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PLOT - JDL | COM Ivanova, Cmdr Dahe'el, COM Jorgun | "Follow Your Feet"

Posted on 241711.14 @ 11:12 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Commodore Jorgun & Commander Almar Dahe'el

Mission: Ballynamony

Returning to the ship had been the easy part. Returning to duty was going to prove to be more difficult. Without much more than a passing order for the injured to be tended to immediately, Rochelle departed the shuttle bay and made haste towards the bridge with complete disregard to attire and the fact her energy was damn near tapped dry. She could hear footsteps, heavy and quick, behind her - closing in as she slipped into a turbolift and called for her destination. Sure enough, not very far behind at all, was Almar. "I don't want to hear it," She held up a hand to silence him before he could begin, "We're getting the fuck out of here and now."

"I wasn't going to suggest anything other than that exact course of action," the Cardassian replied with a slight smile and a nod as he stepped into the lift next to her and lent on the railing, allowing his weight to shift onto it. If only he could shift some of the emotional weight that he'd been shouldering, "I may suggest a change of clothes, at least that's my plan before I choose to do anything else," he added quickly, "Once we've got a plan out of here, I may even spring to spending some time in a real shower."

Looking down at the state of the tattered day gown she wore, Rochelle sighed heavily and nodded, brushing a tangled curl back behind her ear. "Ok... Alright... I'll yield to that. At least there's replicators in our offices." Hair could be ties up in a messy bun until she had the time necessary to tend to it. Now wasn't that moment, and waiting to take the time to shower and brush it out was out of the question. "I'm sorry for snapping." She offered, drumming her fingers and tapping her toes, willing the damn thing to move faster.

"It's understandable, given the events of the last few days," Almar conceded as he moved back to put his full weight back on his feet and stretched out his injured shoulder. Willing the aches away with sheer force of will, he rolled his neck too, "I took the liberty to look through the reports filed while we were on the planet, I was able to have my padd download them, it would seem the science department has some ideas about getting home."

"Then let's hope they can do it and pronto." The weary redhead barely had time to finish her sentence before the lift came to a halt and chimed their arrival to the bridge. The doors opened with their customary hiss and Rochelle, squared off and took those first few steps onto it with her usual sense of backbone and ownership. Jorgun loomed not all that far off, undoubtedly expecting the reappearance of the team. She didn't need to look back to know Almar was at her side, looming above her as they took in the sights and sounds that came with what could only be described as 'home'. "Commodore," she greeted with a refined tip of her head in the Orion's direction.

Jorgun turned toward the turbolift as the doors made their familiar hiss. Before him stood the red haired Commodore who's seat he had been keeping warm, her Executive Officer only a half step behind. Both looked disheveled and as Jorgun stepped closer, were possessed of the fragrant odors of fear, and vigorous exercise. His eyebrows both rose as the smells hit him and he cleared his throat. "Commodore, the ship is in fighting order and the bridge is your's. We are ready to proceed back through the rift. While you were planet side, we received a transmission from our time." Jorgun pulled the small odd communications device from his pocket. "Admiral Archer and her team are running a constant signal through this. We are able to lock on to the source. They also provided us with a shield frequency and information on how to polarize the hull to prevent damage like we sustained getting here. Everything is set and ready on your command."

Jorgun stepped aside and raised his arm toward her chair. "I look forward to your reports, after we get back and you have both had a chance to rest... and a change of clothes." Taking a step further back, Jorgun made eye contact with the Cardassian for the first time. "Commander." Jorgun said as he did.

Almar's held the gaze of the giant, green Orion stood in the centre of the bridge for a few moments before responding with a polite nod, "Commodore," the added before he turned to wheel off towards his office and a fresh change of clothes.

Rochelle's tired eyes lit up at the sight of the device, recognizing it immediately as the secret little piece Dani had given to her with love from her and Zett before she'd departed for this mission. Her head lifted slightly and tilted all at the same time, "Where did you find that?" She asked, too tired to take offense that the Commodore had, quite possibly, dug through her personal belongings while left to his own devices in her ready room. The device now meant they were saved, even if it meant Sabine Archer was lurking in wait of return of the ship... And her son, most likely. "How did..." The questioned fell short of being asked. She'd save it for later, for a time when it could be answered in full by Dani.

