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JL | Com Ivanova, Lt Dai'xun, Lt. Sha'mer - CO, Yeoman | Girl's Night Out

Posted on 241801.19 @ 13:04 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony

It wasn't like Ra'lin to gossip. But it was like her to be concerned, and she took those concerns to the only other person she knew she could discuss them with, someone else who was already aware of them and more.

"She could use a break," Ra'lin said at a certain point. "I don't think she's left the ship other than to submit a few reports." She looked at the woman she was talking with. "You could use one, too. How 'bout we both go to her quarters and ask her to join us on the station? Girl's night out, kinda thing?"

Si'a blinked, considering the choices and the thoughts. Her nose wrinkled for a brief second, most likely in memory of the why they were contemplating this. Divorce was a nasty word. Drug addiction even more severe. It was tears worthy. The red Commodore was a fantastic officer and an even better woman. Her head bobbled heavily, "Yeah. Yeah she's tunneled," holed, damn it "herself up in the ready room and I've been ah... In my own head. We really should pry her from work. I think there's a saying?" A finger ran along her chin as they walked, "All work and no play? Did I get that right?"

Ra'lin nodded. "Yup, you got it. And I can imagine you getting stir crazy while you're recovering as well. But you do look a lot better." She remembered all too well the flickering candle-like feeling of Si'a's mind, back when she scanned for her and for the rest of the prisoners. Now she felt a lot stronger, though still not quite where she should be, and a bit muted, somehow. "Ah, here we are." She smiled somewhat uncertainly at Si'a and touched the chime.

Silence had become Rochelle's favored virtue. With Javaan being coddled by his great aunt, Rochelle had been left to realize that divorce was a rather lonely prospect. There was no one to sit with, no one's lap to lay her head in while they both poured over reports and occasionally reach out to connect with just to say 'I'm still here. I still love you.' And that brought up another point; she still, and always would, love him. Divorcing Landon hadn't come by way of falling out of love, but rather because she realized that they couldn't, and wouldn't survive with him being sick and locked away on a starship. Cutting him loose had been the kindest thing she could have done for him regardless of how deeply the entire affair had left its mark on her.

The sound of the chime almost startled the redhead, and instead of asking them to enter on their own, she rose from her sofa and made her way to the door. When it slid open to reveal Ra'lin's pixie-face and the tiny sea-haired Stenellis, she felt her left brow quirk and climb its way up towards her hairline. "Everything ok?" She greeted them, canting her head slightly to eyeball them sidelong. Both seemed to be in good health and humor - Ra'lin's eyes spoke of concern, however, and that left Rochelle feeling a tad uneasy... Worried.

"Um. Yes, everything's fine." Ra'lin smiled shyly, glanced at Si'a, then back. Already the treacherous blush was climbing up. "We actually came here, we wanted, we wondered…" She scowled at her own stutter. "Oh, this is a really stupid idea… We've come to take you to the station. With us. For a girls' night out. Or something." Her cheeks felt like they were on fire, but she still looked at Rochelle, half defiant, half like she wished the deck would open under her and swallow her whole.

Si'a on the other hand beamed and nodded emphatically while rocking from heel to bulb and back again in relatively quick succession, "Yeah! We decided you needed to cut yourself some slacks, you look run over." Slack. Run down. Damn it. Either way, her point was made and she couldn't help but continue her odd bouncing movement until she spied a gap large enough to weasel past the Commodore and into her quarters, "We won't take no for an answer. All work, no play makes the Commodore a... Doll girl. I think I got that right?" She asked as she half tugged the taller woman off in the direct of what would hopefully be clothes other than what appeared to be three day old pajamas and a hair brush. Maybe a tiny bit of concealer to hide the baggies under the woman's eyes. Heartbreak wasn't a pretty thing. It didn't suit the proud redhead one bit and a quick look to Ra'lin simply seemed to say 'Oi... Have we our work cut out for us, friend.'

The Stenellis' sudden movement left Rochelle relatively flabbergasted, and she looked between her Yeoman and the strange little sea creature with her mouth agape, voice lost, and the second brow rising to meet its twin in a mixture of surprise and a silent plea for help. Help against what, exactly, she wasn't sure. Being social was one of those things she was going to have to learn how to do all over again whether she wanted to, liked it, or not. "I... But..." She was being gently drug along and could hear the door hissing shut behind Ra'lin, whom she watched with her head cast back and eyes pleading for mercy. "Fine. Fine, you win."

