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Joint log, Lt Anaxar Shran, Lt. Kaleb Ch'Valenvok & Lt. Si'a Dai'xun | "Circumvention", part 2

Posted on 241711.27 @ 15:41 by Lieutenant Anaxar Shran & Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D. & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun

Mission: Ballynamony
Location: USS Vindicator, Sickbay
Timeline: SD 241711.27

With her heart in her throat, Si'a had watched his boyish ingenuity grab hold and take him for a spin. All she'd need was the guilt of him falling, injuring himself, to be added to her already painfully long laundry list she'd tallied of reasons why she shouldn't have him. Still, it was a part of him she hadn't seen before, and one she welcomed with open arms. From her position a short distance away, she took in the vision that was a completely sodden Andorian. His white hair plastered to his head, the antennae jutting up as if to avoid drowning on their own. Beneath the surface his uniform was glaringly obvious and out of place, no doubt growing heavy as the fibers took on water. The entire scene was comical, eliciting a chortle of a giggle from the star-child as she tread water and fluttered closer to him. "Well done, sir." She lauded him, allowing her fingers to brush his through the drag of the liquid around them.

Where she was forced to swim if she wanted to stay above water, he simply needed to plant his feet and his chin was well clear of the surface, yet another reminder of just how tiny she was when the two were compared. Again, fingers brushed and this time lingered in a way that seemed to ask 'now what?'. Now that they were together, what would come of them? Would it still be the bright giddiness? The kisses and questing touches? She couldn't dream of it any other way, not when he'd made the effort to climb into that pool of healing warmth. She knew he was out of his element, forced to trust her in an environment that was uniquely her own. A world that billions of years of evolution had left her uniquely inclined to dwell within. While it wasn't Apsha's temperate and tropical seas, it was still an homage to everything uniquely Stenellis and she found herself acutely aware of his vulnerabilities just as she was aware of his strengths. It was instinctive, near carnal, knowledge all spread out within her mind carte blanche for the picking and she chose to hold it near and dear to her soul. In this world, her world, she'd need to be the protector... Then again, he stood firm and solid, his heart reverberating through the water and speaking of a man so very secure in his convictions.

"That's at least one advantage this tank has," Anaxar said, grinning again. He ran one hand through his hair, wiping it out of his face. "I don't have to bend over if I want to... ah..." he reached out for her, slowly pulled her closer. "Shall we try this again without the glass in the way?" he said softly and held her in a light embrace. He felt suddenly unsure, as second and maybe even third thoughts began to creep up on him. It was not that he regretted his wild impulse, far from it, but what if he had misread her? So he held her but lightly, leaving it up to her to decide what she wanted: stay or go?

Of course, the last thing on his mind were the medical sensors which continued to monitor the tank and its usual occupant, sensors which were going haywire at this moment with the presence of an unauthorized visitor and the effects of said visitor on the patient.

Stay. Tugged to him, Si'a let her arms drape over his shoulders and her fingers toy with the sodden, silken tendrils of silver at the nape of his neck. They were alive, given that second chance, and she knew that this was only their beginning. There would be another set of firsts for them, soon approaching. Firsts where they would need to work with one another, return to their roles now that they were back aboard the Vindicator. They'd need to find their balance, and they would, knowing that their footing had been precarious at best up until that point as well.

"Much better without the glass." It was a given, but it was also a comfort to both speak and hear. "Much easier to..." Words didn't need to be used, her lips found his once more soft, gentle, questing. Was this what he'd referenced? Wanted? Her boldness was bolstered by the element of their surroundings and the hour in which they found themselves together. Already they'd risked so much, wanted so much, and now they'd been given a small slice of paradise.

Anaxar lost himself in the feeling of her, warm and wet and utterly alive, lost himself in the embrace of water and floating hair and flesh. He had longed for this, just to be able to hold her one more time. Where all the other dreams they'd dreamed within the cell had faded or become true, this one had remained. He didn't dare to dream of any possible future, he didn't want to dwell in the past. Of course, the past would creep up to him and smack him in the face as soon as he'd try to sleep again, but that was also in the future. As far as he was concerned, that future could wait. For this was neither past nor future, this was the present, and right now, all his dreams had become real.

