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JDL | Lt. Ch'Valenvok, LtJG Claire Dunross, & Doctor MacLeod | "For Whatever Ails You""

Posted on 241710.10 @ 20:46 by Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D. & Lieutenant Craig MacLeod & Lieutenant JG Claire Dunross M.D.

Mission: Ballynamony
Location: Major Gates' House | Poquott

The group had spent the morning arranging and rearranging the furnishings in the surgery into a make-shift lab. Kaleb had purchased some vials and crude glass beakers from the apothecary in town and used his phaser set on low to heat the glass so it could be stretched into pipettes and curled into distilling tubes. He had rigged a simple centrifuge from a spring and a piece of china borrowed from the kitchen and had two Bunsen burners rigged up on the surgical table.

"We need to approach this like Jonas Salk approached the cure to polio in the twentieth century. We need to isolate the virus, find it's source, and locate an antibody to combat it. It seems as though it is airborne according to your description, Doctor MacLeod. We should start with a culture do you agree, Claire? We need someone we know has this and we need to find a way to convince them to let us swab their throat.

“I agree that it’s airborne.” Claire nodded, she had been stifling her cough, feeling her fever raise. The large quantity of water she had consumed after arriving at the house had helped her lower the fever a bit. “As for a sample, take it from me.” She said, coughing into her sleeve again. “I’m afraid I have it and getting worse every hour.” Claire looked around at the lab they had built while she had gotten cleaned up and refreshed. “This is impressive.” She commented and was now suddenly grateful for her mother teaching her so much about the history of medicine, something she didn’t think she’d ever use. Those lessons were now going through her head, the knowledge being brought up from a stored place in her brain she had not accessed in a long time.

Kaleb could have kicked himself for not noticing earlier. Claire was looking pale and she had been coughing some in the last few minutes. Kaleb had figured it was caused by the rearranging of the dust in the surgery due to the movement of furniture. He pulled the tricorder from his bag and ran a scan from the chest up. "It is a respiratory infection that much is clear. There is a slight fluid buildup on your lungs we'll need to watch. I will give you an anti-inflammatory for now to slow the progression. You need to keep hydrated as I understand it from Doctor MacLeod that is how this bug kills." Dosing the hypo, Kaleb pressed it against Claire's neck with an audible hiss. "There we go. Every half hour we will run scans and check the progress of this illness, Claire. I can't afford to have you collapse on us." He smiled.

She smirked at that, grateful for the medicine. Claire was also pretty happy to not have a rope around her neck right now. “Thanks Doc, let’s get to work.” She wiped her fingertips with alcohol and grabbed a piece of cotton, wrapping to around a thin wood stick and using the reflection off a silver tray to swap her own throat to provide the first sample of the virus. His tricorder would be able to let them see it microscopically, “Let’s see what this bug is doing.”

Holding the want over the makeshift petri dish he watched as the standard make up of a bacteria appeared on the screen. "Doctor MacLeod, this is one of the many things that make us sick. A bacteria like this will feed on just about any nutrient the body offers and they reproduce at a rapid rate. This can do damage to tissue, organs and cells themselves causing elevated counts in T cells and white blood cells. In the case of a bacterial infection we have found that antibiotic treatments are often successful in treating this bug. Now that we know what we are dealing with, Claire we need to find a suitable antibiotic to treat it. On Earth in the twenty-first century many bacteria became resistant to drugs because of over use of common antibiotic treatments. It was one of the many factors that led science down a dark path toward eugenics. I have a broad spectrum antibiotic in the hypo but I inoculated you in the cell with that and you still seem to have contracted the infection." Kaleb said to Claire as he began compiling mental lists of plants he had seen here that could produce antibiotic properties.

"I'm human, nae glaikit, Kaleb. Bacteria wis foremaist discovered a bawherr ower a hundred years ago." Craig's arms folded and his face remained serenely painted with a fine hint of amusement as he watched the proceedings. Dust and grime smeared and marred his clothes and face, giving the man the appearance of a street urchin and in many ways he felt like one. He'd lost his place in society over all of this, had no family, no chance to return so long as Magistrate Perkings ran riot and certainly not in New York. He was a dead man, a ghost, and it would have played havoc on his mind if it wasn't for the interest in medicine and the fact these people were keen to include him in their reindeer games. "But... Ah... Whit's an antibiotic?" He paused to ask, tilting his head and looking between the two of them.

Claire smiled at McLeod, impressed that he even knew what a bacteria was. “An antibiotic is a microbial.” She sighed, not wanting to dumb it down for him, but to help him understand, “A tiny organism that is. There are two basic types, those that kill bacteria and those that inhibit bacteria from reproducing.” Claire thought about it and the very first antibiotic on Earth had been developed from mold. She tilted her head and asked Craig, “I know it’s mostly frozen around here, but I think we should start with some nice green mold. There any protected groves of trees that might be just warm enough to be resisting the frost?” She smiled at the thought, “I’d be pretty pleased as punch if that works, did it in a lab experiment in secondary school so I’m familiar with making penicillin. Humans stopped using it a couple hundred years ago.”

