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JL | LtJG Sha'mer, MacLeod | "Bedtime Stories" pt 2

Posted on 241710.09 @ 23:46 by Lieutenant Craig MacLeod & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony

Bright green eyes blinked in the half lights, watching the transformation with wonder and the fine tilt of his head, "Coltach ri sìthiche..." He whispered, catching himself in realization that he'd resorted to Gael and not English to speak with a clearing of his still scratchy throat, "A Fae. Ye look like a fae.. A.. ah.. Pixie? Nymph?" He wasn't sure if the words worked in her lexicon, or if the legends had made it that far into the stars, but his eyebrows went up and lips pursed in question to see if it translated well enough. "Vera... Magical... Vera bonnie..." Craig was sure he was going to pass out, crack his head against the headboard, and wake up home on a hill top covered in heather. His life would have been a dream and he'd be returned to his ten year old self so certain that he had all the answers to every question ever posed in the entire world. No matter how many times he blinked it was back to this reality where aliens existed and some of them looked like the wee folk of home. Maybe he'd been enchanted, maybe she was more like the fae than a true alien and she'd cast some sort of charm over his existence. Less than likely. "Ye dinnae ha'e tae hide from me."

Okay. She hadn't expected that. Ralin blinked. "You really mean that?" She had certainly surprised him, that much was certain. Not quite the way she'd expected, either. How… odd. But she allowed herself only a moment or two to dwell on that strange reaction. "As I said, this is how people know me. I, ah… my people aren't exactly known in the, ah, the place where we come from." And those who have encountered the Vo'Sh'un weren't exactly happy to meet them, either. "So it's usually just easier for me to look like this. I've never really met them, I grew up on a Starfleet colony myself…" She stopped and shook her head. "I'm babbling, sorry. This must be pretty overwhelming for you." Ra'lin rubbed her face with one hand. "Actually, all I wanted to do is check up on you, see how you were doing. We still have to find a way to get Si'a and Anaxar and Captain Neyes out."

"I dae." He nodded softly, "Real bonnie indeed." More nodding, and the eyes worked over her face and the clothes she wore, his nose wrinkling at the fabrics and the way they didn't work with the knowledge he now held, "I wouldnae ha'e thought less o'ye if I'd kent ye were a lass, ye ken, and now that I dae ken, I wish yed stop dressing lik' a laddie. It dunnae suit ye." Craig added with a simple sigh and his mind began to race away from the pretty pixie face with dark umber eyes peering back at him and to the travelers still left inside that cell. Getting them out was going to take an act of God, magic, or something with a fine mix of both. "Will need tae be Sunday... Twa days fae now..." and he realized his thoughts had parsed into language, reaching her ears and now would require explanation, "The guards all lea and gae tae church. Even wi' a break out, they're nae aff tae miss services and risk angering Perkings or God, ye see. Ye wilnae be able tae get in fae th' outside, though, will ha'e tae be an inside job and none o'thaim can git out or they would ha'e by now... Would tak' a bloody engineer or something tae tak' it apart piece by piece... Or something." Another sigh, this time completed by the shaking of his head as he realized just how ridiculous it would sound.

"Or someone on the inside…" Ra'lin mused aloud. She smiled a bit at his earlier remark. "Well, we needed someone who could talk with other people, not standing out that much… hence the stable boy idea. So, I didn't bring any female attire, sorry." Her eyes twinkled and for a moment, that mischievous grin popped out. "It's a good thing, though. I really did crack my shoulder and ribs, so it's a good thing I don't have to wear one of those corsets." She suddenly had a mental image of herself in one of Rochelle's gowns and shook her head. No... just no.

"What dae lassies wear where ye'r fae?" Craig asked, not being able curb his curiosity but quickly tamped himself back down into his own little shell of professionalism. He'd accidentally done enough damage already by not being observant in the first place, "Aye... Getting someone in thare wid require an arrestable offense, that way there's na supervision. Some kind o'scandal or another that creates a diversion."

"Uhh… uniforms, mostly, same as everyone else. And during down time," there was that half-shrug again, "whatever we like. Most people stick with practical, easy clothing, though. No elaborate gowns. But of course, we sail through space… there's no air there, no weather… so our ships are enclosed, and it doesn't rain there, or freeze. There's no need for extra clothing to protect you against the elements." Ra'lin smiled, then turned serious again. "Okay… an arrestable offense, you say. That'd be a scandal or something. What constitutes as a scandal here?" What can we use? What can we do?

