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JL | Com Ivanova, LtJG Sha'mer - CO, Yeoman | "Light Bulbs"

Posted on 241710.10 @ 14:05 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony

A quick scan of the house told Ra'lin that the Commodore was in her rooms, and alone, and not having a bath – three things which were good to know before knocking. The suggestion Craig had made seemed a good one to her, but it was only a start – and it was certainly not up to Ra'lin to work out the details. But at least a start was better than having no plan at all. She came to rest in front of Rochelle's door and knocked.

Reading was becoming one of the only ways Rochelle could settle her nerves without hiding under a heap of blankets and forcing herself to sleep. Most of the time it wasn't really forcing, it was a combination of nerves and anxiety and depression all wound together tightly and leading to an easy shut down of her consciousness. The knock on her door roused her attention mid-turn of a page, and she nearly forgot where she was - the words 'Come!' or 'Enter!' being bitten back in favor of her setting the book down and making her way to the door. "Ra'lin..." She greeted with a surprised furrow of her brows. She hadn't expected to see the woman so soon after what had transpired between them, "Come in... Find yourself a seat."

"Thanks." Ra'lin smiled faintly, sat down and folded one leg under her. Now that she was here, she was unsure what to say. "How are you doing?" That question was not only a safe one to start with, Ra'lin really wondered how the Commodore was doing, after the emotional rollercoaster of the last few days.

"I'm a little tired," Rochelle replied honestly, finding a seat across from her yeoman, "What about you?" She asked, genuinely curious as much as she found herself falling into the realm of good etiquette. Last she'd seen of Ra'lin she'd more or less passed out, or shut down, and napped. That had been several hours ago.

"Better," Ra'lin said. "I… um… I'm sorry for… I don't know… whatever I said or…" Ra'lin looked down, feeling her cheeks begin to burn. Oh, star's blood, could she ever talk to her CO without blushing? Oh, yes, she could, Ra'lin remembered uneasily, but apparently only if she wasn't really there in her mind.

Rochelle nodded with a small smile, "Don't worry about it, I deserved it." They were awkward, shaking, and tap dancing around one another as they tried to get a solid grasp back on the basis of their working relationship and the friendship Rochelle was certain was at least trying to bud - whether they were willing to admit it or not. "MacLeod still here?" She asked, knowing the answer all too well. Kaleb wasn't about to let the man back loose as long as the crew remained on the planet.

"Yes, he is." Now Ra'lin couldn't help release the grin she'd worked so hard to suppress while she had visited him. "Sorry. But I told him my real name and it clicked in his mind that I'm not a stable boy… We need to arrange some clothes for him, by the way."

Tilting her head, the Commodore couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the other woman's peculiar response to the question. Lighting up like a Jack O Lantern hadn't exactly been what Rochelle expected her to do, but it dawned on her that the last time she'd seen the man he'd been naked as a jaybird. "Got yourself an eyeful, did you?" She asked, torn between being amused and concerned. Amusement won out... For the moment.

"Could've if I wanted to," Ra'lin replied blandly. "But if there had been a hole in the ground, he would have been more than happy to disappear into it. But anyway," the grin faded. "He really wants to get the rest of our people out, and back to the stars, and he's willing to help. If we can get someone arrested first… He suggested a way for that." She looked up again. "It'd require more acting, though." As if they hadn't been acting enough since they came here.

"So you mean to tell me that Mr. Bright-Eyes over there is modest?" It was the most suspect thing Rochelle had heard in a long time given the over all nature of the beast - or at least the nature she perceived from the beast. The Scottish of this time period weren't exactly known for their propriety and gentleness, they were feral and hard headed at best. Even her own father had plenty of stories attached to his existence, the fact that he'd been adopted into the house of the Klingon Chancellor acted as cement to hold them fast and give them all credence they could ever need... And then some. What didn't surprise her, no matter of how little credit she was willing to give him, was the fact he wanted the crew freed of their cages. "More acting can be done if need be, we're already into it this deep." She sighed, picking at a the start of a hang nail, "Is this something we should gather everyone around for?"

"Modest?" Ra'lin snickered. "You could've seen his ears glow in the dark. He can blush fiercer than I." She shook her head curtly. "Um. Well, most at least. His idea to get someone arrested was to create a kind of scandal… someone-" damn, speaking of blushes, hers was threatening to make a comeback. "…you know, with you, and the Major finding out, and ah, having the third party arrested and…" She gestured with one hand. "Then, once we have someone on the inside, on Sunday nearly everyone will be in the church, and that would be a good time to, you know, get them out."

The eyebrow rose higher, reaching a level that would have made a Vulcan proud and Rochelle simply cleared her throat and shook her head - unwilling to allow the thoughts to entertain themselves within her mind. Her eyes narrowed, though, providing that she was considering the idea and the scenario, but the pieces of the puzzle weren't falling where they needed to be. "Call the away team together... We'll fill in the blanks and give it a run. It's all we can do." There were no other options on the table aside from going in with phasers blazing - and that was indeed a thought that she'd begun to entertain herself with.

"Alright." Ra'lin got up, stopped halfway to the door. "Would you like Craig to be there as well? He did come up with the idea – and he has a much better grip on all the intricacies of the situation here than we have. We can always send him away again once we have the plan to get the person inside complete, then work on getting them out…"

Considering the option for a second, Rochelle eventually gave a hesitant nod, "So long as he's fully clothed. You and Kaleb can work on that." If it hadn't made sense to do so, she wouldn't have agreed to it. No matter her distaste for him, for his people, she knew they needed him if they were going to be successful in retrieving the rest of the crew from the hellhole they were keeping them in. "See you in an hour?"

"One hour." Ra'lin nodded. She smiled briefly and slipped out of the room.


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer

LtJg Ra'lin Sha'mer
USS Vindicator


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