Claire grabbed some paper and a quill pen, unsteady with writing and drawing with it, but she started to think of other plants that could be collected. Claire started to sketch some out and drew a fairly detailed close up on two different types of mold. “Let’s see if we can gather some of these, but I think the mold will be most helpful.”

Looking at the drawings, Kaleb had to agree. Claire was not a bad artist. "Doctor MacLeod, do you have a dairy that makes a cheese known as Brie or perhaps Roquefort?" Those cheeses are made with the mold Claire has drawn here. It is known to us as pencillium chrysogenum mold. We can make an antibiotic from it known as penicillin."

Peering over Claire's shoulder, Craig watched as the ink lines began to take shape into relatively recognizable shapes and those shapes started to form names within his mind, "Ye shuid hae come in spring or summer, maybe even autumn." He muttered, shaking his head and pressing his fingers over his lips as he fell back into thought, "Na, there's naething lik' that around 'ere. Tis a' frozen over by this time o' year, bit there is a crowdie shop juist down th' lane that haes whit ye'r keekin fer. They culture most o' it down in th' cellar." His hand left his mouth, gesturing towards the window and the street beyond. "Y'know... Ah think I ha'e some o'those plants dried in my home. Ra..." He paused, grimacing and running his fingers through his hair as he remembered that Ray was Ra'lin, "Ra'lin kens where it's, and my study is upby, the book shelf in my bedroom leads tae th' attic where I keep that sort o'stuff. Some o' it's a bawherr... Frowned upon." He explained, trying to figure out how so many things were considered 'witchcraft' in this new world that people wouldn't bat an eyelash at back in the highlands.

Claire was glad that Kaleb mentioned the cheese, she had completely forgotten about the mold growth there, it was probably going to be the easiest thing to find at this time of year. She had a glimmer of hope and her lips turned up in a smile, but she was overcome with cough. The inflammation had gone down since the hypo that Kaleb had administered, she was feeling ok, but it seemed like her lungs were starting to congest again. She grabbed water from a porcelain pitcher and poured a glass, muttering, “Would rather have a hot toddy.”

The auburn doctor was quick to reach for a cloth napkin, offering it up to the woman as she began to cough, "I cannae help ye wi' the hot toddy, but Kaleb might be able tae. Out o'sight and out o' mind, ye ken." He explained almost sheepishly, his eye drawn to a flash of what looked like sun glinting off copper from outside the window. "She might could git ye yer moldy crowdie." Craig said, nodding towards the vision of Mrs. Gates standing in the courtyard, tossing out what looked like crumbled bread to a gaggle of songbirds.

“Thank you.” Clare took the cloth and smirked at the mention of Kaleb getting some whiskey and tea from the Commodore. “I don’t really need a toddy. Maybe just some honey and tea if we have it, if not, I’m not going to worry about it really.” Claire followed his gaze out the window and looked back at him, cocking her head a bit. “Ye aff yer heid?” She shook her own, “I mean she’s gorgeous, but she’s off limits.”

Claire looked back towards Kaleb, being the most junior here she deferred to him, “You want to go ask her if we can obtain some of this?”

"Weel... Yes..." Craig shrugged with a small nod, looking briefly at Claire and back out the window, "On a' counts." He admitted with a chuckle, "She hates mah guts, she does. That wee lass is made o'fire, and I dinnae think I'm interested in bein' burned." Of course he'd likely never learn the lesson nature intended when it created things in bright, flashy colors. The most deadly and poisonous and dangerous of creatures were often the most beautiful. Mrs. Gates was no exception to that rule with her bright autumn locks and arctic eyes. "Afore Kaleb saved me Mrs. Gates juist about gut me lik' a fish wi' a dirk herself. Wrong person tae accuse o'bein' an alien, ye ken. Learn fae my mistakes and dinnae dae it. Kaleb kin go ask her fer th' crowdie. We're jammy she even tolerates me breathing."

Kaleb chuckeled, "You don't know how right you are, Doctor. I think you should head to the kitchen, Claire. I know there is a crock of honey in the pantry, tea may be harder to find but just warm water will do the same thing. I will go and see if I can scrounge up some moldy cheese." Kaleb smiled. You two need to stay out of sight. If you are caught there will be no saving either of you I'm afraid. I'll find Ra'lin and she can take me to the Doctors attic. I'll grab what I can. Craig, keep an eye on her for me." Grabbing his hat from the hook by the surgery door, Kaleb fitted it to his head. "I won't be gone long." With that he disappeared into the house in search of Ra'lin.

Claire smirked just a bit, though she knew what Kaleb had meant, she had to find some humor in her possible death by unknown bacteria. “Good luck in your search Doctor. We’ll probably need as much mold as you can get.” She started out of the makeshift surgery room to head to the kitchen, tossing a look over her shoulder and teased Craig, “Now you’re babysitting me, good luck with that.”

The auburn man grinned and his eyes flashed with amusement as he followed her in pursuit of tea and honey, "I've had worse things tae dae in mah time."


LtJg Claire Dunross, M.D.


Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D.
Chief Medical Officer


Craig MacLeod


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