"I wonder," Anaxar whispered into Si'a's ear when he could breathe again, "if this is what humans mean when they talk about 'wet dreams'?"

"Probably. I can't think of anything else it could mean." She shrugged in response, her head tilting ever so slightly in thought and her body shivering as his breath played across the wet skin of her neck. Si'a had heard the term a time or two, mostly in giggles or used to describe something that seemed to be pleasing in one way or another. It was just another one of those colloquialisms she didn't quite have a grasp on. It made sense, though. They were wet, surrounded by water, quietude, the budding pressing feelings of need and something more... It was dream like, ethereal... Wet dream. She stamped her approval on it.

The same way she stamped her approval over the way he held her, the way she dared to say that he loved her. "You live in a world of sensation," Si'a spoke, pressing her lips to his stubble tested jaw, "What do you feel now?" Oh how her curiosity was only measured by her unseasonable boldness. While she felt the roughness of his uniform against the skin her swimsuit didn't cover, the way the water cradled her, the warmth of his touch, she knew it was so much more complex to him. She wanted to know what it was like to be in his world when she'd more or less enveloped him in part of hers.

"I don't think I have the words to describe it," Anaxar said softly. He had never really considered himself to be good with words, other than what was needed to write summaries or reports. He had been a tactical officer, and was a scientist now, neither positions one would associate with a tendency for the poetic. But then he remembered how he had painted dream scapes for the both of them while they were captured, brought dreams alive with only his voice. "But I'll try…"

He concentrated fully on everything he heard, felt, sensed, then began to speak again, slowly at first. "A tiny ship, incomprehensibly small compared to the massive universe around us, delicate, fragile… And on that ship hundreds of people living side by side, working together, breathing the same air, all carried within that delicate shell which protects us from the cold outside… Like you are inside this tank, protected from the gravity and cold which would tie you down and prevent you from healing. You, here, the best place they have for you to be warm and safe, but all alone, calling out… What I feel is that call, what I feel is you, so much more here and so much better than, than before. There, back then, it was like I could only hold a little bit of you, the rest was already fading, flying away, only tied to yourself with thin strands, and now you are here, all of you is here, and I'm sure that you're glowing now, bright enough to illuminate the entire room, bright enough for this ship to sail by…"

It was probably not what Si'a expected, but the words seemed to come from nowhere and just flowed out of their own volition.

The monitor on Kaleb's bedside table had awoken him early. Something was wrong with Si'a. He had been monitoring her in her saline tank since they had returned to he ship. Her heart rate was elevated and there was a massive show of endorphins being detected as well as a warning of unauthorized biological material that puzzled Kaleb in his sleep addled state. He had rushed down to Sickbay and came barreling into the recovery suite they had set up for Si'a. Two steps in and his jaw hit the floor. Pieces of the puzzle slammed into place. Clearing his throat he said, "I see you are feeling better. I'll go write up your release paperwork so you can find somewhere a bit better equipped for...whatever." Kaleb couldn't help but grin. The two had been through so much he was surprised it had taken Anaxar this long to find his way to her.

"Wet dreams." She nodded sharply, stunned by the sudden intrusion, but sure enough that she wasn't in any danger that she chose to use Anaxar's shoulders as a better base for a quick spy hop. Rising from the water she was able to take in Kaleb's grinning face. Someday she'd blush crimson in realization of just what it was that she'd said and how wrong the situation could have seemed. She'd be thankful then that they were still fully clothed, sans Anaxar's shoes, and she'd likely giggle her fool head off at being caught. For the moment, though, she was more interested in the release papers that he'd brought up and the fact that she'd be freed to head to... Where? Her eyes slowly flicked back towards Anaxar as if to question and she simply slid back into the water.

The sudden swoosh of the opening door had startled Anaxar so much that he almost jumped up and caused a gulf of water to splash over the side. Fortunately, he recognized the footsteps just in time to keep himself in check. "Ah, Lieutenant," he said faintly. Then Si'a's remark sank in and his antennae stiffened. It was a good thing he did not blush easily. "Quite wet, indeed," he said, his voice amazingly dry for such a wet man. "I'm sorry to have disturbed your patient, doctor. There was just this, ah, urgent…" Now he trailed off, at a loss how to continue.

