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JL | LtJG Sha'mer, MacLeod | "Bedtime Stories" pt 1

Posted on 241710.09 @ 23:45 by Lieutenant Craig MacLeod & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony

When Craig finally came to again he did so with his head hidden half under a pillow and blankets tangled between his legs. At first he was ready to panic due to the restraints and the memories of essentially having been abducted by aliens, for lack of a better term, but then recalled his whereabouts... The why and the how withstanding and quickly flooding back in a bid not to be outdone or forgotten. "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph." He groaned, removing the pillow and slowly working undo the knot of bed linens that he'd snarled himself within. Even if he wanted to leave, now knowing for certain that none of it had been a dream, he couldn't. His clothes were gone, leaving him naked as they day he was born right down to the ribbon from his hair having been lost and discarded somewhere along the way. A little knock at the door made him groan in regret and mourning of at least the pants or a long night shirt. Nothing of the sort was in plain sight, and everything that was in the room belonged to Kaleb; a man that was a fair sight more wiry than the burly Scot. "Jus' a second." He replied, choosing to wrap himself in a blanket and wander across the wooden planked floor to answer the door.

"Ray," He smiled in greeting, peeking his head out and peering back and forth to check for additional eyes or ears before he grabbed the boy and drug him into the room, locking the door behind them. "I know, lad. I know about yer mistress." He explained, "I know about the doctor. Ye dunnae need tae cover fer thaim anaemore. It a' mak's sense now." Craig blew a sigh, pacing back to the bed and falling back onto it with a flump, the sheet all but falling open as he studied the plaster ceiling, "I wish ye'd tellt me, Ray, I cuid ha'e dane more than just choked some brassic son o' a boot out and watched her hurl off wi' Claire."

Ra'lin managed to choke down an 'Eeep!' at the quick snatch and grab and leaned against the wall. Nice wall, lovely wall, good strong wall. She let herself sink to the floor and pulled her legs up, wrapped the cloak around her. All safe now, all walled in. She watched the frustrated man with her large, dark eyes, her face formed a pale spot in the gloom. "When I came here, after you told me they'd be executed, she was- They were already gone. There was nothing I could do. You were already on your way to them as well. I tried-" she shook her head, a curt motion. "There was no way to intercept you. Before all this, I couldn't- All I could do was give hints. And after-" There was no after. "I don't even know what happened to you. Heard bits and pieces." I'm glad you're not dead. "Someone cut-? Our doctor saved you." That was one image which stood out clearly amongst the blur, one passed on through the link she and Kaleb shared: a gaping wound, an obscenity, lifeblood spilling out, staining- She closed her eyes and was suddenly very glad she didn't share a link with this man. Knowing what she did already was bad enough.

His eyebrows ruffled as he considered everything as it was and the meaning behind each and every piece of the puzzle, "Weel... Ah heard th' hanging was cried aff sae I cam around tae confront yer mistress." Craig nodded, his eyes still following the dimmest lines of plaster ridges where the house had settled. "She pulled a dirk and warned me aff. Next thing I ken a'm bein' jumped in an alleyway, had my throat cut, 'n' kaleb wis thare tae drag me 'ere." He owed the boy that explanation, at the very least, or so he thought and rolling over to face him he offered a sheepish sort of apology even though the entire debacle has hardly his fault at all. "Perkings is vera upset. Ifn he had me meant tae be killt, than he thinks I had summat tae dae with the jail break but not enough tae ha'e me hung."

Dear stars, more stuff to look into. "Perkings…" She had heard the name before. "The Magistrate, right?" That man was so far beyond the world of a normal stable boy (unless it was his own, of course) that she'd never met him. Maybe she should-

Ra'in rubbed her head. Maybe she just shouldn't. Scanning around for the minds of their own people was one thing. Scanning around, as she had suggested to Rochelle, during some kind of prison break or whatever, counting the nearby minds and classifying them as 'ours' or 'not-ours', was also on the good side of the divide. Focusing on this Perkings, trying to find out what the man knew, what his plans would be – that was an invasive act. The very idea made her feel sick. She would never do that unless directly ordered to do so – and maybe (likely) not even then. "Never mind that," she muttered. "How do you feel?"

