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JL | LtJg Ra'lin Sha'mer & Si'a Dai'xun | "Wet Dreams May Come?"

Posted on 241712.22 @ 16:21 by Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony

Ra'lin walked through the corridors of the Vindicator. It was odd to be back, she felt as if a thousand years had past since they'd left on that rescue mission. Well, strictly speaking, considerably more than a thousand years had gone by, of course.

She had spent a lot of time helping Craig adjust, though he seemed quite happy to settle in in sickbay. The rest of her time was mostly taken by her regular yeoman duties. Now, with all the reports which needed to be written, sent up to Command for reviews and comments, summaries to be made for the Commodore to send on to higher-ups and a backlog of administration a mile high, Ra'lin had spent a lot of time in readyrooms, her broomcloset or the bridge.

Right now, Ra'lin wanted some peace and time alone. She headed for the observation deck, knowing that it would be mostly empty at this hour of the day.

Except for a child of star and sea, it was. Si'a had been released, cast free, and allowed to roam. With Anaxar called away on some small project, and not yet willing to tax her with more than mild duties, she'd found herself exploring. It was a listless sort of action, quiet and small. Not that Si'a herself could ever take up much room, nor could her actions... Most of them. Her uniforms didn't fit, hanging to her much lighter frame like bags instead of the svelte contour they usually provided. That would all be fixed soon, but for the meanwhile it garnered her a funny look or two from other officers making their way from point A to B... Or even C. The lounge had been the only place she could think of worth escaping to. Still public, not locked away in quarters, but not surrounded by scrutiny either.

When the doors opened, she sighed, closed her eyes and when she re-opened them they were faced away from the passing stars and focused on Ra'lin. "Hello." She greeted, wriggling her fingers in earnest.

"Hi, Si'a!" Ra'lin smiled warmly. "It's good to see you!" She was really happy to see Si'a here, especially knowing all too well just how much of a close call it had been for the Stenellis. "So you've been released? How are you feeling?"

"It's good to see you too." Si'a's turquoise coiffed head bobbled in agreement, chasing away the foulness of worry and strife in exchange for a sense of jubilation. She hadn't seen Ra'lin in so long. Launching into motion, she enveloped the other woman in a hug, tightly holding her for a beat or two before releasing and bubbling away like a cauldron, "I'm free!" She exclaimed, holding up her arms in emphasis, "Feeling pretty good. Really good. Anaxar came and visited me and we shared a wet dream and then Lieutenant Ch'Valenvok walked in and decided I was well enough to be released!" It really had been wonderful.

Ra'lin 'eep'ed slightly at the tight hug, though she answered it. Her shoulder and ribs were still tender, something which she didn't often notice during working hours. Hugs, on the other hand, were not a part of her daily routine. "I'm really happy that you- wait, what?" She blinked. Absurdly, her first thought was: Anaxar's a telepath and shared his dream with you? before realizing that probably wasn't what Si'a meant either. "Um. Could you run that by me again?"

"A wet dream. You know... Spending time in water in the dark, at night, talking? Cuddling? Wet dream." She beamed, clasping her hands together in front of her, still beaming light a halogen head light on high, "My first. Never experienced one before. Oh, Ra'lin, it was amazing!"

Ra'lin did her utmost best not to blush. She had to smile at Si'a's enthusiasm, but at the same time… "Um. You know, amongst humans that means something quite different… It, ah, doesn't have much to do with baths. But I can imagine you'd call it that… He really entered the bath you were in?" Though she hadn't visited Si'a – the one time she'd tried, she had been turned away – she had heard, of course, about the construction necessary for her healing process. "I'm surprised the doctors allowed it." Then again, if the doctor who'd given permission was Craig, that wasn't really surprising at all.

"Anaxar seemed to think it was?" The little star-child's head tilted, in question, trying to figure out how they could have been wrong. "He snuck in sometime in the middle of the night, climbed on in." The smile returned, "I don't blame you for not coming. That one nurse was a real boar."

Ra'lins mind really ran weird, for her next thought was that the nurse was… "A Tellarite?" As far as she knew, there weren't even any Tellarites working in Medical. "Oh, wait, I get what you mean. Yes, she's the one who didn't want to let me in. And… He really did that?" Ra'lin tried to bend her mind around the fact that the stiff Science officer had actually climbed into Si'a's tank in the middle of the night… and that Kaleb had walked in on them… The blush which was threathening to make its appearance was now warring with a sudden attack of the giggles to see which would arrive first.

