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Joint log, Lt Anaxar Shran & Lt. Si'a Dai'xun | "Circumvention", Part 1

Posted on 241711.27 @ 15:38 by Lieutenant Anaxar Shran & Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D. & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun

Mission: Ballynamony
Location: USS Vindicator, Sickbay
Timeline: SD 241711.27

In the days following Anaxar's own release from sickbay, he tried to visit Si'a several times. It wasn't as if he had much to do otherwise. As long as he was recuperating and his implants were still offline, he was officially still on 'medical LOA', though he had permission to do some work 'for therapeutic value'. He did spend time in the labs, but he found it hard to concentrate.

Each time he tried to visit her, however, he was turned away. Always by the same nurse who had chased him off the first time, and who seemed to consider his presence either a dangerous liability to her patient or, maybe, a personal affront. Either way, she guarded Si'a like a lioness her one and only cub.

After two days, Anaxar had enough. His sleeping patterns hadn't improved since his original arrival on the Vindicator – he still woke up after only a few hours, only this time with the added drawback that when he tried to activate the implants, nothing happened. So there were always a few disorienting seconds where he first thought he was still back on the medical facility, or in the cell, alone. But then he'd feel and hear the familiar throb of the ship's engines, smell the by now familiar smells of his own quarters, and he would realize again where he was.

His hand reached for the two items he always reached for upon awakening: first, the small cylinder containing the first dose of painkiller of the day (back up at seven, now, after the recent situation), once he'd squeezed it his fingers stroked the surface of the second item on the nightstand, the special PADD which, by default, showed the time.

It was a few minutes past three am. There was no way the creepy nurse would be there at this time of night. Anaxar smiled his humorless smile and began to dress.


Bored to tears. Si'a had never known the true meaning of the Terran phrase until she'd spent countless days and hours in relative isolation. There was music. Visiting nurses. But there was nothing to do aside from float, swim, practice underwater acrobatics now that she was well enough to actually bend and twist the way her body had been designed to. There was no ability to do much more than coast in lazy circles. Was this how dolphins felt back when the Terran's thought it was a good idea to keep them in tanks? Barbaric.

Lonely. Anaxar had only come to once and then no more. Had it all been a convenient and pretty thing to hang their hats on after all? Had he gone back to life knowing that they'd both survive? Was there a transfer waiting for her the moment she was clear to leave her watery retreat? Sleepless, she pinged the far curve of the tank, shuddering as it reverberated back from all around her, the walls bouncing the signal around like a dime machine rubber ball. It served her right, she decided, rising roughly from the depths like a cork, her chest, head, and outstretched arms bobbing just above the water while her back arched and allowed her legs to hang beneath her. Suspended as she was, she couldn't help but mentally chastise herself for daring to believe that it would be anything or anyway different when they'd returned.

Then what was it that they'd shared that time he'd come to see her? A good bye? It didn't feel like a good bye. It felt like relief. It felt like an awakening... To her at least. The door cracked open and Si'a sighed heavily. Any minute now someone would check her vitals off the monitors and she'd submit to a scan and another quick blood test to check her liver enzyme levels. Except this time she was done being cooperative and beating them over to the platform. This time she drew a longer breath and sunk, pretending she didn't hear them... Except she did. The closer he came, the more apparent it was that he'd made his way back to her. Over everything she could hear him, recognize him, and it did nothing to quell the feelings of hope and longing that tugged her off the rough bottom of the tank and back to the surface. Her chances were a million to one, she figured, the man she'd fallen in love with just out of reach, out of touch.

Anaxar moved softly, almost tiptoeing as he entered the room. It was, after all, most likely that Si'a would be asleep at this time of night. He wasn't planning to wake her. He just needed to be there, be with her, to reassure himself that she was still here, and still on the road to recovery – one of his biggest fears had been that either the doctors or Si'a herself would send her back to her home world in order to make a full recovery. Maybe it was egoistic that he wanted to keep her here. Maybe-

But the downward spiral of his thoughts ended there when he heard the water in the tank ripple gently, dimly perceived movement within, felt the soft, questioning ping coming from inside the tank and realized it meant she was awake. He moved faster now, to the edge of the tank and to the faint silhouette which appeared above the surface of the water. Anaxar wanted to speak, but there were too many half-formed thoughts and too many emotions inside, all trying to be heard, so that in the end he stood there tongue-tied, unable to say anything coherent at all. Instead, like before, he extended his hand and simply touched her, the life of her, all of her, her soft skin, her warmth, her pulse, her breath. All of her. He let his hand speak for him.

Once again she rested, poised at the rim of the tank, and shared in those gentle touches. With him still so very blind, it was the best way for him to see her, to know her, to rest assured that she was still alive and still his so long as he wished it. With the dim light of the tank she could once again make out the glint of his useless implant and the beauty of his cerulean skin, the platinum of his hair. The winter to her summer. Si'a wanted to ask why it had taken so long for him to return, but couldn't make her lips mold around the words. Not when he was there, expressing himself with fingers that gently traces from her temple down along the edge of her jaw before it yielded to a quiet, steady hand that cupped her cheek.