Jorgun looked puzzled for a second as he tried to recall the circumstance that had led him to the device. "It started making a high pitched sequel and then I heard voices calling to the Vindicator from your end table drawer. It was pure luck that I happen to be seated at your desk writing a report on the ship repairs when it happened. Had it been an hour earlier no one would have heard a thing." Jorgun held the device out for the depleted looking Commodore to take. "For now I think we should focus on getting the hell out of here." Jorgun said pointing to the view screen where the system's star was pulsing violently.

Plucking the device from the Orion's massive palm, Rochelle didn't even need to see the star to know they were, once again, in deep shit. "And you said we have a way out? Commander Dahe'el said something about Science having ideas... Whatever they are. Make it work." She nodded sharply, looking over her shoulder at the Cardassian, "Get us moving, if you wouldn't mind, Commodore. I think we're going to take a second to freshen up and try and forget that we were even on that planet."

"Of course, Commodore Ivanova." The large Orion said as he turned to the Helm. "Is your course laid in, Lieutenant?"

"Yes, Sir. Course is set to 046 mark 112.3. Ready to engage." A blue skinned Bolian answered from the chair in front of the Commodore.

"Engage." Jorgun said turning to another station. "Tactical, polarize the hull and adjust shield frequencies as briefed. Science, launch the modified probe." Jorgun received acknowledgment to all of his orders and the ship began to move away from the unstable star and toward the future, in more ways than one.

Stepping into the office and letting the door close behind him was a sweet comfort that the Cardassian had not felt since they'd left to rescue their crew, he sealed the door with a quick command tapped into keypad on the frame before heading straight to the replicator, "Computer, One uniform, standard issue, pattern Almar Delta Seven, comfort fit, undershirt included." It took a few moments for the requested garments to materialize, he reached to retrieve them and decided that speed was going to be better than anything else, he stripped off his boots and coveralls and kicked them both towards the replicator before following suit with the rest of his clothes, getting back into the fresh uniform forced a smile across his face, his shoulder might have been aching but he was home, the ship that Almar built was somewhere he loved to be.

It wasn't a long process, but it was tedious to say the least. Rochelle chose to stay on the bridge to watch and wait for her vessel, and crew, to make it back to the arms of safety and modern convenience. The Vindicator, for everything she was, remained compliant to the instructions given - dutifully headed back towards the coordinates of the ever ready beacon and the probe launched moments before propulsion in a forward direction began.

If one blinked, they would have missed it... Were it not for the mild shudder and the groan the ship made as she climbed back through the void - and it couldn't have come a moment too soon. The view screen was filled with white light, white as a lightning strike when it hit entirely way too close for comfort. Rochelle didn't need to look at a console to know the star had finally lost it's battle, that the planet as a whole would be gone in mere seconds - and she tried not to care, willing the past to be left in the past as they head to the future, and when space yawned before them, the nebula's gasses dancing some exotic dance of welcome, she sighed. "Set course for Cold Station Theta, get us there as quickly as safely possible. I'll be in my ready room." The sigh of her dress would be the only other noise she made as she head for the aforementioned stronghold.

Almar removed himself from his office at the same moment the ship shuddered and found himself steadying himself against one of the science consoles at the rear of the bridge watching as the viewscreen flashed with a brilliant white light, when the nebula began to swallow them again he found his way to the centre of the bridge and moved to take up the Command chair with a slight nod to Jorgun as Rochelle left to change.

"You heard the Commodore, Helm, take us out of the nebula, maximum impulse and then set a course for Cold Station Theta, we need to get home." the Cardassian replied, now in his uniform he looked almost like his usual self, the only thing out of place was the braid that sat across his lap, it was barely held together after the abuse that it had been put through and he certainly didn't have time to have a shower and spend the time re-tying it up.


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer

Commander Almar Dahe'el
Executive Officer

Commodore Jorgun
Commander, Cheydinhall Sector


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