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Joint log, RAdm. Cintia Sha'mer & (temporary) Ens. Ra'lin Sha'mer | "Catching Up"

Posted on 241801.01 @ 14:29 by Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Ballynamony
Location: Cold Station Theta
Timeline: SD 241801.01

It wasn't much later after the Vindicator had docked when Ra'lin made her way to the airlock. The area around the airlock was quiet, most of the people who needed to enter or leave the ship had done so soon after docking, and others could wait until tomorrow. Ra'lin didn't want to wait. She'd finished the last of her paperwork and now she finally wanted to leave. Even before the airlock opened, she could already feel the presence on its other side.

It had been over a decade ago that she had seen her mother last. So when the airlock cycled open and they saw each other again at last, there was a long moment where both studied each other, and a long, though not precisely awkward, silence.

Mom hasn't really changed much, Ra'lin thought. True, her hair was short now, and there were lines on her face which hadn't been there before, and something darker in her eyes. But she was still Cin Sha'mer, Rear Admiral even though she was out of uniform, and her mother. Small and delicate as always, with large, expressive eyes and a slight smile playing around her lips.

Sha'mer just as eagerly looked at her daughter. Here, the changes were far more profound. From an awkward teenager Ra'lin had grown up, though not all that much 'up'. She was only slightly taller than her mother. But she had matured, and Sha'mer was willing to bet that most of that maturing had taken place over the course of the last few months, or even weeks.

She also noted the bruises on Ra'lins face, the arm in a sling and the cane she was still leaning on. Sha'mer shook her head with a somewhat weary chuckle. "You're my daughter, alright."

Ra'lin gave a very awkward, one-shouldered shrug. "Uhm. Stuff happened."

"It always does, doesn't it? I think I have something that might help here. Come with me."
"Where to?" Ra'lin asked as they moved towards the turbo lift.

"Landing bay, to the Star. I told you she'd made some upgrades. One of them might come in handy."

"Really?" The doors opened and Ra'lin entered the oldest turbo lift she'd ever seen. She eyed the construction dubiously, but Sha'mer only grinned.

"Behave. You don't want me to have to tell the Lieutenant you didn't, now do you?" she said sternly, apparently to the lift itself. As the doors closed and the lift began its surprisingly smooth descent towards the landing bays of the station, Ra'lin raised her eyebrows. Her mom shrugged. "A friend I made on this station has the somewhat odd habit of talking to the lifts. Strangely enough, he's the only crewmember here who hasn't experienced any problems with the old systems. So, if it works, it works."

"That sounds like an interesting friend," Ra'lin said, carefully neutral.

Sha'mer laughed. "You have no idea! But he's offered to give us a tour of the station, so you can meet him if you like."

"Uhh… sure." He was bound to be interesting if it took away some of the darkness in her mother's eyes. "Mom… is everything fine between Indi and you?"

Now it was Sha'mers turn to look puzzled. "Oh! You mean- You *have* grown up…" she sighed slightly at the thought. "No, dear, we're doing fine. By 'friend' I mean just that. Someone I met here on the station and had dinner and a friendly conversation with, nothing more. Nor am I interested in anything beyond that."

"Other than the tour of the station," Ra'lin added with an impish grin.

"With you serving as chaperone, indeed! Ah, here we are." They exited in the landing bay and made their way to the Imperial Star, a smallish vessel with beautiful, sleek, flowing lines.

"So, what's so special?" Ra'lin asked as they boarded the ship.

"This," Sha'mer said and lead the way to the back of the ship. Wall sections in that area could fold down to become sleeping cots, but now there was an extra bulge above one of those sleeping sections. Sha'mer pulled the one under it out. "Lie down, please."

Ra'lin did as she was told, slowly and stiffly. Areas in the bulge above her lit up and hummed softly, displayed an analysis a few moments later. A stylised Ra'lin shape, with different shades of green indicating injured areas.

"It has a sickbay now?" Ra'lin asked in a whisper.

"Well, a 'bay' is a grandiose term, but it's a definite improvement," Sha'mer said, studying the readout. "And better yet, it's not just for scanning." A green light appeared and began to move across Ra'lins body, starting from her feet and working its way up. "It's not the miracle cures a Starfleet sickbay gives to most people, but it beats having to wait until stuff heals on its own. If it heals at all," she added in a mutter. She couldn't help glancing at her own leg, which never had and never really would.

Ra'lin visibly relaxed as the beam slowly crisscrossed along her body. The bruises in her face disappeared, and by the time the light disappeared and the medical readout dimmed, only her ribs and ankle felt a bit sore.

"You'll still need to take it easy for the upcoming weeks," Sha'mer said. "The fractures are healing, but haven't healed completely yet. And you did get quite a collection."

Ra'lin pulled a face. "I know, mom. No sparring in the holodeck. I promise." She stood up and stretched. "But it feels wonderful, thanks! Oh, Lieutenant Ch'Valenvok would love to have this in his bay. I think he was frustrated most of all that he couldn't do anything to help me, other than bandages and stitches."

"I can't leave the Star here on the station, let alone have it tagging along the Vindicator just for your convenience, or his… Hm, hang on." Sha'mer pulled a compact casefrom another compartment. "This is not as powerfull as the actual outfit, but even a lighter version would make a difference, I think. You can give this to your doctor, if he promises not to try to pull it apart to see what makes it tick. Vo'Sh'un tech is notoriously fickle when it comes to enterprising alien races."

Ra'lin took the case from her mother and opened it. It contained what looked like a scanner and some kind of thick wand. "Wow. Seriously. Thanks!" She hugged her mother tight. Sha'mer smiled and hugged her daughter back. It felt odd. Good, and odd.

Ra'lin pulled back and looked around, then picked up the cane from where it stood leaning against the wall. "I'll hold on to the cane, though, if only for this." She twisted the top end and pulled, revealing the hidden sword.

Sha'mer raised an eyebrow. "You were allowed to bring it with you? Very nice," she said with a slight nod.

"Yeah…" Ra'lin suddenly remembered how the sword seemed to have a life of its own, that moment when she really, desperately needed it, how it had suddenly appeared stuck through the chest of one of her assailants. She shivered and closed the cane with a snap. "Shall we go?"

Sha'mer nodded. "Sure. It's a big station out there."


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