It would come, just not how she'd have chosen it. A few moments later and she was in a chair wearing actual clothing and beginning to feel almost human as Si'a rummaged through a jewelry box in search of something that would match the pretty coral colored dress one of them, probably Ra'lin, had chosen for her. Everything was a blur, but in the back of her mind she knew that this was the absolutely best thing for her. She had to live, and not just half a life, but a full one with real friends and real enjoyment - not just fake smiles and hiding in the doldrums of her job and quarters. The happier she was, the happier Javaan could be... That was the driving force she chose to cling to even when instinct told her to boot the two of them back out into the corridor.

Once the Commodore was contained and everything was in progress, Ra'lin happily joined in. She'd selected a dress for Rochelle, not without a slight grin at the memory of another dress, chosen in these very quarters. Unlike that one, though, this dress was deceptively simple, without a corset or multiple layers, but which brought out the colour of the woman's hair and eyes and subtly accentuated her shape. While Si'a attended to the other accessories, Ra'lin did what any good yeoman would do: straighten the Commodore's quarters out, quickly picking up randomly strewn items of clothing and some plush toys. (She barely noticed that occasionally, some things moved to their designated place without her picking them up.)

Rochelle, at least for the moment, seemed blissfully unaware. Almost as if she were lost in her own mind as the little Stenellis hummed a happy little tune. "This!" Si'a chirped, carefully draping a pale peachy pearl-like stone necklace across the Commodore's clavicle. Once pulled into its proper position and clasped, it hung perfectly to the hollow of the elegant woman's throat, "What is it? I see matching earrings, but I don't recognize the stones." She asked, peeking up at the mirror in admiration before digging back into the redhead's extensive collection of jewelry.

"Angel skin coral, believe it or not. It's relatively rare on Earth, only a few jewelers worked with it because of how delicate it is." Rochelle replied, offering Si'a a small smile and touching the piece that rested between her collarbones, "Commander Archer gave it to me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago." Her smile was small as she spoke, "I thanked him for it, but I was actually pretty certain his mother picked the set out."

"If she did, she has good taste and he was smart to involve his mother. Shows that he cares..." Si'a drifted off, tugging out the first earring. The box was going to need to be organized and soon. Chains were tangled, backings to earrings rolled everywhere. Nightmare. Disorganized nightmare. While there were many choices, Rochelle appeared not to be a materialistic person. Were they all gifts? It wasn't a question for her to ask. Plucking the final earring out, she closed the lid and placed the jewels in the palm of red Commodore's hand nearest to her, "At least a little bit." She added with a small harumph of a noise. James Archer was brusque, but a good heart. A good heart.

The smile grew in size and Rochelle's head shook as she worked to slide the earrings into place, "I know you two don't like him." Her eyes raised to catch both of them in the mirror in front of her, amused and far from accusatory, "But Jimmy Archer is a good, honest man. Sometimes honest to a fault and lacking a filter, but I appreciate the honesty..." She shrugged gently, "Just maybe not the delivery method of that honesty. He'd be shit as a politician, that's for damn sure."

Ra'lin quickly closed a drawer and shrugged. "You trust him, that's good enough for me. Doesn't mean I have to like him…" She grinned briefly. "If nothing else, he tries his hardest to make himself unlikeable. Anyway…" She gave Rochelle a good look over, exchanged looks with Si'a, nodded. "Good to go?"

Si'a's head bobbled, "We go." She grinned brightly and gently tugged on the end of Rochelle's hair. It was time to go. Time to live. "Archer is... Archer. He's not my favorite, but he has your best interest at heart. I can see it." Adding her two cents felt both luxurious and wrong. It was not her place to judge the Spook, but the Commodore had opened the door wide for opinion. "I am thankful for him being there and saving your life in Poquott." Si'a offered a small smile and clasped her hands before her, rocking from toe to heel once again.

Finding her feet, Rochelle tucked an errant strand of hair back behind an ear, "He's done a lot for me, not just Poquott." Done a lot for Landon too, she thought without speaking and turned to catch Ra'lin's eyes, "As has Almar, and Andrea, and now you two."

Ra'lin briefly glanced at Si'a again and gave an awkward shrug. "Right now, we two haven't done all that much. Yet." It was time to get out of here, time to get to the station. Ra'lin had been there a few times, but only briefly, and she doubted Si'a or Rochelle had seen more of the commercial areas of the place. So, time to go exploring.

And exploring they went, indeed. Out of her element, though comfortable with the company, Rochelle allowed herself to be tugged along the promenade from place to place - and by the 5th or 6th stop, she found the doldrums shedding away and her spirits lifting. There were genuine smiles as the women bantered and sampled some of the strangest 'traditional' fare they'd ever laid eyes on.


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer
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Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
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