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JL | ADM Archer, VADM Scholtz-Archer, Cmdr Archer | "Angels We Have Heard on High"

Posted on 241712.29 @ 23:50 by Vice Admiral Sabine Scholtz-Archer & Commander James Archer & Admiral Sean Archer

Mission: Ballynamony

Hot steam rose in spirals from a heavy stein-like glass, but Sabine paid it little attention as she gripped the thankfully cool handle and navigated back across her suite’s elaborate kitchen. The mirth-filled vesper would likely not go unnoticed by her son, however, unless he chose to be entirely way too consumed with consuming the whipped cream spiraled atop the raktajino she’d procured for him. Somethings would never change, the boyish qualities of her son not withstanding – and she’d be thankful for those steady constants for as long as time would allow. “I’m glad you made it home.” The aging Admiral smiled, passing the extra-large mug off to her son, “I never doubted, but I did worry.” She added, sliding past to make her way to her favored perch; a deep seated arm chair sat beside what Sean had described as a ‘man-eating’ couch.

“It’s good to be home, Mom,” James grinned, accepting the heavily caffeinated treat, eyebrows lifting as he wasted little time in assaulting the whipped cream. It was undoubtedly one of his guiltier pleasures. Not too sweet, perfectly savory, and delightfully cool, it often borrowed just a hint of flavor from whatever it accompanied – in this case the richness of the dark roast coffee. “What time will dad be back?” He asked.

He could have been eight, just come in from doling out a hurting to the rest of the neighborhood kids in a game of winter warfare… But he wasn’t. Instead of the boy, before her sat a thirty-four-year-old man with eyes that still glittered with that same zest and zeal for life, though. Eyes that were always thinking, always betraying him for the smart-ass she’d managed to raise. “Soon. He’s just finishing up some business with your Commodore Ivanova.” She smiled, folding her hands in her lap, “I’m sure you two will have more than your fair share of stories to swap after all is said and done.” Her statement, who she spoke of, remained purposely open ended and the smallest bit of white lint on the Admiral’s knee became a target worthy of annihilation.

“Mm.” He nodded in appreciation. Leaving the kitchen, James padded over to the couch and deposited himself onto it with a thwap of protest as his body hit the cushions with little decorum or fanfare. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, he allowed his head to tilt back and his eyes to close – relaxed in the only environment he truly felt safe in. Mom, though small, was still the ever-protective mama hen he’d always found comfort and shelter beside – no matter what had happened or what he’d done. A feeling that had carried over well into his adult life. Going home meant all shields down and a chance to simply be and breathe. “Aside from worried,” He began, cracking open one eye and turning his head in her direction, “How have you been?”

Crossing her legs, one foot idly bounced ever so slowly – her telltale mark that she was both relaxed and pensive at the same time. An odd combination, it usually arose when there was something worth speaking over but needed to wait until the proper moment to spawn into the conversation… And she simply waited out of proper decorum to open that particular door. “Well, actually. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoyed space travel and having a purpose other than pushing paper.” Sabine smiled, “I actually had fun hunting down the Vindicator with Commodore Levine and Ms Atarah… Which begs to question, Jimmy, how did you not know about the device Atarah gave to Rochelle? Or did you just decide to leave gifts between friends alone? Either way…” A hand rose to roll on its wrist in a flippant wave, “Starfleet is looking the other way, we’re thankful we had it on hand. Without it…” Another wave and the remainder of the sentence was chased away. Them not returning home wasn’t an option. Ever.

James’ face lit up in an expression that truly matched that of the cat that ate the canary as he regarded his mother’s question. Only the one eye continued to remain open, the depth of his relaxation hardly changed, “No. I knew about it, but I had my reasons for not taking it.” He replied with a gentle shrug. “There’s not much I don’t know.”

“I’m glad you had those reasons. In fact, I’m relatively certain that Starfleet as a whole agrees with my sentiments.” The woman nodded, accepting his words at face value… And then some. While many would have seen the response as smarmy and cocksure, Sabine knew her son and the riddles in which he spoke. When he said he had reasons, he had reasons. When he said there wasn’t much he didn’t know – you could take it to the bank and cash it, no worries necessary. The foot stopped bouncing, however, he’d gone on ahead and opened the door for the very line of conversation she’d been itching to have. With Sean still busy, she was free to do as mothers often do; meddle in the affairs of their unwed sons. “Speaking of knowing things, have you any idea on what Rochelle plans to do now? As soon as she steps out of your father’s office, she’s a free woman again.” Sabine shifted her weight deeper into her seat. It was her chance to relax even though she felt as if she were on pins and needles.