The grin on Kaleb's face spread from ear to ear. "I'm sure they are Anaxar. You two are "hand fast" after all. Who am I to say you shouldn't be here. I'll leave you two alone for a few minutes so you can get a grip on things..." Kaleb trailed of laughing as he turned and walked back out the door. The discharge paperwork was on his desk and his office seemed as good a place as any to wait out the hours until his shift started. After this fiasco he wouldn't be going back to sleep anyway. He had seen on the planet how close the two had become. He adored Si'a and had grown to like Anaxar as well. They would make a good couple. She could be his eyes and his heart, he would be her guide out of naiveté an through the minefield that was Starfleet and the Federation.

"You should probably hop out and dry off." Si'a trilled, a hint of disappointment inching into the undercurrent of her voice as she spoke and hugged Anaxar to her. With Kaleb wandering back off to get things sorted, she knew it would only be a matter of time before they were expected to emerge and be freed back to wherever it was they'd scamper off to. The idea of sleeping in an actual bed alone, however, failed to sit well with her. Asking him whether or not it was alright if she infiltrated his bed for the sake of sleep refused to become a thing. Instead she released him and swam to the platform she'd hauled out on for exam. Off to one side she knew there had to be stairs of some kind, and she'd use them rather than risk hopping the wall and breaking a leg. Her fingers curled as she wordlessly asked for him to follow.

Out of the water, it was cold and she found herself getting down and rushing to the sanctuary of the replicator in search of something dry and warm... A robe! She ordered two, one for herself and one for Anaxar. While he didn't have the same propensity to catch a chill, the thought still counted towards his over all comfort. "Where will you go now?" She asked. Maybe, just maybe, she'd be brave enough to find a way to ask. After all he was warm, and real, and bright with arms that kept her safe and close.

"How about I'll help you to your quarters first?" Anaxar asked. He dropped the wet clothes unceremoniously on the ground and pulled on the bathrobe, thanking Si'a with a smile. "You've been in the tank for quite a long time, so I can imagine moving around without water to lift you up might be a bit tiring to begin with." He stuffed the wet uniform into the replicator and recycled them.

"I'd be lying if I said my thighs weren't already whining." Her little head bobbled in agreement as she shed the swimsuit and bundled up in the warmth of her robe. "It'll take a few before everything re-calibrates to dry work." Tying off the belt, her nose wrinkled at the sensation of muscle acclimating to the full effects of gravity once more, "Everything feels heavy." She added, though in the back of her mind she remembered hearing about the weight she'd lost and would need to regain before she could go on active duty and how close her circulatory, lymphatic, and hepatic systems had come to completely shutting down as a direct result of the crash and all that had transpired after. The mere fact she was alive was an outright miracle, and it felt foolish and ignorant to complain about the simple malady of gravity's effect on her bird-thin structure. In fact, she scolded herself mentally, dropping her eyes to the floor.

"Then let's get you back." Anaxar paused briefly and focused her with all of his attention, regarding the shape she made in the air. When he had fixed her position, he picked her up with one swift motion. "Now we can wait for Kaleb to return with the paperwork or I can come by later to pick the official padd up, whichever you prefer."

Being picked up, carried, and held by the tall Andorian was becoming second nature. It was only a mild surprise when he took her knees out from under her and scooped her up into his arms. Resting her head against his chest was instinctive at this point. "I think we have to pass him on the way out, maybe he'll have it ready?" and you can just... Stay. she thought, toying with the fluffy softness of her robe. What a sight the two of them were going to make out in the corridors; robe clad as if they'd come from a beautiful day at the spa instead of a medical tank.

"That would be nice. If not, I'll just drop by later." He grinned suddenly as they left the room. "You know, this is the first time I've carried you *out* of a sickbay," he remarked.

"And hopefully we never see it again." Wishful thinking if there ever was a case of it. She knew there would be more times than she could count that one or both of them would be drug into, and out of, sickbay. The irony, however, wasn't lost on her. They'd come full circle.

Lieutenant Anaxar Shran
Chief Science Officer,

Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
Stellar Cartographer

Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D.
Chief Medical Officer


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