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JDL | "Medical Attention" | aCO, aXO, CMO | Cmdr Neyes, LtCmdr Williams, & Lt Rofer, M.D.

Posted on 241305.28 @ 04:01 by Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & Lieutenant Carrie Rofer M.D., Ph.D.
Edited on on 241305.28 @ 04:08

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Sickbay, USS VINDICATOR

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

As the Vindicator continued on its course to meet with the Romulan delegation, a new issue had quickly risen to the top of her First Officer's plate. Dar had collapsed in a meeting with Neyes and an undercover intelligence agent, and now they were rushing him to the infirmary. Right on Neyes' heels was his Captain, Olan Dar, laying unconscious and clammy on a hover-stretcher. The simple sight of the man lifeless and still on the surface made every inch of Landon's skin crawl up and sideways. It had only felt worse when he actually witnessed it minutes before in the Captain's ready room. He had simply collapsed, again. Neyes could only hope the Doctor would have something to tell him.

Right now he needed someone to tell him something.

"Doctor!" Neyes' words came out almost too desperate. He quickly wrangled control on himself again, remembering to maintain his composure.

Carrie's head peeked from the Doctor's office like a turtle coming out of its shell, her eyes blinking rapidly to absorb the scene in front of her. In less than a second, she sprung to action, pressing the big red button that will alert the staff an emergency has just entered the infirmary.

She bounced along the gurney and leaned forward, examining the unconscious man, checking for pulse and breathing. There were no visible injuries, no ship-wide red alert, no battle. What the hell happened.

"What happened?" She voiced her thoughts towards Landon without looking at him, her fingers pulling open the Captain's eyelids in search of some pupil response.

Landon didn't move away in inch, still hovering over the Captain protectively. "He looked like he was getting warm and out of breath, and then he just passed out."

"'Just' passed out?" Carrie blurted in some confusion without stopping her flow of work, "no one 'just' passes out, or we'd all be dropping like flies randomly, would we," she continued muttering, seemingly not noticing this trail of thought was being voiced out loud.

Neyes' eyed nearly bent as he held back a glare for her response. "This has happened before," Neyes started to explain, "it was a sudden coma a few months ago. He came out of it just fine, could this be the same thing?" Dar wasn't dead as far as Landon could tell, and that least little bit of information was helping him keep up his hope. The Captain would be fine, and they could get through this mission together. He wouldn't do it alone.

Carrie verified the shallow breathing, marking the silent markings for each pulse of the Captain's heart on the nearby monitor. Her head head lifted finally, as she gave Neyes a weird look. "Sudden coma?" she took an exasperated breath. and motioned at a nurse with her free hand, "We has good breathing sounds. Let's hook him up to the blood oxygenation and check on vitals. I want a full electrochemical scan of both host and symbiot. And get me his full medical file." She finished, and returned her gaze to Neyes.

"Did anything change in the past couple of hours that could have led to this? change in diet? trauma to the head or abdomen? sexual encounters with an unknown species? consumption of alcohol, or any other drug? stress or anxiety?" Her tone remained unchanged throughout, her mind going over all obvious potential causes.

"Plenty of stress to go around..." Neyes understood the need to know these types of things, for the good of Dar's health. Yet he couldn't help the emotions bubbling up inside him as they popped with near explosive force against his patience. The quick urge to snap at her for the response he just received for answering her question. He shook his head, forcing the irritation he knew to be reactive back down, "No, Doc, nothing like that. We were in a meeting for 20 minutes and he was fine." He made a motion with his hand, "Then he wasn't. I'm not a Doctor, Doctor," he let his temper slip for a moment, "Now stow the attitude until you have something definitive to tell me."

"Of course you're not a Doctor, that's why you came here, to me. I'm the Doctor," Carrie nodded in exasperation followed by a confused expression. 'Stow an attitude?' she thought, 'how can you stow an attitude? you can stow a bag. Or a light plane. You can't stow an abstract concep--'

"Thank you," Her trail of thought was cut short when the nurse handed her a PADD and began preparing the bed for movement. Carrie scanned it quickly. "Ready the neuropeptide scanner and ready a neurostimulator, I'm a little concerned about these levels." She looked up from the PADD directly up at Neyes, then tilted her head to look at his collar, mentally calculating the pips.

"Commander," she mentally patted her own back for getting that right, "Captain Dar seems to be stable, his breathing is shallow but regular, which suggests some lung tissue problem. His neural activity is the worrying part," she pointed at the screen. "Are you his significant other?" she finished, making an effort to make her voice softer.

Neyes coughed involuntarily. "He's a little young for me," Landon said sarcastically, "I am the second in command of this ship, and I need to know what's wrong, Lieutenant. Whether or not we're bumping uglies is the least of your concerns."

Carrie stared at him. "He bumped into something? Was it with his head? " She plucked her PADD out and tapped on it, calling for another head scan, "you know, this is the reason I ask all these questions when you come in, I'm not just asking to get the latest gossip," she muttered, walking along with the bio bed, now on its way to the intensive care unit, watching the two nurses continue administering the medications and attaching the portable scanner nodes.

Landon couldn't help but stare blankly as he watched her move away, taken back by her solid wall personality.

"Security to Neyes and Williams." Someone called over the comms.

"Go ahead," Landon said, motioning for Williams to follow him and the Doctor.

"Sir the President is missing. He said something about 'knowing who they are', and then he slipped his security detail. Even his own guards don't know where he is."

"Understood bridge, all stop until further notice." Landon silently cursed this damned mission. It got worse moment to moment. He turned to Williams, giving him a look even the most green of officer's would recognize as 'I need you to do this'.

"Find him, Williams. I don't care if you have to drag that man, intelligence officer or not, kicking and screaming into the brig. I want you to find him and whoever he's hunting, and I want them contained. Use what you need, and who you need to do it." A ripple of cold entered his voice, the truth of his impatience was now clearly evident. These men were hunting their own targets under his nose and disrupting his ship. That was about to end.

Hayden tapped his own comm. "This is Williams, seal off access to all decks. I don't want anyone to be able to move around freely. I want everyone looking for the president. No one leaves their quarters or work stations without my direct authorization." he ordered. He then turned to Landon. "Sir, I would also recommend you lock out computer access to all but the bridge staff and main security. That will at least make sure that whomever the President is after cannot hamper our efforts. We don't know what intentions this individual may have."

Landon called down the corridor towards the new Doctor. "Keep me informed of his status, Lieutenant. I want to know what you find as soon as your results are in."

He tapped his security access into the panel nearby to override the lockout on the turbolift. "I'll be on the bridge."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Commander Landon Neyes
Acting Commanding Officer

LtCmdr Hayden Williams
Chief Security\Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Carrie Rofer M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer


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