James groaned in immediate displeasure, “Maaaa, really?”

“I’m serious, Jimmy. How on Earth could you even begin to think I wouldn’t notice her divorce papers coming across your father’s desk?” Sabine scoffed in mock offense that her son would ever dare question her, “What with Captain Neyes’ drug use and all, it’s no wonder that she chose to end it…” She huffed, “Finally.”

The only outward sign of surprise James offered was the opening of his other eye and the briefest, and slightest, raise of his brows. It was evanescent, fading just as fast as it had arrived, and buried back beneath his stark exterior it went. How he hadn’t noticed was beyond him. Rochelle divorcing Landon hardly seemed possible as a reality, but he knew that his mother was never mistaken in such things. Much of the American deep south had withered away and died, but fine cooking and a penchant for accurate gossip had long survived. If she said It was so, it was so, and James felt his heart skip a beat or two within his chest, “Mom… Be nice. The guy’s had a hard time, especially after being kidnapped by that weirdo…” He paused, searching for the Romulan’s name, “V’rith… Tr’Bak.”

It was at that precise moment that Sean Archer chose to walk through the door, his brow furrowing at the unpleasant sound of a certain Romulan Senator’s name hanging in the air. “Why are we talking about Tr’Bak?” He asked, unlatching his collar as he approached his wife and son, “I thought we were supposed to be celebrating your safe return, not invoking ghosts.”

“Oh we are celebrating,” Sabine smiled from her perch, “Your son was simply informing me that Captain Neyes has been in turmoil since his kidnapping, that’s all.”

“Okay…” Sean allowed the word to draw out as he traded his duty tunic for the soft under t-shirt hidden beneath. Work was over, and yet it had followed him home, “And why are we discussing Landon Neyes?” He asked, staring accusingly at his wife.

It was her turn to be the canary eating cat, though one would never know it the way she wiggled her fingers and sighed ever so gently in that innocent fashion only the finest of Antebellum women seemed to possess, “Concern for Jimmy. He is, after all, serving aboard that ship and spends a great deal of time near Commodore Ivanova.” She replied, the smile slowly fading, “How is she? The poor dear… I can’t even imagine what she’s going through, what with it being so close to Christmas and with the baby and all.” Landon Neyes had never been her most favorite individual. The Trill had always been known as reckless and wild – hardly the proper fit for one of Starfleet’s brightest stars, let alone the daughter of a former Commander in Chief. Bloodlines alone dictated that the match should never have been made, but worse mistakes had happened. Cruel as it may have seemed, Sabine was glad that this one was sorting itself out.

Less than amused, Sean rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. The tunic in his hands was chucked towards the couch opposite the one his son sat in, shaking his head in what seemed, at least to the Admiral, to be disbelief, “Damn it, Sabine, we talked about this!”

“Guys…” James’ voice broke through, and he lifted his head to look between his parents. The fight wasn’t exactly a fight, but he could sense his father’s irritation mounting towards his mother’s meddlesome ways, “Can… We just not do this right now?” He asked, folding his hands together. The last thing he wanted was for Rochelle’s personal affairs to be served out across the dinner table.

“I haven’t done anything, Sean, the boy already knew about the divorce. It was just conversation. That’s all.” Sabine nodded, gesturing towards her son, “Consider the topic shelved.” for now, she almost added and likely would have had she truly felt like watching her husband make a bee-line for the more adult libations stashed in that kitchen.

“I’m not talking about the divorce, Sabine,” Sean all but snorted, “I’m talking about meddling in our son’s personal life.” And just then, almost before he could get that last word out, the door chimed and his eyes narrowed on his wife’s.

James, on the other hand, threw a leery look towards the door, “Mom… If that’s Rochelle, I swear to Jesus I’m never stepping foot in your home ever again.” He half-hissed, half-sighed and let his palms smooth along the length of his thighs.

“And I wouldn’t blame him one damn bit.” Sean added, folding his arms across his chest in wait.

Confused by the sound, Sabine found her feet and drifted towards the door, “I wouldn’t dare.” She huffed, tugging the hem of her blouse down, “That wouldn’t be proper at all.” She muttered in addition before opening the door. The face on the other side was certainly female, but certainly not the petite redheaded Commodore. “Sophie!” She greeted warmly, enveloping her step daughter in a tight embrace, “What a pleasant surprise! Look, Sean, both our babies made it home!” Ushering the woman in, she could hardly contain the smile that came along for the ride.


Admiral Sean Archer
Commander In Chief

Vice Admiral Sabine Scholtz-Archer
Commanding Officer, Alpha Quadrant

Commander James Archer
Chief Intelligence Officer


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