Her own fingers, unmindful of the beads of water collecting on the undersides of them, reached to find the strength of his chin and her thumb stroked across the fullness of his lower lip. It was a risky, intimate touch, but wasn't all touch shared in the wee hours of the morning? Didn't matter. None of it mattered. She could see the glint of pips against a wrinkled collar, the blue lighting of the tank giving away every crease as it highlighted the ridges of them. This wasn't about duty. This was the story of a man who had thrown on the first thing he could find and made haste to a space that he very likely wasn't supposed to be. The touch against his chin added the barest bit of pressure, guiding him closer, begging that he be nearer as she rose from the depths to drape across the biting edge of her aquatic home away from home. Hair, heavy with water followed her, falling across her back and shoulders, and added to a rain of saline that dripped from the contours of her, but Si'a couldn't have cared less about the mess. She only cared that her lips met his no matter how precarious the position she'd put herself in was. If she fell, he'd catch her. It was an unspoken promise, a granted and a given.

The kiss was worth it. The wait. The discomfort. Worth it as it said everything she wished she could, and couldn't.

Anaxar had to force himself not to use his full strength as the touch turned into a kiss and an embrace. He held and supported her, despite the awkward angle and was totally oblivious to the way the tank's edge bit into his upper arms. As always, time seemed to slow when they met and touched, and whole stars could grow old and die a fiery death as they kissed.

When they finally broke free, it was only because Anaxar's lungs began to protest the lack of oxygen. Stupid body demands, he would gladly have ignored them if he could. Instead, he took a few gulps of damp, salty air and leaned against the tank, holding on to Si'a with one hand and entangling his other hand in the long tresses of hair. He was dripping wet himself by now, but he barely realized it, and the part of him which did couldn't care less.

"I was so worried about you," he said softly when he could talk at last.

"I didn't think you would come back," Si'a replied, breathless as the tank's top threatened to steal away what was left of her breath. To ease it she slid backwards, allowing the water to reclaim her body inch by inch. It wasn't what she wanted, the water's embrace had become stale to her when she knew he was just a heartbeat and a simple barrier away. Simple... But effective when it came to separating them. To leave it would mean the monitors would lose their crazy little mind, but the urge to be near him was steadily growing into a need.

Anaxar leaned over to follow her as far as he could. "I did come back, but they didn't allow me in. Said it was too tiring for you, too much strain. I thought you'd gotten sicker again." Actually, he had no idea whether that was true or not. She didn't feel any different than last time, but without actually recording the scanners and 'reading' them via his PADD he was unable to see the medical data. Not that he would've been able to interpret them even if he could see it, because he didn't know the baselines for a healthy Stenellis. Maybe the nurse was right, and fully justified in keeping him out – but he also felt the longing and despair in her touch and the heard note of happiness in her voice now that he was here. Weren't mental needs at least as important as physical ones? He smiled his twisted smile. "Honestly, if this hadn't worked, I'd have tried the air ducts next."

The Stenellis frowned at the thought, an action that left her with more of a pout than usual, and shook her head. Had she felt weaker after he left? More like sad and lost. Lonely. Physically she was surviving and healing, but with him she had begun to truly live. "They don't know what they're talking about." She huffed, smoothing hair away from his face, "If this goes on for much longer, I'm going to walk out of here whether they like it or not." The irritable little mutters continued. It went without saying that the message was clear as could be; she wanted out of the tank and to be caught up in the sea of him, over swept by the shifting tides between the two of them.

Her fingers found their mark along his chin again, trailing along his throat as she rose from the depths again, trading to take her turn with the discomfort brought about by the tank. They paused when she encountered the wet collar of his tunic and the zipper that held it together, "You're soaked." She declared the obvious, a hint of guilt creeping into her voice as she toyed with the bronze tab, chewing her lip. "Can you..." Her voice trailed off, the question seemingly so absurd, but driven by logic all at the same time. Still she couldn't quite manage to make herself finish it.

"Yeah, I think I noticed something like that." He didn't mind. In fact, he longed to be way more soaked than he already was. He scanned the room, just like the first time he was here. His antennae twitched. "I think I can…" he said with a faint grin. "After that I will have to use the air ducts to visit you, though, because there's no way they'll ever allow me back for a normal visit. Hang on." He lifted one finger, turned and walked over to a corner of the room. This time, there was a kind of chair under one of the medical consoles, one of those small backless ones on coasters. He rolled it towards the tank, looked up and grinned. "Shall I?"

She wanted to say something bold and along the lines of not caring, but she knew she did. Maybe even too much. But how long could they hold her there? She was better by the minute and any second they'd finally decide that she was ready to taste freedom once again. Instead she beamed and followed him with his eyes and he flushed out the rolling stool and drug it back over to the side of her temporary medical prison where she nodded emphatically in response to his question, "Please be careful. I don't want you to fall." She ushered, offering him her hand. As soon as he was clear of the rim, he'd be safe and with luck the stool wouldn't roll or slip out from under him and they'd be reunited... At last... Like two teenagers sneaking around the rules to get time together without the suspicious eyes of meddling parents.

"I won't," Anaxar said in a cheerful voice which few of his other colleagues would have recognized. He kicked off his boots, stood barefooted on the floor – he hadn't bothered with socks, earlier. He looked up, estimating the height of the ceiling, stretched out with one hand. Even with his height, his fingertips just barely grazed it. Anaxar nodded to himself, grabbed hold of the rim of the tank and boosted himself up. He bent his head to avoid hitting the ceiling, because with the way his usual luck went, he'd end up knocking himself out. He used his momentum to lightly push off from the stool, kicking it back in the direction where it came from in the same motion, slid over the rim and lowered himself into the water. His movements were carefully executed and he slid in without making a splash. The water sloshed in the tank, a few drops spilled over, but not all that many. Anaxar tread water, turned to face Si'a, and whispered: "Ta-da!"

Lieutenant Anaxar Shran
Chief Science Officer,

Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
Stellar Cartographer


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