"Aye. He's the Magistrate." Craig nodded, and ran his fingers over the stubble free and baby smooth new skin of his throat, "Better than I did." He admitted, because it was true, "More confused than anything." That was true too. "Ray, I ken how come ye didnae tell me." The doctor swallowed hard as he spoke, trying his best to extend another branch of friendship towards the young man sitting to sheltered and quiet and dismal. "I ken about the Prime Directive. Ye dinnae hae tae scouk hings fae me anymair, and God kens ah'ament going tae run off tae spill yer secrets anywhere." The leveling part was done, but the depth of his sincerity was not, "Ah owe ye a' a life debt."

"You kept Si'a alive where without you she would've surely died," Ra'lin said, her dark eyes still fixed on Craig. "And you're the one who bound them together, right?" She hadn't been listening in when he told that to Kaleb, but he had been the only one to visit them regularly. "If anything, we owed you one." She smiled slightly, a smile which quickly faded again as she added: "And while we're at it, where disclosures are concerned… My name's not Ray, it's Ra'lin. But we figured that'd be a bit too exotic for this place."

"Ra'lin... It's a good name..." The doctor tested it with his mouth and mind, mulling it over until suddenly something clicked. It felt feminine, delicate, the same way the line of its holder's nose and the pertness of their mouth and softness of their jaw all seemed to say something contrary to the gender they portrayed. Short hair meant nothing, so many of the nuns had butchered their locks for the sanctity of God and the evisceration of vanity in the face of holiness. Even the voice... It wasn't the voice of a boy. "Jesus Christ. 'S e boireannach a th' annad..." Craig's eyes widened and he grabbed a fistful of the sheet to cover himself with while his cheeks tinted pink and red.

"I... ah... Aye. I.. ah..." He swallowed again, placing a pillow in his lap as he sat up shaking his head, "I bound thaim. I tellt kaleb I bound thaim, but ah'ament a priest or a laird sae tis mair symbolic than anythin'. Thay kin choose tae dae wi' it as they will whin ye free thaim fae this steid. Th' Magistrate hurt her worse than I kin repair 'n' she's losing hope. Or at least she was when I saw her last. I think seeing Kaleb and knowing that ye lot are 'ere will mak' a difference. She haes tae ken ye'll return fer her and Landon and Anaxar." Craig more or less babbled, working hard to try and regain himself after being so indecent in front of what he was now certain was a woman.

Ra'lin stifled a giggle. It wouldn't do to laugh at the poor man's obvious discomfort, even though it really was a comical sight. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "Didn't mean to embarress you." She averted her gaze, to allow the man to drape sheets or whatever he wanted around himself. This society set a lot more store on modesty than the one Ra'lin was used to. "Of course we're going to return for them," she said softly. I don't know how or when, but we will.

When the rustling had stopped, Ra'lin looked up again. And yes, I know I'm a silly twat – but it really would be nice if someone would, just for once, look at me the way they always stare at the Commodore, or at Si'a… She smirked at her own thoughts. Her own true appearance was even uglier than this, by human standards. How shocked would the man be if she showed him that? Well… maybe she should, just to get it over with. "Did you also know that some of us are here in disguise?"

"Aye." he nodded, "Kaleb showed me... And ye..." He gestured to the masculine clothes of a stable boy draped across her frame, "Yer a lass underneath that fankle." Now sat against the headboard and covered up as best he could possibly be, Craig's long legs crossed at the ankles and his hands folded in his lap. "If I'd kent sooner, and I shoud ha'e kent sooner fer ye'r tae damn bonnie tae be a man... ah... laddie... ah... whitevur, I wouldn't ha'e been sae inappropriate. I dinnae mean tae... Ye ken... With yer honor... Jesus..." The heat in his ears was almost unbearable.

Ra'lin half-shrugged. "Well, I'm not human either." Let's get this over with, once and for all. Then it's finally out of my system and I can stop being a stupid dreamer and get on with the practical stuff. She concentrated, and let her features slide into her Vo'Sh'un appearance: not all that different from how she usually looked, still with short hair, but her skin became a greyish green (like a sick Vulcan, she usually described it, except that this man had never seen a Vulcan, sick or otherwise), ears slightly pointed, her face and chin a bit more narrow, too. "There. That's the real me. Though usually I am like you saw me first." She slid back to human. "That's how the people here know me, too," she added with another of those shrugs. She kept watching him from the corner of her eyes.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Ra'lin Sha'mer
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Craig MacLeod


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