"He really did." Si'a's head bobbled again even though she was trying to figure out how Tellarites had anything to do with the nursing staff. The smile, though, began to fade and she found herself twiddling and fumbling with her fingers, "Ra'lin... I... I did a thing. I did a thing and I think it was a stupid thing." Why come clean to her? Probably because she was the closest thing to a friend that the little Stenellis had. Somehow she just knew that Ra'lin would understand. "I love him. I fell in love with him. I let myself slide down that path and then Craig hand fasted us and all I wanted to do was save and protect him and I think that's why he did it too... Now maybe he feels responsible and I'm chaining him down and my heart hurts but feels so alive!" Breathe! She coughed a little bit, balefully peering out from behind her lashes at the other woman.

"Si'a…" Ra'lin sat down in front of the other woman and took her by both hands. "Listen to me. I think he did a thing, too. The same thing you did. It's…" she closed her eyes, wondering how to put into words what she had only felt from a distance. She had seen the Lieutenant only once or twice since returning to the ship, and his manner had been stiff and forbidding, daring anyone to approach him at their own peril. She also knew that underneath that exterior was a deeply vulnerable, deeply hurting man. And in front of her stood the only person who could ever break through those shields and touch the real him. "I know that he loves you too," she said gamely. "I've seen it. I know."

"Wh... What?" Si'a asked, genuinely startled by her friend's actions and words. Her eyes were big as saucers as she locked them with Ra'lins own. Big. Wide. Oceans of questions and innocence begging for explanation. Anaxar, though she loved him, was a mystery she was terrified of unraveling only to discover that he wanted nothing more than the isolation he'd created for himself. The very same isolation she'd felt crumble when she touched him in decontamination... Or at least she thought she had. Wishful thinking, and all that.

Oh. Wait. Ra'lin blinked as she realised that the subject of her extra abilities had never come up in any earlier conversations with Si'a. By now, so many people she daily interacted with on the Vindicator knew about it that she was beginning to take it for granted. Then again, you didn't really need to be a telepath to know Si'a and Anaxar really loved each other, that it hadn't been just a 'we're going to die soon and I don't want the other to go into the dark alone' impulse on either side. She took a deep breath and tried to explain.

"Really. I mean, you've each seen each other in what was absolutely the worst part of your lives, ever. You've seen each other without any shields, without any reservations, the part people generally keep hidden but for the persons nearest to them. And now you're both back on the Vindi and both of you have to raise those shields again. If only because you need those just to interact with everything else. And it's those shields you're seeing when you look at him now, not the real Anaxar underneath. But don't mistake those shields for the real one. You've seen him. You know him. In that situation where you two came from, you cannot lie. Trust that." She looked away now, suddenly blushing fiercely, and muttered: "Hah. I sound like a bloody counselor now."

There was silence. A reckoning. A process of decision being made as information came in and was disseminated. Everything she felt, a world of color that transcended emotion, was it possible that it was mutual? Had they truly painted themselves together? She considered it for a moment, weighing the options as her fingers tightened on Ra'lin's hands. The woman became an anchor for a young, naive being trying her very best to sort her way through the waters of a sea much different to that she'd ever learned to navigate. Si'a was a brilliant scientist, a great intellect that, while she struggled with language, was widely respected. She knew that much, owned that much, but relationships? Love? Never. She'd never dreamed of anything like it before if only because she'd always expected to be tossed into an arranged marriage for the sake of politics.

All of that was on the line now. Tradition in exchange for love. Thousands upon thousands of years of carefully crafted relations meant to bolster the race and caste as a whole... Thrown out the window? In a heartbeat. For him. All for him. "I love him." Si'a nodded, affirming everything in her heart and mind, "I'll keep everything you've said in mind and hope that you are right. One sided love seems very sad."

Ra'lin looked up again. "I know he's as afraid as you are. Maybe even more than you. But I'm sure, absolutely sure that it's not a one-sided love. What would be really, absolutely, truly sad is two people who are deeply in love, but so afraid of getting hurt that they'll just pine away, afraid to act…" Which was a real possibility if either of them continued to hide behind their shields. Ra'lin smiled slightly to herself. So maybe it was up to her to play matchmaker. First yeoman, then counselor, then matchmaker… She shook her head at her own silly thoughts. Really, this evening they were really all over the place. "I can't counsel you what to do." I wish I knew, myself, she thought, thinking briefly of Craig. It was always so much easier to see people from a distance than to see what was up close. "But what I'm telling you is true."

