 Theta" he called out. As soon as the computer had acknowledged the command and carried it out, he walked to the nearest access panel and pulled the local command sub processor; making it impossible to override his command physically.

Olan's first reaction to the party beaming into the room was partly surprise, partly annoyance. He could certainly see his first officer being the one to pursue answers to his sudden and silent departure from the everyday duties of the ship, but somehow he imagined it would be slightly less dramatic. He pursed his lips and stood from his seat, taking a step towards his crew. "This isn't the time, Landon. We can discuss this later."

"I would like to discuss it now. Sir. You have all but abandoned this ship and her crew on an uncertain mission with extremely vague parameters. I would like to know why."

"Not now, Commander. Return to the bridge."

Neyes seethed. "Williams, status."

"We are secure sir. There is no way anyone can access this rooms computer functions without direct authorization from you and myself."

Dar matched Landon's resolve, his tone become authoritative and direct. "Mr. Williams, you are to return to your duties. You too King, and that's a direct order to both of you. Neyes and I will have words later, but right the President and I have work to do."

King looked at Neyes and than back to Dar but he didn't stand down not until the acting commander gave him the order. "Your call commander." He added.

Neyes folded his arms and took the remaining steps toward the two men. The President had been awfully silent for the entire ordeal, and it struck Landon with a great deal of surprise at how calm and composed he was. Neyes half-expected to be chided like a child by the president upon entering this private 'sanctum', but no such thing transpired. Like a stone overlooking a storm the man simply sat in his chair, watching the ordeal take place before him.

Of course, Landon wasn't about to fire on either of the men. His real concern was to simply illustrate his position. There would be no flighty, secretive meetings under his nose while he was on board. The intelligence branch Starfleet had always done nothing but make his skin crawl. They were rodents in a sea of noble giants, scurrying to make their transgressions against their fellows have a purpose. The shear volume of vindication he imagined they needed in order to justify their existence disturbed him. Now here was was, standing before the President and his Captain, with a quasi-armed and ready mutiny squad. If he wasn't so angry he'd have been embarrassed.

"Maybe I should talk to the mister President then." A scolding, almost venomous tone lit Landon's words.

Dar looked at the man seated in the chair, then back at Neyes. His eyes seemed to sigh for him, realizing he couldn't keep what he was about to say from coming to light.

"That's not the President."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Commander Landon Neyes
Acting Commanding Officer

LtCmdr Hayden Williams
Acting First Officer / Chief of Security & Tactical

Marine Captain Ellis King
Marine Commanding Officer

Federation President
Captain Olan Dar (apb Landon)


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