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[BACKLOG] JL | Com Ivanova, RAdm Sha'mer - "Circles In The Sand"

Posted on 241801.14 @ 14:33 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony
Timeline: Takes place right after RAdm Hawk and Com Ivanova meet

The meeting wasn't quite by chance. Sha'mer was all too aware that she never arrived on the station in any official capacity and was more than happy to keep it that way. Though donning an uniform and rescinding her LOA for awhile was easy enough, Sha'mer found she was quite reluctant to do so, especially for this. So she didn't want to come on board the Vindicator, for that would be virtually impossible without pulling any kind of Starfleet string. Nor did she want to go the Indi way and summon the other woman to her quarters. Yes, she wanted to meet the CO of the ship her daughter served on, but not as an Admiral hovering protectively over her daughter, curtailing her career, her development.

So when Sha'mer found that the Commodore was on the station, she ensured that she would be there to meet her, at some point. Not exactly a run-in, but not exactly by chance, either.

She saw the other woman when she entered the long corridor which would lead her to the Vindicator's docking port. Sha'mer took her in with a single glance, noticing the obvious similarities and differences between them. They were about of equal height, delicately built – and Sha'mer easily perceived the iron core in the other woman too. Yes, it was easy to understand where Ra'lins earlier comment came from. Sha'mer smiled slightly as the other woman approached. "Commodore, I wonder if you have a moment," she said.

Rochelle's purpose driven stride faltered for a moment as she came upon the other woman. Between her own tired and selfish desire to get home and out of the public eye, and the rawness that had been imparted to her by Admiral Hawk, the redhead was hesitant to give another stranger another moment of her time - but this wasn't a stranger... Not entirely. "I can make one." She replied, killing her forward motion a respectable conversational distance away.

"I can understand if this is not a good time," Sha'mer said. "It can wait. I'm sure you have a lot going on." Even with mental shields up it was easy to see the other woman was beyond tired. They hadn't been back long, less than a week, and of course the Commodore would have a lot on her mind. Ra'lin had already told Sha'mer about the 'guest' she'd smuggled on board. Another headache, to be sure. "Just let me know when is a good time for you."

"If I'm being honest, now is fine." There was nothing pressing waiting for her attention, no great report to write or file or read or try to forget. The ship, as large as she was, was perfectly capable of being handled by the station's workers that would soon come to move her to a dry dock berth where her more detailed repairs would be handled beneath Almar's ever watchful eye. "How can I be of service?" Rochelle asked, letting her hands fall comfortably into the large pocket pouch at the front of her hoodie.

"I'm Cintia Sha'mer, though I think you already guessed that," Sha'mer said with another slight smile. It wasn't a difficult guess, so that conclusion was easily drawn. She leaned against the wall of the corridor. "Congratulations on your safe return."

"I figured." Rochelle nodded with the gentlest of shrugs. Another Admiral. Another crewmember parent. This one, however, wore a little smile and not a uniform - salutes and other formalities simply weren't needed. Best of all... They were more or less on the young Commodore's turf. If the time arose that she felt uncomfortable, the conversation could be cut short and she could disappear to the sanctity of her ship. Something told her she wouldn't need that safety net. Admiral Sha'mer's demeanor was hardly combative - unlike her partner's. "Thank you. Your daughter was instrumental in that." A true statement. Ra'lin had very much saved the day in many ways.

"So, she told you about her talents." The slight smile became a genuine one, dispelling any last doubt that she was indeed Ra'lins mother. "I doubt a regular yeoman would be of much use." The smile faded and she became serious, businesslike again, though she still retained her friendly attitude. "Furthermore, I want to assure you that I will not continually look over your shoulder. There are some unusual circumstances attached to this, even without your unexpected temporal situation taken into account." She took a deep breath. "I have been… absent… for over ten years, quite involuntary. During that time Ra'lin grew up, attended the Academy, got assigned to your ship. You left, all in all, less than a week before I arrived on Spacedock." Sha'mers face tightened, the only outward sign of the self control required to tell this. "I was fortunate that I could travel to Cold Station Theta on my own. Even knowing that there's nothing I could do here that I couldn't do from Earth – waiting – just being here made it more…" she searched for a word, found one, "…passable." A slight shrug. "I'll be out of your hair after this."

"Yes, she did." The young Commodore responded, "Some Yeoman have hidden talents, maybe not quite as prolific as your daughter's, but talents none-the-less, but you should know that Ra'lin's place with the ship has nothing to do with her metaphysical abilities." She asserted, albeit gently, her posture perhaps becoming a little less rigid. "As a mother I can appreciate where it was that you came from... What... Drove you to come here." She nodded, "That said I welcome you to spend time aboard the Vindicator while we're docked. I'm sure your daughter will appreciate the time to play catch up."

It had already been clear to Sha'mer that Ra'lin liked her CO a lot, and even from this short conversation it was obvious that the feeling was mutual. "Actually, what I meant was that I think it says a lot that she chose to reveal her abilities to you," she said, smiling softly again. She gave a nod in reply to Rochelle's last statement. "Thank you," she replied, already knowing that she would rarely visit the Vindicator herself. "We do have a lot of catching up to do." More than ten years… In all fairness, Ra'lin would've been gone for at least half of those years herself, first off to the Academy, then out. But at least, if Sha'mer had been around, there would've been letters, LOA's, the occasional messages sent back and forth.

She brushed a hand through her short hair. "I'll leave you to your rest, Commodore. But if there's anything you need-" she gave an awkward shrug, "just let me know."

"Ah... Yes well... I can see where one would feel the need to keep certain things under wraps and on a need to know basis." Rochelle nodded. She knew it all too well. Even her own abilities had been stuffed under the proverbial rug for decades until Ra'lin had conveniently tripped over and exposed them. At first it had been an issue... Now... Maybe not entirely horrible. It had blossomed into a friendship that both of them seemed to enjoy and need in their lives. "Don't let me stand in your way, Admiral Sha'mer. Parenthood is one of those things that we shouldn't allow to grow stale. The same goes for you, if you need me you know where to find me. Welcome to the Vindicator family." And with that she offered the older woman a small smile and reached to pat her shoulder on her way past, "Thank you for reaching out to me."

"You're welcome… and thank you for staying, and letting me." She gave the other woman one last smile, though it was quickly replaced with a pensive expression as the Commodore entered her ship and disappeared around a corner. It was clear she had a lot on her mind and on her plate, and though she probably didn't doubt the sincerity of Sha'mers offer, Sha'mer also knew there was little to nothing she could actually do. But Ra'lin could, maybe, a little. It was good that they had found each other, in more ways than just a working relationship. Sha'mer headed to her own quarters, smiling slightly at her own thoughts.


Rear Admiral Cintia Sha'mer
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