"I'd say there's nothing to be afraid of, but..." She shrugged with a sheepish smile, "Here I am. Same boot". Boat. Si'a sighed a little, her teeth catching and worrying her lower lip. Afraid to act. How? What more was there that she could possibly do to convince him that she was there? What more could she possibly say? Something, for starters. Kisses and visits in a tank were great things, as was everything else he represented, but she knew there needed to be something more. A game changer. Proof. "How... How do you know?" It was a valid question and she'd do anything for validity.

And there it was. Well, it wasn't as if Ra'lin hadn't seen it coming. She took a deep breath. "I'm a telepath. When you were all in prison, I kept scanning for all of you to see where you were, how you were doing. It's…" she smiled thinly. "I don't read thoughts without permission. But sometimes stuff bleeds through. You remember that night when you ran into me? Something happened to me earlier that day which made my shields very thin. That's why I didn't want to touch you right then, because it would be a lot harder to shut out the stuff I don't want to see." She released Si'a's hands before the other woman could withdraw them and stared at the floor. "I do know that it began even then. Something changed in both of you when you two saw each other. And when we were down there, on the planet… I saw the two of you growing closer. Entwining. You were giving each other the strength and will to live…"

Telepath. Mind reader. Magic. Si'a's massive eyes blinked a couple times as she took it in and stored that knowledge away for later, "So... What you're saying is... All of it was real?" The memory of soft ribbon looping her hand and wrist against the warmth of Anaxar's was fresh as anything. She felt it, clear as day, against her now vacant skin and her eyes, albeit it briefly, flitted to the now bare flesh before finding Ra'lin's eyes again. "My people are empathic to a degree, but we don't do so well at guessing games when it comes to ourselves, only others. Some are better, some are weaker... Some see in color when they close their eyes." It made sense, but it didn't all at the same time. "I see him. I see his colors in clouds of confusion and hurt, but I see strength. He's sorry for himself... He shouldn't be. Is it like that?" Another fair question, one born of curiosity and the sharing of information that no one else in the entirety of the Federation likely had, "I stayed alive because I needed to know that he made it out of there. I knew I was sick, felt myself dying, but I couldn't leave him there..." Another sigh, and this time she hid her eyes, looking off to the side, "I was prepared to give up once I knew he was safe. Somehow I think he realized that... And that's why I'm afraid he may be thinking that if it isn't real that I'll go or whatever. That not how it works."

"Oh, I know exactly how that works," Ra'lin sighed. She looked up slowly, glad that the woman didn't dismiss what she said – or, worse, drew back. She smiled uncertainly. "Yes, it's something like that, but it can go a lot deeper than that." She thought back to mindscapes, flashes of memories, then slammed the lid on those thoughts. Not here, not now. They could wait until later. Right now, she had to convince Si'a that turning away from Anaxar would be a really bad idea. "But… I think… all he wanted was to keep you alive. He… You strengthened each other, gave each other the hope and the will to live." Ra'lin pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around her knees. "And he's afraid to trust. Not afraid to trust you, but…" she shook her head, again faced with the difficulty of putting into words thoughts and emotions and mental colours. And she hadn't seen much of Anaxar since they got back. A few brief encounters on the bridge, but he rarely stayed long enough to exchange more than a few words. He was wrapped deeper into himself than before the Vindicator had made her near-fatal plunge into the past. But his mindcolours were different than before, and Ra'lin felt the truth of what she was saying.

Tradition. Windows. Throwing it out the window. The Empress would be waiting for them when they reached Cold Station Theta, standing there in all of her ivory glory with rose colored eyes, and she'd need answers. She deserved them. And what was it that Si'a would say? That she and a telepath had a hunch? Yes. "I will go to him. I don't know how, but I will go to him... And we will see." It was all she could do, that one shot before the future, their future, could be altered forever in ways that would break her heart... And perhaps his.

"Yes," Ra'lin said firmly. "Do that. Please. I can't be sure of this, but I think… I wouldn't be surprised if he'd keyed his door so that you can enter whenever he's in his quarters." She smiled a slight, sweet smile. Stars, let her not be wrong with that guess! "And just to assure you – I won't peek. Promise." Thank the stars she wasn't bonded to either of them. No chance of a repetition of the 'Computer, remove pants' flash she'd caught once. That link had mercifully faded. Ra'lin had no idea if the Commodore and the Captain had celebrated their reunion, and she was glad that she didn't.

"Oh! Oh... Um... Right." Si'a blushed crimson as she caught the double entendre and nervously laughed before giving Ra'lin a brief thumb's up. "I'll keep that in mind." May the Gods help her.


Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
Stellar Cartographer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ra'lin Sha'mer
Captain's Yeoman


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