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JL | LtJg Ra'lin Sha'mer, Craig MacLeod | Confession Time, part 1

Posted on 241711.22 @ 16:35 by Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer & Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Lieutenant Craig MacLeod

Mission: Ballynamony
Location: USS Vindicator
Timeline: SD 241711.22

It probably was a good thing that there were patients which required more immediate attention, otherwise Kaleb would probably have directed Ra'lin to sickbay for some much needed rest. She had been running on painkillers and at least one stimpack during the last day and a half (running only in the figurative sense, not literally this time), so by the time they stopped working, she really needed to find a nice bed.

There were things she needed to do first. One, above all, was the much-dreaded talk with her CO. So Ra'lin helped with getting people and what equipment they brought back from the planet off the shuttle, restored some order to the shuttle once it had properly powered down and most people had walked off, and found enough other excuses to stick around until everybody else was gone. Then she opened the hatch to let Craig out.

Bleary eyed, the Scot squinted into the light of the opening hatch. At that point, after so much silence, he could only hope that it was Ra'lin and not someone, or something, else that had come to stumble across his hide. His eyes quickly adjusted to the new level of light, and with it came relief when he saw Ra'lin peering down at him, "All safe?" He asked, reserving his desire and need to climb out of the engineering crawl space.

"Yes," Ra'lin said softly. She was tired, so incredibly tired. "We're on the ship. The USS Vindicator. This is the landing bay. It's not much to look at, but we're actually in space now." She smiled a smile which didn't quite reach her eyes. "And now I'll have to go to my CO and tell her what I did."

"Howfur much trouble is this aff tae git ye in?" Craig blinked blearily and finally gave in to his desire to be free. It was quickly followed up with a stretch the moment he was born out into the massive shuttle bay. His eyes widened as he took in the brightly lit space, following the odd contours and lines of the construction. It was like nothing he'd ever seen or dreamed before, all of it made and fit together with a variety of bolts and panels and in color choices that seemed unnatural and sterile. Nothing about it was warm, but somehow he managed to find it comforting, "Could likely fit a' o' Poquott in 'ere." He finally quipped, gesturing to the space as he turned back to Ra'lin.

"With some squeezing, yeah," Ra'lin said, smiling at his gaze. "As for the trouble…" She shrugged. "A demotion, at the very least. If the higher-ups get angry, too, they might change where I'm stationed. We'll see what happens. Come, I'll show you my quarters. You'll probably get your own place soon enough, but you can take a shower there and I can get you some clean clothes, something to eat, stuff like that." She closed the shuttle doors and began to walk to the exit of the landing bay.

"Och aye, sounds tae be a good plan." He grinned and followed as she guided him through the ship. Act normal,, he told himself. Gawking wasn't something that people of Ra'lin's time would do as they walked along through a massive space craft. It would be common place for them! For Craig it wasn't so much. In fact, he felt butterflies begin to flutter in the pit of his gut as each step took him further and further away from the shuttle and the past he'd left behind in favor of starting a new life where he'd truly thought he'd belong. It was overwhelming, but exciting, but nerve wracking, but wonderful. "Sae, uh, one question," The doctor ran his fingers through his hair, becoming more and more aware that the length of his unruly mane was extremely different to the close clipped styles of the men walking the corridors, "What's a shower? Dae ye mean like rain?" The question sprang free, but his mind was already off of it and back on the nature of his mop. Cutting it might be a good idea, he decided, help him fit in with the rest of the group a bit more.

"Uhh… yes. But warm, at least if you want to, and you can turn it on and off as you wish." Ra'lin was glad enough she didn't have to describe sonic showers yet. "Oh! Wait!" she called, suddenly changing direction. "Slight detour here. I want to show you the stars." She lead him to the observation lounge with its enormous panoramic windows.

Obedient as a lapdog, Craig followed at her side. The idea of a controllable 'shower' was something he found himself looking forward to exploring and using, but the stars... He was hardly prepared for what he saw when they breached the entry way to the observation lounge. It was a wall of twinkling darkness, shining in wait of any set of eyes longing to behold. They were moving past at what he assumed was a great rate of speed, but the shone all the more brightly for it. "Na reultan... Dè cho àlainn." He breathed in wonder, pressing his palms to the cold glass. "Mar bhalach beag..." Craig cleared his throat, remembering to speak proper English, "As a wee laddie, I dreamed o' this moment," He smiled, looking to Ra'lin, "This is better than anythin' I could ha'e e'er dreamed. That wee laddie still inside me is ower satisfied." The smile only widened as he shook his head and turned his attention back, albeit briefly, to the stars. How wondrous they were, indeed.

"I know…" Ra'lin was looking at the view herself, a dreamy look on her face. "I always feel the same way myself. It's something I never get used to, it never grows old…" They continued to stare at the stars for awhile longer, then, with a sigh, Ra'lin turned away again. "Now, let's go get you that shower."

She lead him through the ship, via the turbolift (she quickly explained what that was, too) and through a few more corridors until they reached her quarters. "It's probably a mess," Ra'lin explained. "The ship was pretty shaken up when we arrived here, and I haven't been in my rooms since to tidy up." She stepped inside when the door opened and sighed. Most of the little knickknacks had fallen from the shelves. "I'll pick that up later." When I'm not feeling stiff and sore and tired.

Ra'lin showed Craig how the shower worked with a sigh of longing. She wanted to strip out of these uncomfortable clothes and have a hot shower as well, but she also wanted to crash into bed or go to sickbay first to see if some doctor could do more patching up than the situation on the planet had allowed. None of those things took precedent, though, to the unpleasant duty she had to do before that.

She replicated a towel and some clothing for Craig, guessing at the sizes (her guesses usually turned out fine). "I'll be right back," she said and left.

"Alright." Craig nodded, watching her go before twisting his mouth and shedding his clothes in order to do battle with the marvel that was the so called shower. At first it seemed benign, he did as Ra'lin had instructed and the water came on, full jet, easy as pie and right as rain. It was, however, cold enough that he jumped and hit the back wall of the shower stall with enough force to knock the breath from him.

"Iosa Crìosd! Ye bloody dobber!" He hissed the macaronic slur, battling the spray to toggle with the levers she'd shown him until the chills racking his body turned into relaxation and he sighed beneath the delightfully hot water pouring down over his sore and wasted body. Craig's forehead met the front wall about the same time his eyes fell half closed and he realized he could be and rest without care or much worry (at least for the moment) beneath that wonderful steamy waterfall. Soap would come in a bit, the water cleansed his soul as much as it cleansed his skin.

LtJg Ra'lin Sha'mer
Yeoman, USS Vindicator-F

Craig MacLeod


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