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On the Hunt pt 1

Posted on 241306.22 @ 21:30 by Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil
Edited on on 241306.22 @ 21:32

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: USS-Vindicator
Timeline: SD:241306.22 || Duty Log || CSec, Asec || Lt.Cmdr Hayden Williams & Lt. Te'Shara R'heil ||

((OOC: forgive the shortness, this has been a long time in the writing and I wanted to get this out before the plot ended. ))

Te'shara was on rounds, looking around the corridor for anything suspecious, she had just gotten back from her Trip to Cait, to
see family and friends and what not, it was time to get back on her duties, once again as security officer of the USS-vindicator, she
heard alots been going on, in her absense, and needed to get caught up apon maybe Commander Hayden, can shear some light on the subject.

Having just returned from sickbay, Hayden hardly had time to hand out assignments. he made his way to the armory and checked out a phaser II then fastened the holster and side arm to his waist. "Te'shara you should be out looking for the intruder." Hayden said

Te'shara looked at Cmdr Williams,"theres an intruder on the ship, wow i come back from cait, and there is already something going on in the ship, "she said with a stern look on her face. "what kind of being is this intruder, and where was he seen at last, and i'll go from there. "she told the commander, "I'll get on it right away sir."she also told the commander.

"You're with me." Hayden said as he made his way into the corridor. 'commander, team 6 has just finished our sweep of deck 12. No sign of either target.' a voice over the comm said.

Hayden tapped his comm. "Seal that deck off and assist team 5. I'm heading to auxiliary control.

Te'shara nodded, and a soft purr, "Yes sir, "she said, anything else sir she said wagging her tail.

Te'shara heard where the intruder was, "sir im gonna head there now, you need me for anything else, as i go get the intruder. "she said as, she left for the intruder.

"Sir, team 7; I think we just cornered the second intruder in an access tube on deck 18" John said over the comm. Hayden stopped in his tracks. "Team 4 and 2 converge on team 7's location and apprehend suspect. " He turned and nodded to Te'shara. "Meet up with team five, I am going to meet up with team 3 on my way back to security."

=/\= End =/\=


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