"No air?" His eyebrows raised in sheer surprise and a bit of confusion while he absorbed everything she was saying and chose to set it aside for later conversation. There was planning afoot, he was bare assed beneath a pillow and a couple blankets. It was hardly the time to discuss space travel or the 'magic' that went along with it. Instead he rested his head against the headboard and closed those emerald eyes in order to clear his head and think. A hand came up to weigh and pitch options, "Weel..." He started, "Yer mistre... Mrs Gates... She seems desperate tae accomplish getting thaim out o'thare. Major Gates, I'm aff tae assume is another one o`yer kin? Will play along? If'n so, ye fin' th' person yi'll want tae send in, create th' illusion o' a tryst atween th' Mrs and this person and ha'e thaim caught by th' good Major, th' person thrown in jail and th' Mrs spared o' a charge o' adultry because her husband..." Craig paused, forcing himself to continue on with the word choices he was making, "Loves her... Wants tae gi'e her another chance, bit be rid o' th' kinch."

Stifling a yawn, he continued on, his fingers flicking as he wove the situation and idea together in hope of being found helpful, "Haes tae be dane oan a Saturday fer th' booking, break out oan a Sunday when th' lot is at church..." He paused, reopening his eyes and tilting the grade of his head to be able to look back at Ra'lin, "Then ye a' run lik' hell back tae yer stars, the lot o'ye."

Ra'lin nodded slowly. Though it would have to be fleshed out, these were the bare bones of a good plan. "So it'd have to be someone high enough to warrant arrest instead of an, ah, discrete disappearance," she said. Hmm, she'd have to confer with the Commodore for that. She needed to talk with the Commodore anyway. About what happened during that weird conversation the day before. The whole memory had a ghostlike quality to Ra'lin, but she realised she had said a lot of things out loud that she had meant to keep inside. She probably had a lot to apologise for. Then again, if she remembered correctly (big 'if', Ra'lin), Rochelle had thanked her in the end, so maybe it hadn't been all that bad.

She looked up in time to see Craig stifle another yawn. The poor man, Ra'lin suddenly realised that since he woke up here, he must have had one shock after another. Waking up in itself being only the first. And she was now asking him to help plot another escape. "I'm sorry," she said softly. "It's a great idea, a great suggestion, and I'm very grateful you made it. But I don't want to overtax you, and I'm afraid I have. So I'll, ah, just leave you to your rest, shall I? And I'll see if I can find some clothes, for when you wake up…" She smiled and moved to stand up.

"Someone who cannae juist gang missing, doesn't ha'e tae be huge, bit someone o' some kind o' substance. A dinnae ken a' o`yer kin or howfur wide yer net is." He nodded in confirmation, "Has tae look plausible fer thir's a lot o'gossips in this town." Craig added and reached to run his fingers through his hair, pulling it forward and trying to hand pick through tangles out of sheer necessity to have back one of his coping mechanisms. "Ye dinnae hae tae worry that ye'r bothering me, ra'lin, ah actually appreciate yer company. I'd likelie enjoy it more wi' clothing oan, I will admit that, I dinnae wantae soil yer honor or anythin', but I enjoy yer company." Releasing his hair he watched as she rose and offered her a small smile. The last thing he wanted was for her to think she was being a pest or a pain, even if he was absolutely exhausted while his body continued to come to grips with blood loss and trauma.

"Then I'll back back later," Ra'lin said with a smile. It wasn't the impish grin, or the shy 'I don't really want to be here' smile either, but something soft and warm that few people had seen before. "Thank you so much for your ideas. You go rest now, and I'll drop by again when you're awake." She opened the door and slipped out, but stuck her head around the corner just before she closed it. While they had been talking, her subconscious had been at work, thinking about what he had said earlier, after she'd changed. "Fae, eh?" and the smile changed back to the usual grin. "Must be Unseelie, then… Sleep well." And with that, she closed the door.

She had no idea if there was a Seelie and Unseelie Court in the fae of Craig's legends, but if there were… She shook her head at her own thoughts as she moved through the hallway. He was absolutely smitten with Rochelle, but he'd also called her, Ra'lin, in her own true form 'bonnie'?! She put the mental image of both side by side and shook her head. Men were weird.


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