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Lt. Anaxar Shran | "Up The Wall"

Posted on 241711.10 @ 19:20 by Lieutenant Anaxar Shran

Mission: Ballynamony
Location: Sickbay, USS Vindicator
Timeline: Sd 241711.10

Back. They were back on the Vindicator. And he was still in the dark.

Once they had brought him to sickbay (Anaxar had no idea who 'they' were, but it hadn't been Kaleb, he had been too busy getting away), it hadn't taken long before he learned that hadn't been just the implant that had been damaged in the crash. The real damage had occurred (as he'd half known, half feared) on the way down, when parts of the shuttle exploded all around them, breaking up in the atmosphere. One such explosion had knocked Landon out. The second one, much smaller by comparison, had hit Anaxar when he'd taken Landon's place at the helm. It had struck the implants and fried circuitry and the delicate connection between implants and brain.

The nerve tissue had to heal before a new implant could be inserted. This was too delicate for a simple operation with neurostimulators. No, it would take time, and patience, and at the moment, Anaxar had neither.

All the other wounds were healed, though he had a fresh set of scars to add to his collection: two neat round ones where he had been impaled after the shuttled had crashed, and a number of straight ones from cuts and slashes which had begun to heal down in the cell.

It was a lot harder to heal the mental scars the ordeal had left behind. Anaxar had never been a good sleeper. Before this mission, he frequently woke up in the middle of the night from an old nightmare and roamed the vessel or went to the holodeck to train, or went down to the science labs to round off some paperwork. But since they had returned, he rarely slept more than an hour at a time. Then he'd wake up, startled and desoriented, trying to activate implants which no longer worked. First, he thought (surrounded by the smells and sounds from sickbay) that he was still on the hospital ship after the destruction of the Paulin. After a short time awareness sank in that over a year had passed since that time.

But something else had happened, had caused him to be blind again – Wait! He needed to scan around for Si'a. It wasn't an impulse, but an instinct, really. Keeping her safe and alive had been his sole reason for hanging on in that cell, and it was still the main reason for his short naps. Each time he found himself alone there was first the shock that she was gone. Only then, at last, he remembered where he was, and that she was safe. That they were safe. All of them. Or at least as safe as they could be.

Only then could he relax. Sometimes he managed another half hour of slumber, more often he remained awake, staring ahead into the dark. His mind kept returning to their recent experiences. They were still locked in the past, he knew that. Doubtlessly they were making preparations to find their way back, preferably before the sun exploded.

He was useless here. Doubtless he would be useless anywhere else, either, but at least he would have the chance to do something but sitting and waiting for the time to pass, second by agonising second.

It was almost enough to drive him mad.

Lieutenant Anaxar Shran
Chief Science Officer,


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